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Tristar Compact Tactical Bullpup

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Manufacturer: Kral
Part Number: 25122
Product Code: 713780251226
Price: $464.95
Quantity available: 99

General Description: The Compact 12ga is equipped with a 20� barrel 30� Overall Length. It is chambered for up to 3� shells. It is gas operated semi-automatic shotgun that allows you to shoot standard field loads to 1 1/8oz slugs interchangeably. Removable choke system uses Beretta�/Benelli� Mobile Threads includes one extended ported cylinder-bore choke tube. Rubber Recoil pad sling mounts and fixed Carry handle w/ sights as well as flip-up front and rear sights and two 5-round magazines. The Compact is backed by a five-year warranty. - Features: - 30� Overall Length - Full-Size Carry Handle w/ Adjustable Sights (not pictured) - Two 5 Round Magazines - Flip-up Front/Rear Sights (as pictured) - Forward Grip (not pictured) - Extended/Ported Cylinder Choke Tube (as pictured) - Action: Gas operated Semi-automatic. If magazine and chamber are both loaded opening action will result in ejecting shell from chamber and cycling new shell from magazine into the chamber. Bolt Lock is located just beneath Safety Lever. To lock Bolt open simply pull the action back and press upwards on the Bolt Lock. - Safety: The primary safety is located on the right side of the gun just under the ejection port. When engaged the safety is designed to block the trigger hammer lever and the hammer which makes the firing mechanism immobile. - Magazine: The Compact 12ga comes with two 5-round magazines. The magazines have a polymer shell baseplate and follower with a steel spring.

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