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Sidekick 22LR/22WMR 4.5"

Manufacturer: Diamondback
Part Number: DB0500A001
Product Code: 810035752450
Price: $288.00 MAP
Quantity available: 213

When it comes to combining the all-time sought-after classic cowboy style featuring all your favorite attributes of a modern revolver we hit the MARK! While the Sidekick models an old school cowboy revolver keeping with that classic look and feel we added features like the cylinder release being incorporated to the old school ejection rod a cool smooth black Cerakote finish and checkered polymer grip panels. We also went with a rear integral and a fixed front blade sight which is wildly important when you need to be quick on the draw. - The Sidekick is not only chambered in 22Lr with a 9-shot cylinder but also comes with an additional 9-shot cylinder chambered in 22Mag allowing you to enjoy a firearm that is great for self-defense with manageable recoil hunting small game pest control as well as some enjoyable and inexpensive target practice. The Sidekick higher capacity allows for 3 more snakes rabbits or soda cans depending on what you're hunting. - The Sidekick has a 9-round revolving chamber capacity in both calibers and weighs 32.5 ounces and both cylinders are on a quick convertible swing out arm for fast interchangeability allowing the user to switch between standard and magnum power in just seconds and even faster ejection and reloading which is sure to excite even today�s modern shooters. - The Sidekick will initially be offered with a 4.5 barrel having 1:16RH twist 6 groove rifling. This package weighs in at 32.5 ounces and has an overall length of 9.875. - Caliber: 22LR / 22Mag Convertible - Action: Single & Double - Grips: Checkered glass filled Nylon - Capacity: 9 rounds - Front Sight: Blade - Rear Sight: Integral - Barrel length: 4.5 - Overall Length: 9.875 - Frame & Handle Material: Zinc - Frame & Handle Finish: Black Cerakote - Weight: 32.5 oz. - Twist:1:16 RH - Grooves: 6 - NOT FOR SALES IN MN OR HI

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