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Assault Weapons Ban

Now that Washington State Senate has approved the "assault weapons" ban, Precise Shooter will no longer be processing new paperwork on semiautomatic rifle background checks. All paperwork that has been started will continue its process in hopes of being completed in time, but we must prioritize customer transactions that are likely to release prior to the effective date of the ban.

Customers who have transfered semiautomatic rifles, but have not yet begun their paperwork still have an option to keep their purchase at Precise Shooter for up to 30 days berfore incurring storage fees. In the event a lasting injunction is enacted, we will immediately resume paperwork for those customers.

The proposed AWB is an emergency bill that will take effect immediately upon signature by the governor. We do not know when this will occur, but we can guarantee that if it goes into effect, the fallout of lawsuits will take months or years to resolve.

Based on how "high capacity" magazine ban was rammed through on party lines, with any discussion or expert opinions simply swept aside, we expect the same exact thing to happen here. This is the reality of living in a one party state.

We have to prepare our business for this, as this changes what firearms we are allowed to carry in-store, sell, and transfer to you. Additionally, upon signature of this bill, it does not matter if you are in the middle of your background check, or a waiting period, if it cleared but you haven’t picked it up, whatever the circumstances are, we cannot transfer your firearm to you. The law provides for zero exceptions.

This is the reality of what we are facing, and especially with the AG’s office setting up stings across the State, we’d like to remain in business and continue to serve our community. We are making some changes to our policies in preparation for the legislation to move forward. We must take the worst-case scenario route in order to serve the greatest number of customers and minimize our risk of being stuck with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of firearms that we must now sell out of state exclusively.

Starting on Saturday, 11FEB2023 ONLY for firearms that will be covered by impending legislation:

In-store purchases: If you purchase a firearm from us in-store that is covered by the AWB, and the law goes into effect before your background check has cleared, we will refund your deposit.

If your background check cleared and your firearm was available for release, and you failed to pick it up in time, 20% of your pre-tax deposit is non-refundable.

Special Orders: If you place a special order for a firearm and the ban goes into effect before you pick up the firearm, 20% of your pre-tax deposit is non-refundable.

Transfers: If you have a transfer that is covered by the AWB, and the ban goes into effect before the firearm is in your possession, it will be up to you to arrange for the return back to the seller EXPEDITIOUSLY, including pre-paid labels. For any firearms that will be still here a month after the receipt, we will charge a $35 fee to send it back.

We understand this may not sit well with some of you. We must be able to function in a post-AWB, but pre-9th Circuit ruling capacity before this law is struck down due to its blatant unconstitutionality.

We do not want this bill to pass. Please reach out to your elected officials, make your voice heard. We encourage you to place your orders sooner, rather than later, to ensure that if this bill does pass, you will be as prepared as possible.

What's the story with "high capacity" magazines?

Since 7/1/22 it is illegal to sell "high capacity" magazines in Washington State. This legislation was sponsored by Senator Liias of Everett. If you live in 21st Legislative District (Everett), take note.

What does this mean?

No one can sell or gift any magazine with the capacity of 10 round in WA, or send a magazine from out of state to WA resident. As per usual, this excludes the state itself - i.e. the army and the police.

Existing magazines are grandfathered. You can take them out of the state, and bring them back if they were in the state before the ban becomes active, but they cannot be sold here. This makes the ban unenforceable in most cases, as anyone can buy a "high capacity" magazine in Idaho and claim that they have it here all along. But we won't be able to sell it here.

You can read the whole thing here.

What changes at Precise Shooter?

Obviously, we are longer offering magazines that have over 10rd capacity for sale. The firearms that had these magazines in stock, as well as firearms special-ordered that came with these magazines had these magazines removed prior to sale. We will not be able to offer any discounts for these firearms, BUT if you give us a pre-addressed, postage pre-paid Priority Mail Flat Rate Small Box with an address going to outside WA, we will be happy to mail these magazines for you.

The same will apply to transfers. We will remove magazines that are over 10 rounds from firearms received from us, and you will have an option for us to ship them out of state.

Here is a quick list of what we have in popular categories.


17 Gen5 9mm 4.49" 3-10RDPA175S2017645030370851 (in stock)$539.95
19 Gen5 9mm 4.02" 3-10RDPA195S2017645030372383 (in stock)$539.95
19 Gen5 MOS 9mm 4" 3-10RDPA195S201MOS7645030308193 (in stock)$620.00
20 Gen5 MOS 10mm 4.6" 3-10RDPA205S201MOS7645030542282 (in stock)$620.00
21 Gen5 MOS .45ACP 4.6" 3-10RDPA215S201MOS7645030543724 (in stock)$620.00
23 Gen5 MOS 40S&W 4.01" 3-10RDPA235S201MOS7645030439011 (in stock)$620.00
34 Gen5 MOS 3-10RDPA343S101MOS7645030300172 (in stock)$719.95
45 Gen5 MOS 4" w/Acro P2 3-10RDPA455S301MOS7A17645030590701 (in stock)$1,099.95
47 Gen5 MOS 9mm 4.5" 3-10RDPA475S201MOS7645030535802 (in stock)$620.00
48 9mm 4.1" 10 rd FSPA48502017645030326531 (in stock)$448.00
48 MOS 9mm 4.1" 10 rd FSPA4850201FRMOS7645030466362 (in stock)$485.00
40 Gen4 MOS 10mm 6" 3-10RD MagsPG4030101MOS7645030026561 (in stock)$700.00
43X MOS 9mm 3.39"PX4350201FRMOS7645030466293 (in stock)$485.00
44 .22LR 4.01" 10rdUA44501017645030359201 (in stock)$359.95
41 Gen4 MOS .45ACP 5.3"UG4130103MOS7645039138601 (in stock)$700.00
28 Gen 3 380ACP 3.43" 10rdUI28502017645030553481 (in stock)$499.95
42 380ACP 3.25" UI42502017645039106162 (in stock)$399.00
43 9mm 3.39"UI43502017645039133582 (in stock)$449.00 MAP
43X MOS 9mm 3.41" w/Shield OpticUX4350201FRMOSC7645030513261 (in stock)$709.70 MAP


75BD 9mm 4.6" 10RD011308067030113014 (in stock)$629.95
75 SP-01 9mm 4.6"Blk 10rd 011528067030115231 (in stock)$779.95
75 Compact 9mm 3.75" 2-10RD011908067030119051 (in stock)$629.95
P-10C 9mm 4" OR 10RD015368067030153612 (in stock)$434.95
P-10F 9mm 4.5" OR 10RD015508067030155071 (in stock)$434.95
P-10S 9mm 3.5" OR 10RD015688067030156822 (in stock)$429.95
Shadow 2 9mm 4.89" OR Blue Grips912518067039125161 (in stock)$1,249.95


P226 X-Five Classic 9mm 5" SAO 3-10RD226X5-9-CLASSIC-107986816763471 (in stock)$2,299.99 MAP
P320 M18 9mm 3.9" MS 10RD320CA-9-M18-MS-107986816180402 (in stock)$649.99 MAP
P320 X-Series 9mm 4.7" Romeo1PRO 2-10RD320XF-9-BXR3-RXP-107986816213542 (in stock)$989.95
P365 9mm 3.1" OR365-9-BXR3P7986816812283 (in stock)$549.95
P365 X-Series 9mm 3.1" 10RD365X-9-BXR3P-107986816638661 (in stock)$619.99 MAP
P365 X-Series Macro 9mm 3.7" MS 10RD365XCA-9-BXR3-MS-107986816817851 (in stock)$669.99 MAP
P365XL 9mm 3.7" 10RD365XL-9-BXR3P-107986816638971 (in stock)$619.99 MAP
P365XL 9mm 3.7" 10RD w/Romeo-X Compact365XL-9-BXR3-RXX-107986816894461 (in stock)$919.99 MAP
P226 MK25 9mm 4.4" 10RD CA CompliantMK25CA7986814373131 (in stock)$1,199.99 MAP


Hellcat 9mm 3" 5-10RD w/Range Bag706397975548HC9319BLCGU231 (in stock)$529.95
2020 Waypoint 6.5CR 22" ADJ RDGBAW92265CMDA7063979395401 (in stock)$1,949.95
Echelon 9mm 4.5" OR 10RDEC9459BLC-U7063979702461 (in stock)$619.95
Hellcat OSP 9mm 3" 5-10RD w/Range BagHC9319BOSPLCGU237063979757081 (in stock)$559.95
Garrison 1911 9mm 5" SSPX9419S7063979435921 (in stock)$839.95


PC M&P9 Shield M2.0 9mm 4" w/CT Red Dot117860221888744642 (in stock)$599.95
M&P9 Shield M2.0 9mm 3.125" TS118060221888721947 (in stock)$369.95
SD9VE 9mm 4" 10RD Blk/SS1239000221882390031 (in stock)$389.95
M&P9 M2.0 Compact 9mm 4" TS124650221888775332 (in stock)$559.95
M&P9 Shield Plus 9mm 3.125" OR NTS 10RD135580221888890623 (in stock)$449.00 MAP
CSX 9mm 3.1" 10RD TS136610221888916521 (in stock)$559.95
SD9 2.0 9mm 4" 10RD Slv/Blk139350221888968173 (in stock)$299.95
M&P45 Shield 45ACP 3.375" TS1800220221888672441 (in stock)$469.95
M&P380 EZ M2.0 380ACP 3.675" NTS 1800230221888729342 (in stock)$419.95

Stag Arms


Aero Precision



ArmsanMossberg Int'l SA-20 20GA 26"757728841107577225 (in stock)$469.95
Beretta1301 Tactical 18" LE w/ Tube ExJ131TT18NLE0824429431211 (in stock)$1,549.95
CZCZ Drake 12GA 28" O/U060928067030609272 (in stock)$669.95
KelTecKSG 12GA 18.5"KTKSGBLK6408320031925 (in stock)$734.95
Khan ArmsMossberg Silver Reserve 12GA 28" Field754708841107547071 (in stock)$609.95
KOFSStevens 555 12GA 30" O/U187480113561874821 (in stock)$849.95
KOFSStevens 555 20GA 24" O/U Compact221540113562215441 (in stock)$699.95
MerakC.Daly 500 12GA 20" SxS Coach Gun930.36080538009465991 (in stock)$499.95
MossbergMaverick 88 12GA 3" 28"/18.5" Combo310140495333101493 (in stock)$279.95
Mossberg500 Retrograde 12GA 18.5"504290158135042942 (in stock)$529.95
Mossberg590S 12GA 20" OR Tactical516040158135160441 (in stock)$589.95
Mossberg590 Retrograde 12GA 20.75" w/Heat Shield, Bayo Lug, 9 Shot521500158135215052 (in stock)$549.95
Mossberg930 Pro Series Waterfowl 12GA 28" Shadowgrass851410158138514111 (in stock)$699.95
Mossberg940 Pro 12GA 18.5" OR Tactical851520158138515272 (in stock)$919.95
Remington870 Express Tactical 12GA 18.5" Syn.R255498100706838561 (in stock)$469.95
Remington870 Super Mag 12GA 3.5" 28" Field Syn.R688628100706886221 (in stock)$549.95

Check our real-time ammunition stock here.

Best regards - stay healthy - wash your hands - introduce your friends to shooting!

-- The team at Precise Shooter.