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NOS M48 LR CARBON 27NOS 26B453480540414534863 (special order)$2,954.95
NOS 48 LONG-RANGE CARBON 30NOS 26454480540414544832 (special order)$2,949.95
NOS 48 LONG-RANGE CARBON 26NOS 26452480540414524892 (special order)$2,949.95
NOSLER RIFLE M48 LONG RANGE 33NOS423480540414234899 (special order)$2,365.00 MAP
NOS 48 LONG-RANGE CARBON 28NOS 26441480510414414833 (special order)$2,949.95
NOS M48 LONG RANGE CARBON 33NOS466480540414664861 (special order)$2,949.95
NOS M48 MT CARBON 30NOS 24B475480540414754882 (special order)$2,884.95
NOS M48 MT CARBON 27NOS 24B477480540414774825 (special order)$2,884.95
NOSLER RIFLE M48 MNT CRBN 28NOS 24"473480540414734842 (special order)$2,879.95
NOSLER RIFLE M48 MNT CRBN 6.5 CREED471480540414714802 (special order)$2,879.95
NOS 48 MOUNTAIN CARBON 26NOS 24472480540414724873 (special order)$2,879.95
NOS M48 LIBERTY 325WSM362480540413624819 (special order)$1,124.95
NOSLER RIFLE M48 HERITAGE 30NOS 26"375480540413754811 (special order)$1,735.00 MAP
NOS M48 LIBERTY 308WIN3584805404135848420 (special order)$1,124.95
NOS M48 LIBERTY 270WIN351480540413514855 (special order)$1,124.95
NOS M48 LIBERTY 7MM-08353480540413534893 (special order)$1,124.95
NOSLER RIFLE M48 HERITAGE 33NOS 26"391480540413914811 (special order)$1,735.00 MAP
NOSLER RIFLE M48 LONG RANGE 6.5CREED418480540414184851 (special order)$2,365.00 MAP
NOS M48 LONG RANGE 26NOS419480540414194825 (special order)$1,759.95
NOS 48 LIBERTY 6.5CREED 24394480540412994801 (special order)$1,635.00 MAP
NOSLER RIFLE M48 LIBERTY 33NOS 26"393480540413934851 (special order)$1,635.00 MAP
NOSLER RIFLE M48 LIBERTY 6.5 CREEDMR394480540413944822 (special order)$1,635.00 MAP

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