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New production M57 Tokarev

Wait, what? A new production Tokarev? A 1933 vintage steel design in the age of plastic? How is it even possible>

And yet here I am, staring in disbelief at the first shipment of 4 boxes that arrived today.

Zastava must have decided to keep the setup as plastic-free as possible, because other than the bristles on the brush and the wrapper on the second magazine and the instruction manual, there are no new materials used in production of the packaging, either.

Inside the packaging was indeed a completely new Yugoslavian (now Serbian) Tokarev M57, with the only difference being factory-installed safety in the slide.

Internally it is as much of a Tokarev as it is outside...

Triggers are very similar to standard Yugo-Romanian pistols. The magazines are tight and needed to be pulled out manually on half of the guns.

Check back for the range report some time very soon!