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Hundreds of guns in stock, over 10000 available for special order! Check out our catalog for near-realtime prices and availability for everything we sell, as well as our super deals page!
Precise Shooter will be closed on December 25th, 26th, 31st, and January 1st in recognition of Winter Holidays. Happy holidays, everyone!
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BARRETT REC7 DMR 5.56 NATO170948167150192261 (special order)$2,599.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 DMR 5.56 NATO170958167150192191 (special order)$2,599.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 DMR 5.56 NATO170928167150191962 (special order)$2,599.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 DMR 5.56 NATO170938167150192021 (special order)$2,599.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 DMR 5.56 NATO170978167150192331 (special order)$2,599.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 DI CARBINE 5.56171228167150187791 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 DI 556 FDE MLOK CARB171238167150187622 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 DI 556 BLK MLOK CARB171208167150187482 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 DI 556 GRY MLOK CARB1712181671501875511 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BARR REC 7 5.56 PISTON MLOK 16 FLYWIEGHT TUNGS170658167150191581 (special order)$1,759.95
BRT REC10 308 16FDE 20RD169268167150184682 (special order)$2,404.95
BARRETT REC7 CARBINE 5.56 NATO169808167150190971 (special order)$2,299.00 MAP
BARRETT REC10 308WIN 16" TUNGSTEN169248167150184659 (special order)$2,565.00 MAP
BARRETT REC10 308WIN 16" FDE169268167150184585 (special order)$2,565.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 CARBINE 5.56 NATO169818167150191032 (special order)$2,299.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 RIFLE 5.56 NATO169858167150191342 (special order)$2,299.00 MAP
BARR REC 7 5.56 PISTON MLOK 16 FLYWEIGHT BLACK170648167150191411 (special order)$1,759.95
BARRETT REC7 CARBINE 5.56 NATO169828167150191271 (special order)$2,299.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 CARBINE 5.56 NATO169838167150191102 (special order)$2,299.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 DI 6.8SPC BLK MLOK CARB171348167150188471 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BARR 99 416BARR 32 VORTEX 5-25X56 VIPER186408167150199503 (special order)$4,821.00 MAP
BARR 99 50BMG 32 VORTEX 5-25X56 VIPER186418167150199672 (special order)$4,821.00 MAP
BARR 82A 50BMG 20FDE VORTEX PST 5-25X50 RINGS186018167150198753 (special order)$8,394.95
BARR 82A 50BMG 20 VORTEX PST 5-25X50 RINGS186028167150198822 (special order)$8,274.95
BARRETT 99 50BMG 32 BLK W/SCOPE/CAN187318100215100573 (special order)$6,298.00 MAP
BARRETT 82A1 50BMG SEMIAUTO 20" COY188608100215103783 (special order)$8,049.00 MAP
BARRETT 82A1 .416B SEMIAUTO 29" COY188618100215103852 (special order)$8,049.00 MAP
BARR 99 50BMG 32 QDL CAN 4.5-14 MK418731L15155000612421 (special order)$5,939.95
BARRETT 82A1 50BMG SEMIAUTO 29" COY1885881002151036110 (special order)$8,049.00 MAP
BARR 82A 50BMG 29 VORTEX PST 5-25X50 RINGS186008167150198689 (special order)$8,274.95
BARRETT REC7 DI 300BLK GRY MLOK CARB171778167150189844 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BARR DI RIFLE SYS 300BLK 16 1 MAG SA FDE171798167150189912 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BARR DI RIFLE SYS 223CAL 5.56 18 1 MAG SA BBRONZ171538167150188301 (special order)$1,704.95
BARRETT REC7 DI 300BLK BLK MLOK CARB171768167150189771 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 DI 300BLK BLK MLOK PSTL171908167150188921 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 DI 556 GRY MLOK PSTL179518167150187005 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BARRETT FIELDCRAFT SPORT180558167150199432 (special order)$1,810.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 DI 300BLK GRY MLOK PSTL171918167150189081 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BARR FIELDCRAFT 6MMCREED 21 SS CHARCOAL GRY172638167150183663 (special order)$1,644.95
BARRETT REC10 308WIN 16" BLK169238167150184414 (special order)$2,565.00 MAP
BARRETT M107A1 50BMG 20" BLK 10RD140843 (special order)$11,184.95
BARRETT M107A1 50BMG 29" BLK 10RD140858167150124324 (special order)$11,914.00 MAP
BARRETT 99A1 50BMG 29" FDE1403281671501254811 (special order)$4,300.00 MAP
BARRETT M107A1 50BMG 20" BLK 10RD140848167150124258 (special order)$11,914.00 MAP
BARR MRAD 308WIN 17 HVY MULTIROLE BROWN143408167150129371 (special order)$5,822.00 MAP
BARR MRAD 300WIN 24 BLK FLUTED143618167150133611 (special order)$5,970.00 MAP
BARR MRAD 308WIN 22 TUNGSTEN GRY143708167150130022 (special order)$5,970.00 MAP
BRT MRAD BA 308 22B 10RD143458167150129201 (special order)$5,549.95
BARRETT MRAD 338LAP 24.5" BLK HB 10R143548167150135381 (special order)$5,822.00 MAP
BARRETT 82A1 50BMG SEMIAUTO 29" FDE140318167150126163 (special order)$8,049.00 MAP
BARRETT 99A1 50BMG 29" FLUTED BLK133058167150102543 (special order)$3,997.00 MAP
BARRETT 99A1 50BMG 32" BLK1330781671501139811 (special order)$3,849.00 MAP
BARRETT MODEL 99 RIFLE .50BMG132738167150120124 (special order)$3,948.00 MAP
BARRETT 99-416 .416B SGL SHOT 32"BLK133038167150102471 (special order)$3,849.00 MAP
BARRETT 95 50BMG BOLT ACTION 29"133128167150102235 (special order)$6,472.00 MAP
BARRETT 82A1 50BMG SEMIAUTO 20" 10RD133188167150101932 (special order)$7,873.00 MAP
BARRETT 82A1 50BMG SEMIAUTO 20" FDE140308167150126473 (special order)$8,049.00 MAP
BARR 82A1 416BARR 29 BLK SYS 10RD133158167150114041 (special order)$7,873.00 MAP
BARRETT 82A1 50BMG SEMI 29" 10RD133168167150100258 (special order)$7,873.00 MAP
BARR MRAD 338LAP 24 FLUTED FDE143748167150136682 (special order)$5,970.00 MAP
BARRETT M107A1 50BMG DPLOY KIT BLK162968167150194244 (special order)$13,764.95
BARRETT FIELDCRAFT STANDARD167608167150172531 (special order)$1,644.95
BARR MRAD 308WIN 22 BLK CARBON FIBER154808167150151501 (special order)$6,800.00 MAP
BARR MRAD 308WIN 22 CARBON FIBER TUNGSTEN GR154848167150151982 (special order)$6,800.00 MAP
BARR FIELDCRAFT 22-250 21 SS CHARCOAL167628167150172771 (special order)$1,644.95
BARRETT FIELDCRAFT SPORT167708167150173521 (special order)$1,644.95
BARRETT FIELDCRAFT 3006 24" GRY167748167150173901 (special order)$1,644.95
Fieldcraft 6.5 CR 21"167648167150172914 (special order)$1,644.95
BARRETT FIELDCRAFT STANDARD167688167150173385 (special order)$1,644.95
BARR 98B 300WIN 24 LIGHTWEIGHT BURNT BRONZE148198167150140231 (special order)$3,299.95
BARR MRAD 6.5CREED 24 FLUTED BARREL GREY144498167150157161 (special order)$5,970.00 MAP
BARR M107A1 50BMG 20 TNGSTN GRY145528167150130191 (special order)$11,914.00 MAP
BARR MRAD 300WIN 24 TUNGSTEN GRY FLUTED143948167150134461 (special order)$5,970.00 MAP
BARR MRAD 6.5CREED 24 FLUTED BARREL BLACK144408167150156242 (special order)$5,822.00 MAP
BARRETT M107A1 50BMG 20" FDE 10RD145588167150130713 (special order)$11,914.00 MAP
BARR 98B TACT 308WIN 16 TUNGSTEN GRY RECEIVER148048167150138732 (special order)$3,299.95
BARR 98B 308WIN 22 HVY TACTICAL GRY RCVR148058167150138801 (special order)$3,299.95
BARRETT M107A1 50BMG 29" FDE 10RD1455981671501308810 (special order)$11,914.00 MAP
BARR 98B 308WIN 22 HB BLACK148018167150138421 (special order)$3,789.95

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