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P938 BSS AMBI 9mm938-BSS-AMBI79868146044111 (special order)$649.99 MAP
SIG P938 9MM 3 LEGION GRAY 7RD MA COMPLAINT938M9LEGION7986816160228 (special order)$779.99 MAP
SIG P938 9MM 7RD 3" WE THE PEOPLE938-9-WTP79868157719424 (special order)$679.99 MAP
SIG P938 3 9MM 6&7RD MA CLASSIC LINE SELECT9389SELAMBI79868158669123 (special order)$699.99 MAP
SIG P938 SPARTAN II 9MM 7RD COY 3"938-9-SPARTANII-AMBI7986816051491 (special order)$699.99 MAP
P226 9mm Legion Gray 4.4"E26R-9-LEGION-SAO7986815388122 (special order)$1,199.99 MAP
SIG 226 LEGION SAO 9MM 4.4" 15RD RXPE26R-9-LEGION-SAO-RXP79868162664912 (special order)$1,399.99 MAP
SIG 226 LEGION 9MM 4.4" 15RD GRY RXPE26R-9-LEGION-RXP7986816266323 (special order)$1,399.99 MAP
SIG P226 9MM DASA BLK NS MINI REFLEX SIGHT 2 15RDE26R9BSSRX7986815394209 (special order)$1,099.99 MAP
P226 9mm Legion Gray DA/SA 4.4"E26R-9-LEGION7986815387821 (special order)$1,199.99 MAP
P938 9mm 3" Blackwood 2-Tone SAO Siglite938-9-BG-AMBI79868143756618 (special order)$679.99 MAP
P938 HGA AMBI 9mm938-9-BRG-AMBI7986814433521 (special order)$699.99 MAP
SIG P938 9MM LUGER 3" CONTRAST9389BAMBI79868159161916 (special order)$589.95
P365 SAS 9mm 10rd 3.1"365-9-SAS-C79868161746327 (special order)$579.99 MAP
P365 X-Series 9mm 3.7" 365XL-9-BXR379868161879841 (special order)$579.99 MAP
P938 Legion Gray Micro-Compact 9mm 3"9389LEGION79868158253224 (special order)$779.99 MAP
P938 Nightmare AMBI 9mm938-9-NMR-AMBI7986814419211 (special order)$699.99 MAP
P938 Scorpion 9mm 3"bbl FDE Cerakote Ambi938-9-ESCPN-AMBI7986815535011 (special order)$749.99 MAP
SIG P938 COMBAT 9MM 3" 7RD FDE NS938-9-CBT79868153264311 (special order)$699.99 MAP
P938 9mm Rose Gold938-9-ERG-AMBI7986815701263 (special order)$849.99 MAP
SIG 716 G2 308WIN 16 PATROL ALUM HG 20RDR716G216BP79868151368012 (special order)$2,029.99 MAP
SIG 716 G2 308WIN 16 PATROL FDE ALUM HG 20RDR716G216BPFDE7986815137032 (special order)$2,149.99 MAP
SIG MPX 9MM 3.5 THRD COPPERHEAD MIDNIGHT BLKPMPX3BCHMN798681617807385 (special order)$1,579.99 MAP
SIG MCX RATTLER 5.56 5.5" BLK 30RDPMCX-5B-TAP79868160019959 (special order)$2,299.99 MAP
SIG MPX 9MM 3.5" 20RD MLOK COYPMPX-3B-CH798681599011102 (special order)$1,579.99 MAP
SIG M400 SDI 5.56NATO 16 VTAC 1 30RND MAGRM400SDI16BVTAC79868158845942 (special order)$1,499.99 MAP
P226 .40S&W DAK SURPLUS NS 3 MagsSIG-P226DAK-SURPLUS2234410000061 (in stock)$499.95
SIG 716G2 DMR 6.5CM 18" 20RD FDE MLKR716G2-H18B-65-DMR-FDE79868158153516 (special order)$2,749.99 MAP
SIG 716 G2 308WIN 16 DESIGNATED MARKSMAN 20RDR716G2H16BDMR7986815137417 (special order)$2,629.99 MAP
SIG 716 DMR .308 WINR716G2H16BDMRFDE7986815533891 (special order)$2,749.99 MAP
SIG 229 LEGION SAO 9MM 3.9" 15RD RXPE29R-9-LEGION-SAO-RXP79868162666323 (special order)$1,399.99 MAP
SIG P229 9MM DASA BLK NS CLASSIC LINE 3.9 2 15RDE29R9SEL79868158675210 (special order)$999.99 MAP
SIG 229 LEGION 9MM 3.9" 15RD GRY RXPE29R-9-LEGION-RXP79868162665610 (special order)$1,399.99 MAP
SIG P226 9MM DASA BLK NS CLASSIC LINEE26R9SEL79868158673822 (special order)$999.99 MAP
P229 9mm Legion GrayE29R-9-LEGION79868153484513 (special order)$1,199.99 MAP
SIG SAUER P320-40SW 4.7" NITRON N/SIGHTP320F-USED33 (special order)$394.95
SIG MCX CANEBRAKE 300BLK 5.5" COYPMCX-300B-5B-TAP-CANE79868159872464 (special order)$2,449.99 MAP
USED SIG P226R .40SW DECOCKERP226R8 (special order)$464.95
P320 .40 4.7" BLK UsedL320F-40-BSSU7986815737761 (in stock)$399.95
USED SIG P226 .40S&W FS 3-12RDP226 .40S&W116 (special order)$429.95
P320 XFIVE LEGION 9MM 5" 17+1 AS320X5-9-LEGION-R2798681618286165 (special order)$899.99 MAP
P210 9mm 5" Contrast Black210A-9-B7986815554682 (in stock)$1,099.99 MAP
P220 45ACP 4.4" Nitron BLK Siglite220R-45-BSS7986812928991 (in stock)$849.95
SIG 1911 WTP 45ACP 5 SS DISTRESSED 7RD NS1911T45WTP798681576364106 (special order)$1,019.95
SIG 1911 45ACP 5 NS 2 8 CLASSIC LINE RAIL SELECT1911R45SEL7986815867149 (special order)$1,049.99 MAP
SIG 1911 45ACP 5" SPARTAN II 8RD1911R-45-SPARTANII79868159920218 (special order)$1,149.99 MAP
SIG 220R5 LEGION 10MM 5" GRY SAO 8RD220R5-10-LEGION-SAO7986816267241 (special order)$1,599.99 MAP
P224 40S&W SAS GEN2 Siglite DAK224-40-SAS2B-DAK7986814381291 (in stock)$749.95
SIG P220R5 LEGION 10MM 5" GRY 8RD220R5-10-LEGION7986815778426 (special order)$1,599.99 MAP
P220 45ACP Legion Gray 4.4"220R-45-LEGION-SAO7986815547447 (special order)$1,199.99 MAP
SIG P220R5 10MM 5" HTR CAMO 8RD SAO220R5-10-HP-SAO7986815289503 (special order)$1,379.99 MAP
SIG 1911 45ACP SS AS BLACKWOOD GRIPS CA LEGAL191145STGTCA7986814371602 (special order)$1,029.99 MAP
1911 STX 2 TONEl 45 ACP1911-45-STX79868131747910 (special order)$1,079.99 MAP
SIG 1911 45ACP STAND 2 7RD SIG LIGHT SIGHT191145STAND79868159172515 (special order)$1,279.99 MAP
P226 9mm 4.4" 15rd1 (in stock)$489.95
SIG 1911 45ACP MAX CUST COMP REV2TONE191145MAXM7986814406039 (special order)$1,399.99 MAP
SIG 1911R TO 10MM 5" BLK 8RD NS1911R-10-TACOPS7986815295823 (special order)$1,049.99 MAP
SIG 1911R 45ACP 5" 8RD BLK NS RSWD1911R-45-BSS-CA7986814371391 (special order)$1,014.95
SIG 1911M STX 45ACP 5" 8RD ANS WD1911M-45-STX7986815833933 (special order)$1,074.95
1911 Max Michel Full Size 9mm1911-9-MAXM7986815459641 (special order)$1,399.99 MAP
SIG 1911 CRY 45ACP 4.2" SPARTAN II1911CAR-45-SPARTANII79868160512510 (special order)$1,149.99 MAP
P238 2.7" 380ACP238-380-RG7986814179647 (special order)$599.99 MAP
SIG P238 380ACP SAS DUO TONE NS WOOD GRIPS 1 6RD238380SAS7986814189542 (special order)$629.99 MAP
SIG P238 .380ACP 2.7" EMPEROR238380ESCPN7986815534954 (special order)$679.99 MAP
SIG P238 .380ACP TWO-TONE238380BG79868141815221 (special order)$599.99 MAP
P238 2.7" 380 Desert Tan SAO238380DES79868143802018 (special order)$629.99 MAP
SIG P238 380ACP WE THE PEOPLE DISTRESSED FINISH238380WTP79868157723147 (special order)$604.95
SIG P238 .380ACP 2.7" NITRON238M380BSS7986814411814 (special order)$599.99 MAP
SIG P238 SPARTAN II 380ACP 7RD COY238-380-SPARTANII7986816051321 (special order)$629.99 MAP
SIG P238 380 2.7 NS 6&7 CLASSIC LINE SELECT238380SEL79868158667711 (special order)$629.99 MAP
SIG P238 .380ACP 2.7" NIGHT238380SPARTAN7986815127999 (special order)$879.99 MAP
SIG SAUER P226 MA COMP HGA 9MM 4.4" BBL BLACK NITRON DA/SA SIGLITE SIGHTS E2 GRIP 2-10RD MAGS226RM-9-BSS7986812946641 (special order)$889.95
SIG 229 LEGION 9MM 3.9" 10RD GRY RXP229R-9-LEGION-RXP7986816266181 (special order)$1,399.99 MAP
P226 Legion 9mm SAO 10rd Magazine226R-9-LEGION-SAO7986815388502 (special order)$1,199.99 MAP
P224 Extreme 40SW Siglite SRT DA/SA224-40-XTM-BLKGRY7986814381811 (in stock)$799.95
P224 Extreme 40SW DAK224-40-XTM-BLKGRY-DAK7986814381051 (in stock)$749.95
SIG 229 LEGION 9MM 3.9" 10RD GRY MA229RM-9-LEGION-SAO7986815915894 (special order)$1,199.99 MAP
SIG P238 380ACP 2.7" BLK 6RD238-380-B79868141520510 (special order)$569.95
SIG P229 LEGION 9MM 3.9" GRY 10RD MA229RM-9-LEGION7986815825181 (special order)$1,199.99 MAP
SIG P229 LEGION 9MM 3.9 GRAY 10RD ROMEO1PRO229R9LEGIONSAORXP7986816266253 (special order)$1,399.99 MAP
SIG P229 9MM 3.9 BLK ACC RAIL NS 10RD MA LEGA229RM9BSS7986812948792 (special order)$929.99 MAP

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