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Hundreds of guns in stock, over 5000 available for special order! Check our catalog for near-realtime prices and availability for everything we sell!

How to have Precise Shooter order a firearm for you

We at Precise Shooter are passionate about firearms, and try to carry a wide selection of guns that we love in stock at all times.

However, there are many variations, and even more personal preferences, and it is impossible for us to have it all on hand. That said, we have accounts with a number of country's largest distributors, and having everything - or pretty close to everything - in stock is their specialty.

So quite often we can get you things that we don't have, or even carry, and almost always we can do it very quickly - for instance, handguns ship next or second day, and frequently if the order is placed in the morning, a handgun might be here by the evening of the following (business) day. It usually takes slightly more than a week for long gun deliveries.

To special-order a firearm, you need to do the following.

Buying process, documentation, eligibility

First, familiarize yourself with our firearm buying process here. For special orders there is an additional requirement - you need to pick up your firearm within one week from its arrival in Seattle.

It is super important that you make sure that you are eligible to own the particular firearm before ordering it - once the order is placed with the distributor, it cannot be reverted.

Availability and pricing

Second, below on this page you will find the products that are currently in stock at our distributors and available for special order, along with the prices. The prices below are all-inclusive: there are no other fees, just the tax if the product is sold in-state. We do not collect taxes on out-of state sales.

The prices may vary from the prices that we have on our stock firearms. We may honor the lower price if the firearm is reorderable (i.e. it is still in stock at the distributor when you are making a purchase), and at our discretion we may fill the order out of our inventory on hand, instead of ordering from the distributor.

Please understand that there is not a "low price guarantee", especially retroactively: distributors have occasional sales, manufacturers have incentives, which leads to wide variability in the product price levels. We are susceptible to the same price variabilities, and if our price looks higher than at another dealer, or through special order, it is probably because we bought it at the higher price in the first place.

Unfortunately, if firearm is NOT currently in stock at the distributors, we will not be able to do the special order. Distributors never have an ETA dates for their wares, and many firearms can be out of stock for a year as likely as they can be out of stock for a month.

If you would like a product shipped, there will be a shipping cost, typically $30 for long guns and $20-$30 for handguns, depending on the value of the shipment. We always ship fully insured, FedEx Ground for long guns, and USPS Priority Mail for handguns.


Finally, for special-ordered items we require a non-refundable deposit. We ask for 20% on common firearms that we'd carry anyway (think Glocks, Springfields, Rugers, S&W handguns, etc), and 40% on firearms that would be more difficult for us to sell (high end shotguns and AR-15s, engraved, anniversary edition firearms, etc).

Next step

If all of the above is agreeable, there are two ways to special-order a gun. You can either come to the store, and we will take care of you there, or (a) send us an email with the UPC codes and description of the products that you'd like, your name, your phone number, and your billing address, and then (b) call us with your credit card information.

We require that the email identifying the product is sent first, to avoid potential misunderstandings in the future (we had cases in which customers called, and then went back on purchases because what they ordered was not what they wanted. We need written record to avoid these situations). Please do not call until the email is sent.