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Manufacturer: Winchester
Part Number: 511288691
Product Code: 048702022616
Price: $1,019.95
Quantity available: 2

2021 SHOT Show Special - Gas-operated autoloading shotgun with lightweight aluminum alloy receiver. Mossy Oak DNA camo finish. Chrome-plated chamber and bore. Includes three choke tubes. - Jack of All Trades master of the ones that interest you the most. Do you love hunting ducks and geese but also love dove season turkey hunting etc.? If your budget doesn't support a dedicated gun for each season take a closer look at the SX4 Universal Hunter. New Mossy Oak DNA camouflage is suited to a wide variety of environments. Likewise the chrome plated bore and chamber will protect your new favorite hunting gun from the nastiest elements of the marsh so your gun isn't gunked up and corroded when turkey season rolls around in the spring. Last but not least Invector-Plus choke tubes give you a lot of versatility for different loads from steel to slugs. - Built on success. The SX4 is built on the bulletproof Active Valve Gas System that was the core foundation of the SX3. We built on that solid operating mechanism and improved the balance controls and internal operating components of the SX4 to make it a worthy successor to the SX3. - Features and Benefits - SYNTHETIC STOCK WITH IMPROVED ERGONOMICS A ROUNDED PISTOL GRIP AND TEXTURED GRIPPING SURFACES gives your hands a sure non-slip grip. Full coverage Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo finish means your shotgun will help give you ultimate concealment - BACK-BORED TECHNOLOGY provides optimum shot patterns that are dense and even - INVECTOR-PLUS CHOKE TUBE SYSTEM offers consistent patterns to match your target situation - HARD CHROME-PLATED CHAMBER AND BORE make these surfaces highly resistant to corrosion and wear from steel shot - VENT RIB gives you a smooth clean sighting plane - DRILLED AND TAPPED receiver is ready for optics mounting - TRUGLO LONG BEAD FIBER-OPTIC FRONT SIGHT offers a true precise sight picture - ACTIVE VALVE GAS SYSTEM cycles a wide variety of loads while reducing felt recoil - QUADRA-VENT PORTS vent excess gases for cleaner operation - DROP-OUT TRIGGER GROUP allows for easy cleaning - AMBIDEXTROUS CROSSBOLT SAFETY is easily reversible - LARGER BOLT HANDLE AND BOLT RELEASE BUTTON are faster and easier to operate - LENGTH OF PULL SPACERS allow stock adjustments to achieve a perfect fit - INFLEX TECHNOLOGY RECOIL PAD directs felt recoil down and away from your cheek to reduce flinch and fatigue

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