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Ruger SR1911

The Ruger SR1911 is a semi-automatic pistol modeled after the classic M1911 pistol, which has served the US armed forced for over 100 years. Like the M1911, the Ruger 1911 is single action only. It also has features such as a beavertail grip safety and a manually operated thumb safety.

To improve quality, the stainless steel barrel and bushings are all produced from the same bar stock and on the same machine. Features such as an oversized ejection port and an extended magazine release enhance the performance of the weapon as well. The SR1911 also has a visual inspection port which allows for visual confirmation that the chamber is loaded.

Since its introduction in 2011, they were universally popular, and extremely difficult to find. We have just received 2 of these very rare pistols.

NOTE: these pistols are covered under Davidson's Guaranteed Lifetime Replacement Program.

Price: $670

If you are in Seattle area, please come to our store to purchase this product.

If you are not in Seattle area, we CAN ship this product.

You can also email us at or call 206 489-4907 if you have any questions.

More information is available on Ruger's web site.