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Hundreds of guns in stock, over 10000 available for special order! Check out our catalog for near-realtime prices and availability for everything we sell, as well as our super deals page!
Precise Shooter is closed on Sunday, April 21st! Our employees will be out on the rabbit hunt.

Welcome to PreciseShooter 2.0!

We have made a few changes!

First, our automated system now incorporates all largest distributors in the country. This doubled our special order catalogue to over 10,000 firearms, with availability and pricing updating in real time! This also means that you get better deals, as we show you the lowest special-order price of them all.

Second, we can now analyze the sales available through these distributors, as well as prices on Precise Shooter in-stock inventory, and we've made particularly hot deals available here: (or just click on HOT tab on the top level menu).

Third, we are super happy to announce that Korth revolvers are now available at Precise Shooter! Korth makes some of the world's finest revolvers, Manurhin MR73 being the only competitor in its class. Up to very recently, it was very difficult to buy them in the US, but thanks to Korth's partnership with Nighthawk Custom, they are now available here!

Each Korth revolver is made by one gunsmith, throughout all steps of manufacturing process, about 70% of which are manual. All parts are machined. The finish is exquisite, for example, the gold bead sight is real gold, and they are made to tolerances that exceed these of "normal" high-end revolvers by a factor of two.

Korth revolver feature unique trigger technology which results in extremely smooth double action trigger pull, and a very light single action trigger. The weight is easily adjustable.

Precise Shooter carries Mongoose line in stock, and of course we can special-order the Super Sport, or any other of Nighthawk Custom guns.

More products by Nighthawk Custom

Korth Mongoose 357 Mag 3"01318068027601311 (in stock)$3,499.00
Korth Mongoose 357 Mag 4"01558068027601551 (in stock)$3,499.00
Korth Mongoose 357 Mag 6"01938068027601931 (in stock)$3,699.00

Happy shopping!