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Call to action! Stop two Seattle billionaires from branding your 10/22 as an "assault rifle"! Tweet, share, post on social media - make sure everyone knows what I-1639 really is.,,

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Dear friends,

There have never been a time when gun rights in the State of Washington were in more danger.

Paul Allen and Nick Hanauer, two Seattle billionaires, are trying to buy legislation through the initiative process which would impose draconian restrictions - unprecedented in the country - on some of the most common rifles.

If this initiative were to pass, Washington would be the only state in the nation where any semi-automatic rifle is called an "assault rifle". This would include rimfire rifles like 10/22.

Right now, signature collection process for is ongloing. They have to turn a quarter million signatures by July 6.

It is paid for by two one million dollar donations from Allen and Hanauer. Out-of-state signature gatherers are offered $5-$10 per signature, and as you can imagine, they are unscrupulous about representing what this initiative does ( "21 to buy AR15s not 18", "a measure to keep high school kids from buying assault rifles").

Our only hope is to educate as many people as possible so they know what they are asked to sign.

We need to campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. We need to talk to our friends, relatives and co-wrokers.

On social media, refer people to Share this on Facebook (, post it on Reddit, tweet it.

In person, print a few of these fliers: and share it with people who you know.

Folks, we have to beat this. If antigun forces in this state manage to declare 10/22 an "assault rifle", there is no limit to what they can do.

Please, take a break from buying guns, take a break from shooting guns, and spend some time as an ambassador for gun rights to the public.

People don't understand what they are asked to support. If we don't explain, no one will.

Thank you,

Sergey Solyanik

Owner, Precise Shooter LLC