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Introduction to Precise Shooter Inventory Lookup System

Quick summary that you MUST understand.

  • The prices here are NOT GUARANTEED. Software may have bugs. If you see a Glock for $14.95 on this site, this is probably because a distributor messed up a UPC code. We will tell you if there is a mistake when you call us. This site is a tool that can help you find the right gun for the right price - but NOT A CONTRACT!
  • The descriptions of the models are NOT GUARANTEED! Pictures may NOT BE CORRECT! The distributors have a lot of mistakes in their databases, and our software cannot correct them all (though it tries hard!). Please research the gun using UPC AND manufacturer's part number.
  • Because the inventory is not filtered for recent changes in WA laws, not all firearms that are in the catalogs can be sold. If the gun that you chose cannot be sold here, we will advise you of that when you try to place a special order. We CAN special order firearms that violate "high capacity magazine" ban, but will not be able to transfer the magazines to you (those can be shipped to out of state or discarded). We CANNOT special order firearms that violate "assault weapons" ban.
  • Please read the rules on our special-ordering process. There are NON-REFUDABLE deposits and there are other important conditions!

Hello and welcome to Precise Shooter! We are glad to have you as a customer, and look forward to serving you.

Precise Shooter inventory system aggregates the inventories of many large distributors, together with the one of our own store. It then presents the best price it can find across all sources, as well as the number of items available at this price.

As of this writing, there are roughly 10000 gun models in it.

The prices on the page reflect the final cost to you, the consumer, excluding the sales tax. There are no other fees - no "transfer fees", no "credit card fees" - just the price, plus tax (which is currently 10.4% but increases yearly) if you are buying it locally in WA. There is of course no tax if you live outside WA and would like the item to be shipped, though there will be a shipping cost (which is roughly what we are charged by FedEx or USPS, rounded to the closest round number. We make no profit on shipping!).

The prices for special-order firearms are generally set at distributor price plus 10%, rounded up to the closest "round number" (something ending with 4.95 or 9.95). This translates to 10% and 7% profit margin for us, respectively, after the credit card company gets its share. For firearms that have MAP (Minimum Advertising Price), the MAP is the price visible on the site. We sell Glocks at MAP, but can quote the selling price for most other firearms if you contact us (we cannot advertise for less, but sometimes we can sell for less).

The prices on in-store inventory are the same as we charge in store.

Since all distributors have different prices, and the price is set to the lowest that we could find, it is subject to availability. When the quantities at the distributor with the lowest price are exhausted, the price will jump up to the next least expensive offering. And so on. If the distributor declares (or discontinues) a promotion, the prices will reflect that, too.

Because of this fluidity of distributors' inventory (as well as our own - someone might well be buying this same rifle you are looking at right now!), the availability and price is not guaranteed unit you are actually placing the order with us. If the item you would like to buy is marked as "in stock", rush to our store right now (though it might pay to review the eligibility and documentation requirements for firearms purchases before you make the trip), or give us a call if you want the firearm shipped (after reading this).

The firearms that are not in our stock at our store, but which are in stock at our distributors are marked as "special order". This page describes our special-ordering process. Please read it!

Last but not least, this is a new system - and as any software system it is susceptible to bugs. We apologize in advance if you get hit by one, but if you see a suspiciously low price in the list, chances are, the offer might be too good to be true. The salesperson working with you on your order is still the final authority on pricing and availability.

If you have questions or comments, please email or call 206 489-4907.