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Precise Shooter will be closed on 4th of July in observance of Independence Day! Happy Holidays!

Call to action! Stop two Seattle billionaires from branding your 10/22 as an "assault rifle"! Tweet, share, post on social media - make sure everyone knows what I-1639 really is.,,

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This week at Precise Shooter (2015-11-24)

Holiday schedule

We are closed on Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving. We will be back on Saturday during our normal business hours.

Happy Holidays!

Deals, deals, deals

DPMS Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle (308, 20") (currently unavailable)

Typically sold online for well over $2000.

Kel-Tec KSG (black) (currently unavailable)

$100 off our regular price. We only have 6 available at this price. The sale starts @ 11/20. No layaways, first come, first served.

Duck Commander $339.95 (in stock)

Internet prices on this shotgun is usually just below $500.

Bushmaster Patrolman Rifle - $739.95 (special order), minus $200 rebate

Last one!

We have a fantastic deal on Bushmaster Patrolman rifles. These rifles are some of Bushmaster's most popular products. They feature chrome-lined bore and chamber, a removable handle with 1/2MOA elevation and windage clicks, and 6-position telescopic stock. They sell for $850+ online, our price is $749.95. On top of this, there is a $200 manufacturer's rebate, making the overall price of $549.95 (taxes are collected on the pre-rebate price).

Rebate form: download here.

Remington 1911R1 Enhanced - $799.95 (stainless) and $749.95 (blue), minus $150 rebate

Remington has a $150 rebate on their Enhanced 1911 R1 series. We have 2 coming mid-next week, one stainless, one blued. We will take a deposit on them for the Black Friday price of $799.95 for the stainless steel model ($649.95 after rebate) and $749.95 for the blued model ($599.95 after rebate).

We will sell them to you as a special order (20% non-refundable deposit) - and do the NICS check - starting on 11/20, but you will take possession of them when they arrive (mid next week).

Rebate form: download here.

Bulgarian Makarovs are back in stock!

The trickle of surplus guns has its ebbs and flows, but recently it was mostly ebbing. It has been almost a quarter century since the communist block has dissolved, so the rates with which the surplus firearms in these countries are being pillaged are slowing down. In the very beginning, a lot of the guns were basically stolen during the privatization frenzy, and quickly sold off to the world's biggest civilian gun market. So we had $80 SKS rifles, $40 Mosin Nagants, and so on.

Well, these times are gone, and if you were able to stock up on $80 Russian SKSes, you have been well ahead of the stock market, as they are now selling in the vicinity of $600.

A few surplus pistols are still in the pipeline though - most reliably, Polish P64 and various variants of Tokarev pistols, in particular, the still-in-production M57.

Bulgarian Makarov were gone for almost 3 years now, and I thought that they would be gone for good - but a fresh batch recently appeared out of nowhere, as it often happens with milsurplus hardware. This specific batch is quite interesting - of the 4 pistols I've seen, all appeared to be in unissued condition. They come coated in cosmoline, with 2 magazines, a pair of black grips, a pair of red star grips, and a holster. They are sold almost everywhere for $300-330 plus shipping and transfer, which adds another $40 or more to the deal.

We have bought a few to see how they sell - and still have 1 in stock.

Price: (currently unavailable)

Ruger Single Six in 17HMR

Ruger makes special runs of these only once in a blue moon - and the moon is blue right now!

See reviews here and here.

Price: $479.95


The following Remington Premier and Golden Saber ammunition has $10 off manufacturer's mail-in rebate per box, up to $100 total

  • 223Rem 69gr BTHP Match 20rd $18.95 (in stock)
  • Remington 223Rem 77gr Match 20rd (currently unavailable)
  • 300Blackout 125ge OTM 20rd $23.95 (in stock)
  • 308 Win 168gr Match King BTHP 20rd (currently unavailable)
  • 38 Special (+P) 125gr HPJ Golden Saber 25rd$25.99 (in stock)
  • 9mm Golden Saber 124gr 25rd $25.99 (in stock)
  • 40S&W 165gr HPJ Golden Saber 25rd $25.99 (in stock)
  • 40S&W 180gr JHP Golden Saber 25rd $25.99 (in stock)
  • 45ACP Golden Saber 185gr JHP 25rd $25.99 (in stock)
  • 45ACP Golden Saber 230gr HP 25rd $25.99 (in stock)

In particular, 223 match ammunition (Sierra MatchKing 69gr and 77gr) works out to be 8.95 and 6.95/box after the rebate.

Rebate form: download here.

We have reduced prices on 223 Remington ammunition as follows:

  • 5.56 American Eagle XM193 20rd $7.49 (in stock)
  • 223Rem American Eagle 55gr FMJ 20rd (currently unavailable)
  • 223Rem PMC 55gr FMJ-BT 20rd (currently unavailable)

We have fantastic prices on all popular ammunition - please take a look here.

Excellent deals on cleaning kits

  • GunSlick Pro 270/7mm Master Gun Care Kit $12.99 (in stock)
  • GunSlick Pro 243/6.5mm Master Gun Care Kit $12.99 (in stock)
  • Remington Cleaning Kit .357/.380/.38/9mm $5.95 (in stock)
  • Outers Compact Handgun 40/10mm Cleaning Kit $6.99 (in stock)