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IFC GSA3 SEMI-AUTO SHOTGUN20GSA3377942198712147 (special order)$485.00 MAP
IFC 12GSAX2 SEMI AUTO INERTIA 12GA 28 BLK SYN12GSAX277453218996224 (special order)$575.00 MAP
IFC RADIKAL MKX3 SHOTGUN 12GAMKX3VSFII77084276570025 (special order)$739.00 MAP
IFC RADIKAL BULLPUP 12GA VORTEX STRIKEFIRE IINK1VSFII342169874408114 (special order)$784.00 MAP
IFC RADICAL BULLPUP 12GA 24 BLK 3 CHOKES 5RDNK1284672190114159 (special order)$619.00 MAP
IFC MAXIMUS 12GA 28 BOTTOMLAND 4RD 9RD TUBE12GMAXOBL66871392004624 (special order)$510.00 MAP
IFC MAXIMUS 12GA 28 BLK SYN 4RD 9RD EXT MAG TUBE12GMAX754120356983120 (special order)$419.00 MAP
IFC 12GPA2 PUMP SHOTGUN 12GA12GPA28694527561626 (special order)$342.00 MAP
IFC 12GSA3 SEMI AUTO 12GA 28 MC3 BLK SYN 5RD12GSA3298465772196105 (special order)$396.00 MAP
IFC 12GPA3 PUMP SHOTGUN 12GA12GPA375643998164515 (special order)$343.00 MAP

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