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Sales of 10+ round magazines will continue until 30JUN2022. Returns of magazines will not be accepted after 01JUN2022.
All transfers DELIVERED on or before 20JUN2022 have been processed. Please come in if your firearm was delivered on or before the 20th to start your background check!

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75 SP-01 9mm 18RD FS8915280670389152117 (special order)$836.50 MAP
P-07 OD Green 9mm 15RD Luminescent Sights8907780670389077742 (special order)$580.55 MAP
75 SP-01 Tactical 9mm 18RD NS891538067038915383 (special order)$836.50 MAP
P-09 OD Green 9mm 21rd8926880670389268973 (special order)$621.75 MAP
75B Omega 9mm Grey SR 18RD FS Luminescent89235806703892351133 (special order)$659.95
CZ P-10S 9MM 3.5" FDE 10RD8156180670381561960 (special order)$609.27 MAP
CZ P-09 9MM 4.54" ODG 10RD8126880670381268732 (special order)$621.75 MAP
CZ P-07 9MM 3.75" ODG 10RD8107780670381077522 (special order)$580.55 MAP
CZ P-10C 9MM 4.02" FDE 10RD8153280670381532910 (special order)$584.95
CZ P-10F 9MM 4.5" ODG 10RD8154580670381545925 (special order)$639.95
CZ P-10F 9MM 4.5" FDE 10RD8154180670381541110 (special order)$639.95
CZ P-10F 9MM 4.5" FDE 19RD8954180670389541389 (special order)$626.75 MAP
CZ P10-C 9MM 4.61 SR URBAN GREY 17RD8953480670389534534 (special order)$599.95
P-10F 9mm 19rd ODG "8954580670389545142 (special order)$626.75 MAP
P10S 9mm 12rd ODG 3.5"89565806703895659147 (special order)$609.27 MAP
CZ P-10S 9MM 3.5" FDE 12RD89561806703895611201 (special order)$609.27 MAP
CZ P-10C SUPP-RDY 9MM 4.61" BK 17RD89533806703895338263 (special order)$609.27 MAP
P-09 SR 9mm 5.2" 21RD8927080670389270213 (special order)$649.22 MAP
CZ P-09 9MM URBAN GREY SR 21RD LUMINESCENT8926980670389269629 (special order)$599.95
P-07 9mm 4.4" Urban Grey SR892888067038928875 (special order)$554.95
CZ P-10C 9MM 4.02" FDE 15RD89532806703895321392 (special order)$570.56 MAP
P-07 SR 9mm 17RD FS8928980670389289414 (special order)$580.55 MAP
CZ REAPER MAGNUM 12GA 26 RT PICATIINY RAIL065888067030658855 (special order)$1,015.03 MAP
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER O/U 16GA064788067030647891 (special order)$1,008.79 MAP
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER ALL TERRAIN 20GA 28 5 CHOKE064748067030647418 (special order)$1,147.37 MAP
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER ALL TERRAIN 20GA 30 5 CHOKE064798067030647967 (special order)$1,019.95
CZ SCTP STERLING 12GA 30 TWO TONE 5 CHOKES064848067030648401 (special order)$1,429.53 MAP
CZ QUAIL O/U 20GA 28" VR CT-50648380670306483314 (special order)$649.22 MAP
CZ REDHD PRMR 20/28 3" BL WLNT 5CT0647380670306473410 (special order)$1,008.79 MAP
Redhead Premium S112TE064708067030647038 (special order)$1,008.79 MAP
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER O/U 20GA0646980670306469715 (special order)$946.36 MAP
CZ Redhead Premier 12GA 28"064718067030647102 (special order)$1,009.00 MAP
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER O/U 20GA064728067030647276 (special order)$1,008.79 MAP
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER 12GA 28 5 CHOKES064718067040647105 (special order)$1,008.79 MAP
CZ 620 FLD 20/28 3" BL WLNT 3CT0657480670306574823 (special order)$439.47 MAP
612 Field Pump Walnut 12GA 28"0654080670306540318 (special order)$390.78 MAP
CZ 628 FLD 28/28 2.75" BL WLNT 3CT0657680670306576217 (special order)$439.47 MAP
CZ SWMP MAG O/U 12/30 3.5" CAMO0658380670306583015 (special order)$1,098.68 MAP
CZ 612 TARGET 12GA. 3" 32"0657880670306578678 (special order)$579.30 MAP
CZ 612 MAG TRKY 12/26 3.5 CAMO 2CT0653380670306533525 (special order)$439.47 MAP
Drake Southpaw 20GA 3" 28"064878067030648716 (special order)$669.20 MAP
CZ DRAKE SOUTHPAW O/U .12GA064868067030648645 (special order)$669.20 MAP
CZ DRAKE O/U .410GA 28" IC/MOD064898067030648956 (special order)$717.89 MAP
CZ 612 MAG WTRFWL 12/28 3.5 CAMO 5CT0653280670306532822 (special order)$439.47 MAP
CZ SCTP STERLING 12GA 30 SOUTHPAW 5 CHOKES064958067030649561 (special order)$1,429.53 MAP
P-07 9x19mm Black9108680670391086467 (special order)$551.84 MAP
BREN 2 MS 5.56 14" PISTOL914528067039145273 (special order)$1,960.15 MAP
BREN 2 MS 5.56 11" PISTOL914518067039145109 (special order)$1,960.15 MAP
P-10C 9mm 4" 15rd91531806703915319640 (special order)$543.10 MAP
CZ P10C OR 9MM 5" 15RD BLK915588067039155868 (special order)$634.64 MAP
P-10 F Full Size 9mm 4.5" BLK91540806703915401168 (special order)$581.80 MAP
CZ BREN 2 MS PSTL 556 8" 30RD BLK9145080670391450310 (special order)$1,960.15 MAP
Scorpion EVO 3 S1 9mm ODG 1/2X28 THRD 20RD9135580670391355165 (special order)$1,178.58 MAP
Scorpion EVO 3 S1 9mm FDE 1/2X28 THRD 20RD91352806703913520246 (special order)$1,178.58 MAP
Scorpion EVO 3 S1 9mm Battleship Grey9135680670391356864 (special order)$1,019.95
Scorpion 3 Plus 9mm 7.8"9142180670391421344 (special order)$1,019.95
Scorpion 3 Plus Micro 9mm 4.2" 20RD91420806703914206210 (special order)$1,223.53 MAP
P-10F Optic Ready Light Rail 9mm BLK951508067039515081 (in stock)$649.95
P-10 Compact OR FNS 9mm 4" BLK9513080670395130011 (special order)$623.00 MAP
P-10M 9mm 3.19" 7RD BLK951998067039519971 (in stock)$471.93 MAP
Compact SDP HNS 14rdW112-9172180670391721418 (special order)$1,554.95
Silver Eagle RZ17 Tactical 12GA Pump 18.5" RZ17TAC8120520242069 (special order)$254.95
CZ P-10 C COMPACT 9MM NS BLK 15RD9512080670395120153 (special order)$519.95
P-10F .45ACP 4.5"91590806703915906194 (special order)$579.95
P-10 S 9MM 3.5" 2-12RD9156080670391560932 (special order)$594.29 MAP
P-09 9mm HI Cap9162080670391620036 (special order)$573.06 MAP
75 SP-01 Shadow 9mm9176080670391760316 (special order)$1,484.95
Custom A01-LD 9mm 5" 19rd Low Mount Fiber Optic Sights9173180670391731312 (special order)$2,566.92 MAP
Scorpion EVO 3 S1 9mm Threaded9135180670391351355 (special order)$997.55 MAP
75D Compact PCR91194806703911946191 (special order)$699.16 MAP
75 Compact91190806703911908192 (special order)$731.62 MAP
75 Compact P-01 9mm9119980670391199170 (special order)$731.62 MAP
75 SP-01 Competition 9mm 4.6" 21RD Blue912078067039120732 (special order)$1,293.45 MAP
CZ 75 SP-01 COMP 9MM 4.6" W/RED 21RD9120680670391206640 (special order)$1,293.45 MAP
75 TS Czechmate 9mm Parrot SA C-MORE Sight911758067039117552 (special order)$3,219.95
75B Retro 9mm 17rd9112180670391121271 (special order)$794.95
75B 9mm 16rd91102806703911021157 (special order)$701.66 MAP
75BD 9mm BLK9113080670391130482 (special order)$701.66 MAP
75 TS Czechmate 9mm9117480670391174830 (special order)$3,454.60 MAP
75B Omega 9mm 16rd91136806703911366127 (special order)$701.66 MAP
Shadow 2 9mm 4.89" Optics Ready Black Blue Grips 17rd912518067039125163 (special order)$1,520.67 MAP
Shadow 2 Orange 9mm 9124980670391249366 (special order)$2,118.70 MAP
Shadow 2 Grey 9mm 9125580670391255469 (special order)$1,368.36 MAP
75 Tactical Sport Orange .40SW9126080670391260813 (special order)$1,840.29 MAP
Shadow 2 BLK Blue Grips 9mm 9125780670391257836 (special order)$1,368.36 MAP
Shadow 2 SA BLK 9mm 4.89"9124580670391245535 (special order)$1,368.36 MAP
CZ 75 TS 2 40SW 5.23" BLU 17RD9122280670391222693 (special order)$1,429.95
Tactical Sport 2 9mm 20Rd Blk/Blue Grips 5.23"91220806703912202187 (special order)$1,595.58 MAP
Tactical Sport 2 9mm 5.23" 20RD Racing Green9122480670391224018 (special order)$1,814.95
75 P-01 Omega Black 9mm 91229806703912295169 (special order)$731.62 MAP
CZU CZ TS2 SA PST 9MM 20R GRN9122480670391224733 (special order)$1,904.95
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER ALL TERRAIN 12GA 28 5 CHOKE0646880670306468013 (special order)$1,147.37 MAP
457 American Combo .22LR 24.8"0232080670302320522 (special order)$680.43 MAP
CZ 457 VARMINT THB 22LR 20 SUPPRESSOR READY 5RD0231980670302319975 (special order)$619.95
457 Scout023358067030233591 (in stock)$499.95
457 Varmint023408067030234032 (in stock)$585.55 MAP
457 VPT CAMO SR .22LR 5RD 16"0233880670302338071 (special order)$1,236.02 MAP
CZ 457 VARMINT 22LR 20 SUPPRESSOR READY 5RD0231880670302318281 (special order)$579.95
457 American 22LR 24"0231080670302310681 (special order)$535.61 MAP
CZ 457 AMERICAN 17HMR 24 TB 1/2X20 WALNUT 5RD0230980670302309084 (special order)$534.95
CZ 457 AMERICAN 22WMR WLNT 5RD0231180670302311322 (special order)$554.95
CZ 457 PREMIUM 17HMR 24 SUPPRESSOR READY 5RD0231780670302317596 (special order)$814.95
457 American Synthetic SR .22WMR 20"0231480670302314418 (special order)$490.66 MAP
CZ 457 AMERICAN LH 22LR 24" 5RD023908067030239084 (special order)$574.95
457 Jaguar 22lr 28.6" Threaded0237280670302372415 (special order)$608.02 MAP
CZ 457 AMERICAN LH 22WMR 24" 5RD023918067030239157 (special order)$574.95
Upland UltraLight0608580670306085911 (special order)$802.79 MAP
CZU USA CZP10-C 9MM 4B 10RD NS0513080670305130725 (special order)$579.95
457 PREMIUM .22LR 20.5" SR WLNT 5RD023718067030237175 (special order)$827.76 MAP
457 Varmint Precision Chassis .22LR 16.5"0236080670302360139 (special order)$1,079.95 MAP
CZ 457 VARMINT 22WMR WLNT 5RD023418067030234109 (special order)$585.55 MAP
457 AT-ONE Varmint .22LR 16.5" TB0236580670302365634 (special order)$712.89 MAP
CZ 457 ROYAL 22LR 16" SR WLNT 5RD0237080670302370011 (special order)$799.04 MAP
457 AT-ONE Varmint0236680670302366312 (special order)$712.89 MAP
CZ 457 AMERICAN SR 22LR 20TB 1/2X20 WALNUT 5RD02308806703023083249 (special order)$534.95
CZ P-01 OMEGA 9MM 3.7" BLK 10RD0122980670301229225 (special order)$731.62 MAP
75 P-01 10rd0119980670301199832 (special order)$731.62 MAP
CZ SHADOW 2 ORANGE 9MM 4.89 ALUMINUM GRIP 10RD0124980670301249010 (special order)$1,969.95
Scorpion EVO3 S1 9mm 10rd FDE0135280670301352771 (special order)$1,178.58 MAP
Scorpion EVO3 S1 9mm 10rd0135180670301351017 (special order)$997.55 MAP
CZ 75 Compact PCR 10rd0119480670301194315 (special order)$699.16 MAP
CZ 75B 9MM 4.6" BLK 10RD0110280670301102815 (special order)$701.66 MAP
CZ P-07 9MM 3.75" BLK 10RD010868067030108619 (special order)$551.84 MAP
CZ 75BD 9MM 4.6" BLACK 10RD0113080670301130114 (special order)$701.66 MAP
CZ 75 COMPACT 9MM 3.7" BLK 10RD0119080670301190524 (special order)$731.62 MAP
CZ 75B OMEGA 9MM 4.6" BLK 10RD0113680670301136349 (special order)$701.66 MAP
457 Lux 22WMR 5rd 20.5"0230280670302302128 (special order)$584.95
457 Lux .22LR 24.8" AS Euro Style Walnut0230180670302301448 (special order)$570.56 MAP
CZ 457 AMERICAN 22LR 20 TB 1/2X20 BLK SYN 5RD02304806703023045213 (special order)$489.95
457 Training Rifle .22LR 24.8" 1/2x20 TB023068067030230695 (in stock)$584.95
CZ 457 LUX 22LR 24.8 AS EURO STYLE 1/2X2002305806703023052176 (special order)$554.95
P-09 Full Size 9mm 4.54" Fixed Three Dot Sights Omega0162080670301620710 (special order)$573.06 MAP
CZ SCORPION EVO 3 S1 GRY 9MM 10RD0135680670301356541 (special order)$1,109.95
Scorpion EVO 3 S1 9mm ODG 1/2X28 THRD 10RD013558067030135584 (special order)$1,178.58 MAP
P-10C 9mm 4" 10rd01531806703015316229 (special order)$543.10 MAP
CZ P-10S 9MM 3.5" BLK 10RD0156080670301560657 (special order)$594.29 MAP
P-10F 9mm BLK 10RD015408067030154082 (in stock)$581.80 MAP
CZ UPLAND ULTRALIGHT 12GA 28 TURKISH WALNUT0608680670306086632 (special order)$709.95
CZ Upland Ultralight0641980670306419212 (special order)$802.79 MAP
CZ SHARPTAIL COACH 20GA 20 FIXED CYL/CYL0641880670306418511 (special order)$1,049.95
CZ 712 UTILITY G2 12-20" BLK POLY0642980670306429127 (special order)$529.36 MAP
CZ 712 G2 12/28 3" BLK WLNT 5CT0643180670306431454 (special order)$529.36 MAP
CZ 712 G2 12/26 3" BLK WLNT 5CT064308067030643078 (special order)$529.36 MAP
CZ SHARP-TAIL TGT 12-30" 6 CHOKE S064168067030641617 (special order)$1,389.58 MAP
CZ DRAKE 28GA 28 5 CHOKES0641380670306413815 (special order)$717.89 MAP
CZ DRAKE ALL TER 20/28 5 CHK ODG WLT0641180670306411614 (special order)$807.78 MAP
CZU CZ DRAKE O/U 28M/28MC WAL064138067030641303 (special order)$704.95
CZ BOBWHITE G2 28GA 28 5 CHOKES0641480670306414816 (special order)$717.89 MAP
CZ BOBWHITE G2 S/S 28GA 28" 3"064148067030641475 (special order)$718.00 MAP
CZ UPLAND ULTLT ALL TER 12/28 5 CHK064628067030646287 (special order)$908.91 MAP
CZ RDHD PRMR TGT 12-30 EXTENDED 6SET064598067030645987 (special order)$1,460.75 MAP
CZ SUPREME FIELD O/U 12GA. 28"064648067030646423 (special order)$1,821.56 MAP
CZ Upland Ultralight 20GA 28" ODG0646780670306467324 (special order)$908.91 MAP
CZ SUPREME FIELD 20GA 28 #3 WALNUT 5 EXT CHOK064658067030646593 (special order)$1,821.56 MAP
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER TARGET 20GA 30IN 5 EXTENDED BLACK CHOKE TUBES064588067030645812 (special order)$1,264.95
CZ 720 G2 20GA 24 5 CHOKE TUBES REDUCED LENG064398067030643908 (special order)$529.36 MAP
CZ 712 G2 TARGET 12GA. 3" 30"064358067030643524 (special order)$716.64 MAP
CZ 720 G2 20GA. 3" 26"VR CT-50644080670306440621 (special order)$539.35 MAP
CZ WNGSHTR ELT O/U 20/28 3" WLNT064568067030645677 (special order)$1,124.90 MAP
Wingshooter 12ga 28"0645580670306455020 (special order)$1,124.90 MAP
CZ DRAKE ALL TER 12/28 5 CHK ODG WLT0641080670306410923 (special order)$807.78 MAP
CZ 1012 12/28 MOSSY OAK CAMO 4RD0635280670306352283 (special order)$705.40 MAP
CZ 1012 12/28 MATTE BLK POLY 4RD063518067030635157 (special order)$637.98 MAP
1012 Bronze 12GA 3" 28" VR CT-5 Walnut Stock0635380670306353925 (special order)$637.98 MAP
CZ 1012 MOSSY OAK BOTTOM LAND 12GA 28 5RD 5CT0635580670306355366 (special order)$705.40 MAP
CZ 1012 12/28 GREY WD 4RD0635480670306354614 (special order)$637.98 MAP
CZ 1012 12/28 GLOSSY BLK WD 4RD0635080670306350820 (special order)$637.98 MAP
CZ Drake O/U 20GA 28" Walnut Stock060938067030609347 (special order)$669.20 MAP
Drake Over/Under 12GA 28"0609280670306092715 (special order)$669.20 MAP
CZ BOBWHITE G2 PROJECT UPLAND SXS 12GA 28 WAL061808067030618011 (special order)$1,470.73 MAP
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER UPLAND O/U 28GA 28 WAL061858067030618562 (special order)$1,668.00 MAP
CZ REDHEAD PREMIER UPLAND O/U 20GA 28 WAL061848067030618495 (special order)$1,536.90 MAP
Bobwhite G2, OD Green 12GA 28"0639380670306393512 (special order)$845.23 MAP
Bobwhite G2063918067030639113 (special order)$669.20 MAP
CZ BOBWHITE ALL TER 20/28 5CHK DBL0639480670306394229 (special order)$845.23 MAP
CZ SHARP-TAIL 20-28" 5 CHOKE TUBES064038067030640312 (special order)$1,096.18 MAP
CZ BOBWHITE G2 INTERMEDIATE 20/260639980670306399736 (special order)$669.20 MAP
CZ BOBWHITE G2 12-28" 5CT DBL TRIG0639080670306390413 (special order)$669.20 MAP
CZ 1012 12/26 GLOSSY BK WNT 4RD BLEM063571 (special order)$637.98 MAP
CZ 1012 ALL TERRAIN 12GA 28 ODG TURKISH WALNUT063568067030635609 (special order)$705.40 MAP
CZ 1012 12/26 GLOSSY BLK WLNT 4RD0635780670306357724 (special order)$637.98 MAP
CZ 1012 12/26 MO SGB CAMO SYN 4RD0635980670306359138 (special order)$705.40 MAP
CZ 1012 12/26 MOBU CAMO SYN 4RD0635880670306358414 (special order)$705.40 MAP

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