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Dear friends,

Do you think that Californian gun laws are draconian? With I-1639, the gun control initiative heading for the November elections, Washington is on the path not just to match, but surpass California.

I-1639 names EVERY semi-automatic gun an "assault rifle". Yes, your 10/22 would be an "assault rifle". Your Marlin M60, too. No matter the caliber, no matter the stock - ANY semi-automatic rifle is an "assault rifle" to them. No state in the United States has anything like that on the books. This is radical insanity.

And after they labeled your gun an "assault rifle", they would require you to go through periodic background checks, periodic training (and god help you if this training is not offered in your area, or during your off hours), and who knows what else their sick minds might invent in the future. Once this definition is on the books, the sky is the limit.

And OF COURSE it also bars people under 21 to own one of these "weapons of war".

This is truly unprecedented in the US, and is on par with some of the most anti-gun foreign countries.

This is brought to you by less than a handful of Seattle billionaires - Paul Allen, Nick Hanauer, and the Ballmer family contributed almost the entire budget for this initiative.

The money from these billionaires will be paying for a lot of deceptive advertising to try and confuse the voters into believing that they are just restricting "weapons of war".

So what can we do?

Do not - DO NOT - despair. Seattle is 700k people. King County is 2.4 million. The rest of WA is twice as big, and 50% of the population are gun owners. Together, we can blow this trio of billionaires out of the water. Our goal is to make sure that gun owners everywhere in WA understand what's going on, how critical their vote is, and VOTE.

So, let's start with YOU. Are you registered to vote? You can check here:

If you are not, you can register online here: It's super easy, and only requires a driver's license. Don't put this off - do it now. The deadline is just over a month away, and I know you can spare 3 minutes that are required to save the guns you worked so hard to buy.

Voting is super-easy, too. Vote by mail requires no trip to a polling place, and the postage is free. BUT PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO DO IT!

Then, what about your friends? Your family? Your neighbors? Are they registered to vote? Are they aware of this initiative? Do they understand that it's anything but "just about safe storage"?

Please, share this page with them: Post it on Facebook so your friends can see. Post it on the local bulletin boards so the neighbors can see. Post a link to it on your local supermarket's bulletin board. We need to get the word out. We need to get people to the polls.

Thank you,

Sergey Solyanik

Owner, Precise Shooter LLC