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Manufacturer: Cimarron Firearms Co
Part Number: SH906
Product Code: 844234129188
Price: $1,539.95
Quantity available: 6

John H. Doc Holliday was a gambling man but it' no gamble if you arm yourself with Cimarron's Doc Holliday shotgun. You'll be carrying the high cards in any Cowboy Action shoot with this side by side scattergun. This 20-inch tubed 12 gauge side hammer street howitzer is reminiscent of the double-barreled shotgun handed to Holliday by Virgil Earp in the actual gunfight at the OK Corral back in 1881 and similar to the cut down double of Tombstone movie fame this twin-barreled smoothbore will deliver the goods in style with its handsomely blued barrels color cased receiver hammers and breech block and topped off with the name Doc Holliday neatly engraved in script form on the shotgun's side plate. This shotgun is just your game!

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