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460XVR 460SW STS 5"

Manufacturer: Smith&Wesson
Part Number: 163465
Product Code: 022188634655
Price: $1,149.95
Quantity available: 22

Action: SA/DA - Caliber: .460 S&W Magnum´┐Ż - Capacity: 5 - Finish: Stainless - Material: Steel - Grips: Synthetic - Sights: Red Ramp / Adjustable - Barrel Length: 5 - Overall Length: 11.25 - Weight: 60.9 oz - The World's Most Versatile Big Bore Revolver - A Great Hunting Gun For Large Game - An Intimidating Personal Protection Gun - Fires .460 S&W Magnum .454 Casull and .45 Colt - 2100 Ft/Sec Muzzle Velocity - Gain Twist Rifling For Accuracy and Velocity - Low Perceived Recoil With All Loads - Includes Two Rear Sights to Allow for Precise Targeting With All Chamberings

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