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Precise Shooter will be closed on 4th of July in observance of Independence Day! Happy Holidays!

Call to action! Stop two Seattle billionaires from branding your 10/22 as an "assault rifle"! Tweet, share, post on social media - make sure everyone knows what I-1639 really is.,,

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What's happening at Precise Shooter this week? (Part I)

It has been a while since I posted the last update, so we've got a lot of new cool stuff. Also, fall is upon us, and this means - great prices! Lots of distributors lowered the prices for firearms and ammunition, which allows us to do what we do best - find our customers fantastic deals!

Because of the sheer volume, I have split this update into two. This is part I. The rest is coming tomorrow.

Gun tax update

As you know, we have joined the Outdoor Emporium, the SAF, the NSSF, and the NRA to fight the illegal tax law that Seattle City Council has pushed through to bolster their "progressive" credentials with the uneducated voter, math, economics, and basic honesty be damned.

While the lawyers wrangle, this is a good time to remember that...

  • The tax is not in effect until 1/1/2016, and if we can't get a preliminary injunction, we're moving. So you will never have to worry about this tax at our store (but you can help us find a new place).
  • This is a great time to become a member of the Second Amendment Foundation. They are leading this fight!
  • And most importantly, the online voter registration deadline in King County is October 5. Please register here.

It is super important that Seattle gun voters participate in democratic process. There are quite a few of us - a 20% gun ownership rate amounts to 120 thousand people. Even half of them showing at the local elections would change the political landscape dramatically. I don't know if the challengers to the incumbents are gun-friendly, but I do know that politicians respond to the electorate (at least when there is no big money involved). If we, the gun owners, help kick the incumbents out of their offices come November, their replacements will think twice before doing something like that in the future.


AR-15 galore!

Because there are so many models, we typically don't stock AR-15s unless we can get a rifle we like at a particularly good price, so we can give our customers a great deal. Recently distributors had really nice sales, and we were able to grab a number of rifles at prices well below what they are selling for on the Internet.

The most interesting is, unquestionably, Colt LE6920 OEM.

For years and years and years LE6920 was a standard issue for many military and law enforcement agencies. There are many different versions of it floating around. This one allows you to supply your own furniture - the most often customized component.

Price: (currently unavailable)

Another interesting rife which definitely deserves your attention is this ATI carbine:

This is probably the best priced rifle in the store right now - it comes with beautiful free-floated handguard of the sort that typically sells for good $100 when bought separately - and the rifle is only (currently unavailable)

Of course, for truly cost conscious customer we have DPMS Oracle for only $539.95 (in stock) - start as cheap as possible, then customize as time and budget allow!

Mossberg has been producing a number of interesting hunting rifles based on AR-15 (please note that while these can be used for varminting and coyotes, medium game (deer) in WA requires a caliber of .243 (6mm) or larger).

The chief attraction of them is price/performance - for very, very reasonable cost Mossberg MMR series come with features typically reserved for far more expensive guns.

Case in point - their hunting series. These MMRs we just received come with really nice free-floating handguards, digital camouflage, and pretty nice triggers - for just under $600. We have not shot ours yet, though we certainly are keeping a few for ourselves.

More here:

Other cool AR-15s in stock. The prices on Smith & Wesson and Core 15 rifles are more than $100 less than the Internet, Windham is just about $100 less!

Of course, if nothing you see strikes your fancy, you can also build your very, very own! This may also be one of the most economical ways to get an AR rifle.

When selecting parts for an AR-15, the only thing that matters for accuracy is a quality barrel, free-floated. The trigger helps the shooter, too, as does the comfortable stock. Surprisingly, according to many an international competitor (The Competitive AR15; The Mouse That Roared) little else, including the much touted "fit" between the upper and the lower, matter. So invest your money where it makes sense - barrel, handguard, trigger - rather than fancy, but ultimately inconsequential, other parts.

We have a bunch of Anderson lowers and uppers, cerakote Aero Precision upper/lower combinations, and tons of other parts in our AR-15 store.

Savage Target Actions

Speaking of parts, we've found a distributor which sells Savage target actions, so we now carry them in stock.

Price: $599.95 (in stock)


Les Baer

Over the last few months - as the SHOT Show orders started to come in - our little store had grown into Seattle area's, and, possibly, the state's biggest Les Baer dealer.

Les Baer makes some of the world's finest 1911 pistols. Many of them are guaranteed to shoot 1.5" groups at 50 yards - and these aren't 3-shot groups either! This makes these handguns more accurate than AK-47s.

Here is what we have right now:

Premier II is Les Baer's most popular model. The ones we have come with 1.5" guarantee. We also have one with a 6" barrel, also a 1.5" pistol.

Premier II Super-Tac has rounded contours and narrow safety level. The one we have comes with 1.5" guarantee.

This is a Concept V pistol. This relatively inexpensive stainless gun will produce 3" groups at 50 yards.

Ultimate Tactical Carry has Novak-style sights and a non-ambidextrous safety. This is a 3" gun.

Les Baer 1911 GT Monolith Stinger Heavyweight crams every conceivable feature in a tiny package, without sacrificing the accuracy.

I kept one of the Premier IIs to myself and took it to the range. Review to follow shortly, but let me tell you - it was AMAZING! If you want to stop worrying about the gun's accuracy and just work on yours, this is the pistol you are looking for.


We acquired our Colt National Match pistols at a distributor firesale a few months ago, and we are down to the last two. This model 80 guns retain the classic look and feel of a 1911, but come in amazing Royal Blue finish betrays the gun's exulted nature. Adjustable Bomar sights with glare-reducing serrations complete the picture.


Para USA is known for their innovative 1911 designs. We have a couple in stock - Expert Commander...

...and the Warthog.


Armscor is a Philippines company which produces 1911s for a fraction of the cost of comparable US-made guns. Despite the price they shoot really well, and according to the glowing Internet reports, the company is really standing behind its products. Rock Island 1911 Match was my first 1911, and I still shoot it and like it.

GI model is Armscor's flagship model. It is the cheapest 1911 on the US market, and it is considered to be more reliable than its competitors. We have one in 45 and one in 9mm.

A step above it is this tactical model which adds skeletonized trigger and the hammer and Novak-style sights.

Tactical II model adds significantly improved sights.

Finally, a couple of A2 (enhanced capacity) 1911s from Armscor:

Other popular 1911s

Ruger SR1911 was an instant hit when it first showed up on the market in 2011, and for a few years was impossible to get. The supply chain eased by now, so we have this Lightweight Commander in stock and can special-order the rest.

What's a 1911 lineup without a few Sringfields? We got ours directly from the factory, which is why we are selling them for cheaper than the lowest prices we could find on the 'net.I give you, ladies and gentlemen, Lightweight Range Officer Compact and MilSpec.

And, suddenly, a Taurus! be continued.