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2015-06-17 Weekly Update

Tons of new stuff at Precise Shooter!



For some reason it takes forever for gun manufacturers to start shipping after announcing new products, and Savage is, sadly, no exception. They have announced the new 10fp-sr models at the SHOT Show, and just now we have received our first installment of these rifles (and we've bough everything there was at the only distributor who had them - most still don't have them even in the catalogues).

So, welcome to the new and improved Savage 10 fcp-sr!

These rifles have a lot in common with the famous 10TR. They have a threaded muzzle, ready to accommodate a suppressor. They come with the rail. They have the oversized bolt handle. They come in Accustock, and, obviously, the design incorporates the Accutrigger. As an improvement over 10TR they have a 10rd box magazine and a fluted barrel.

One of the best feature of the rifle is its price - despite all the features the wholesale is low enough for us to be able to sell them for only (currently unavailable).

10fp McMillan

We have also received one Savage 10fp McMillan rifle. McMillan stocks are renown in the shooting sports, and these rifles are the ultimate in Savage law enforcement family. We typically do not stock them, but this time there was a sale at a distributor, so we could not abstain. (currently unavailable)

Please find these and other rifles from Savage Law Enforcement series here, and don't forget - the $100 rebate from Savage expires at the end of this month!


Like their bigger centerfire brethren, Savage MKII rifles have earned the reputation for supreme accuracy at a low cost. You can take a look at our reviews of this family here, here, here, and here.

Building on the success of MKII FV-SR, Savage has introduced its cousins in 17HMR and 22WMR, and we have them all in stock!

Again, do not forget the expiring rebate - $25 for rimfire rifles! This opportunity will be gone at the end of the month!

111 Long Range Hunter

This is a very interesting rifle. It comes with a bunch of normal Savage features (including the amazing accuracy), plus a couple of uncommon ones. This is the only Savage that has integrated cheek piece...

...but a far more interesting feature is its muzzle brake which can be switched from "on" to "off" by twisting it.

$819.95 (in stock)

Sig Sauer MAP (read: massive price hikes)

My distributors have just distributed the list of Sig Sauer guns which will be subject to minimum advertising price requirements starting on 7/1.

MAPs work as follows: no one can advertise lower price than the minimum set by the manufacturer. The ones that do get put on a blacklist and cannot get new guns from the same manufacturer (except for Glock: they simply get the distributors to drop you altogether, by forcing the policing - and responsibility - on the distributor; yes, this IS pretty draconian).

This means pretty significant effective price hikes on most Sig Sauer pistols in the very immediate future. For example, the two we have in stock, Sig P229 Extreme ((currently unavailable)) and P290RS Extreme ((currently unavailable)) will go to $1099.99 and $399.99 respectively.

Here is the list of Sig Sauer firearms currently in stock and available for special order.


We are expecting one CZ Scorpion to arrive at the store Thursday night, available for purchase on Friday. This is going to be a "gun of the day", so no layaways, and no shipping on this gun. The price will be $799.95.

We have a bunch of rare CZs in stock - 452 Military Trainer ((currently unavailable), gun of the day - no layaways, no shipping), and CZ 452 UltraLux ((currently unavailable), we will ship these).

Anschutz rimfire rifles

We have 3 super accurate Anschutz rifles which are really well priced. Anschutz is the only company which is still making rimfire rifles for Olympic-level competitors, and it shows in all of their lineup. 1517 American Varminter definitely deserves a look - only 100 of them were made, and everywhere else they already sold out.

Details are here.


We've got one PMR-30 in stock. $444.95 (in stock). We also have just repriced our KelTec inventory way lower (it used to be at MSRP).

P-11 Tan/Tan Grip6408320001082 (in stock)$279.95
KEL-TEC SU16A RIFLE 5.56MM 10-SHOT BLACK POLYMERGSU166408320007951 (in stock)$489.95
KEL-TEC PMR-30 .22WMR OD GREEN /BLK 30SH FIBER OPTIC SIGHTSKTPMR30GRN6408320033072 (in stock)$444.95
KEL-TEC P11 9MM DA ADJ. 10SH BLACK/BLACK GRIP>P11BBLK6408320000161 (in stock)$249.95
KEL-TEC P-32 .32ACP DA FS 7SH BLUED/BLACK GRIPP32BBLK6408320004501 (in stock)$235.95
P-3AT Blued/Black GripP3AT6408320006963 (in stock)$259.95
KEL-TEC PMR-30 .22WMR BLACK 30-SHOT FIBER OPTIC SIGHTSPMR30BBLK6408320026765 (in stock)$444.95
KEL-TEC RDB BULLPUP 5.56MM 17.3" BLACK 20RDRDB-17-BLACK6408320059431 (in stock)$929.95
RFB 308Win RFB186408320073814 (in stock)$1,399.95
KSG-25 12GA 30.5" 25rd AS S0802B6408320073672 (in stock)$1,259.95
KEL-TEC SU16B RIFLE 5.56MM 10-SHOT BLACK POLYMERSU16B6408320008251 (in stock)$529.95


We have received a few Mossberg MMR rifles, which we sell for (currently unavailable). While an AR-15 for under $600 is nothing new these days (and we have, for example, DPMS Oracles for only $539.95 (in stock)), this one comes with the a free-floated barrel and really nice picatinny handguard - typically, these cost about $100 as parts, which make the rifle the best price/performance offering in our AR-15 line-up.

We also have just repriced Walther Colt M4 22lr AR-15 to only (currently unavailable). This is a very high quality (highest, probably) AR-15 in this caliber on the market.

Canik TP9-SA

TP9SA pistols are back in stock - both tan ((currently unavailable)) and black ((currently unavailable)).

Rossi Lever Actions

We have just received a beautiful stainless R92 in 45 Long Colt ((currently unavailable)). We have also just repriced the excellent Rio Grande in 30-30 to only (currently unavailable). Rio Grande is a Marlin 336 clone, except real Marlins are actually worse quality these days (despite being quite a bit more expensive).

Other cool stuff

We have just received a couple of budget Savage Stevens 350 shotguns ((currently unavailable)). Not particularly new, but in the same picture - really cool looking reproduction STG-44 carbines by German Sports Guns ((currently unavailable)), and a few really well priced AKs - a Yugo underfolder for (currently unavailable) and I.O. Inc Sporter for (currently unavailable).

You will not find a $520 AK in stock anywhere these days - locally or on the Internet!