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2015-05-15: Weekly update

New, new, new

A few new items this week: Les Baer Premier II ($1,999.95 (in stock)), KelTec KSG, tan ((currently unavailable), and we also have a version in black as well: $729.95 (special order)), a bunch of Springfield XDS pistols at great prices ($439.95 (special order)), and more.

Browse our firearms section here.

Price drop!

The most interesting update for this week though is that we have $100 drop in the price for Anschutz 1903 ((currently unavailable)). This rifle is the choice of Civilian Marksmanship Program for smallbore competition, and is essentially the last of the accessible competition rimfire rifles still produced on the planet. It used to be that Remington, Winchester, Mossberg, and many others had the iconic rimfire models such as 52, or 40X. These days are gone - 1903 is the only one that remains in this class.

A distributor has just reduced their prices by $100, and we are happy to bring them to you at this new, lower price!

We also bought last 3 of the 100 1517 rifles ((currently unavailable)). One of a kind, these 17HMR rifles feature incredible triggers, very balanced ergonomics, and threaded barrels. Did I mention that there were only 100 of them, and we have the last 3?

Gibbs AK-47 Magazines

We've got a bunch of really high quality modern production "comblock" magazines, and we are selling them CHEAP. They are heavy gauge steel, and are extremely sturdy.

The wholesale price on them is $13.50, and they are typically found on the 'Net for around $17. We are selling them for $12.49 - stock up!