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Second Amendment Sanctuaries

When Democrats captured Virginia State Government and promptly promised to enact "assault weapons" ban and other restrictions on gun owners, the state exploded. Almost every county at this point has proclaimed itself to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary within a month and a half of the election.

Legally, it doesn't mean much. It - unfortunately - falls on us FFLs, not sheriffs, to enforce the idiotic laws that produce zero impact on gun mortality, but make people like Bloomberg open their wallets and donate generously to political hacks (Bloomberg outspent NRA in VA by 8x). And we are bound by federal law requiring us to comply with local laws. If we don't, we lose our license, our businesses, and our ability to help the firearms community.

We aren't fighting the War on Guns in courtrooms, however, not primarily. We're fighting it in the hearts and minds of the population. If we lose there, courts will provide at best a very temporary protection - and in places like our own state, where Supreme Court is also elected by Bloomberg, not at all.

Antigunners are running on a message - "Americans love gun control, it is just the evil NRA and Republicans bought by NRA that are blocking it". Second Amendment Sanctuary movement belies this claim. This movement is the result of grass-roots organization and direct democracy, and it clearly shows that it is American citizens themselves that reject antigun bullshit, not some boogeyman lobbyists. It exposes antigun special interests not as they present itself - a David fighting the mighty Goliath of the gun industry - but as they are, a bunch of billionaire-funded fraudsters.

A picture like this is truly worth a hundred thousand words.

So what can you do? If you live in King County, not much. Local politicians are already paid off by Bloomberg, Allen, and other anti-gun billionaires, and it is very difficult to get someone understand something if their salary depends on them not understanding it.

But if you live outside Seattle shadow - contact your local county commissioners. Tell them you want their support for your civil rights, and ask for them to introduce their own Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution.

Let's make a local map here in WA that looks just like the map from Virginia!

Here are the links to local government representatives for various WA Counties:

Given how partisan the issue of gun rights has unfortunately become, and the extent to which Democratic Party is controlled by antigun special interests, contacting your County Government is probably the most you can do in support of your rights at this point.

Please consider sending your local representative a short email like this:

        Dear Councilmember/Commissioner X:

        As your constituent, I ask you and your fellow Commissioners/Councilmembers to make a public statement
        in support of our civil rights by declaring our County a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

        Thanks and regards,

        Your name