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Welcome to the new world!

Dear friends,

I-1639 is now the law.

It's a stupid law. It is getting challenged in court. If there's any justice, it will be thrown out.

But in addition to I-1639 there are other changes.

The best summary of the changes that went into effect on July 1st is here.

In short, as far as the process of buying guns is concerned:

  • CPL holders can no longer skip police background check and the associated wait when buying handguns.
  • All semi-automatic rifles require police background check and a mandatory 10 days waiting period (even if the background check has completed).
  • Acquisition of any semiautomatic rifle now requires training, to be repeated every 5 years. Free internet training class has been prepared by Sporting Systems, a Vancouver, WA gun store and is available here.
  • There are no changes for bolt action guns, receivers, frames and such.

Note that if you are doing private transfers for semiautomatic rifles or handguns, this means that the buyer has to come do the store and initiate the background check in advance, as they can no longer be transferred in one day. For now we don't change any of our policies in regards to private transfer handling. If we get too many people not showing to complete their transactions, we may start collecting $25 fees upfront.

For all transfers, we always ask people to collect their firearms expediently. We don't have a very large storage area, so we cannot keep your purchase for more than a week. With the new rules this means that the firearms class needs to be completed ahead of time.

Rules for transfers are here.