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BARRETT REC10 308WIN 16" TUNGSTEN169248167150184651 (special order)$2,565.00 MAP
BARRETT REC10 308WIN 16" BLK1692381671501844112 (special order)$2,565.00 MAP
BARRETT FIELDCRAFT STANDARD167688167150173384 (special order)$1,644.95
BARRETT REC7 DMR 5.56 NATO170928167150191961 (special order)$2,599.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 CARBINE 5.56 NATO169838167150191102 (special order)$2,299.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 CARBINE 5.56 NATO169808167150190971 (special order)$2,299.00 MAP
BARR 98B 300WIN 24 LIGHTWEIGHT BURNT BRONZE148198167150140231 (special order)$3,299.95
BARR 98B 308WIN 22 HVY TACTICAL GRY RCVR148058167150138801 (special order)$3,299.95
BARR 98B TACT 308WIN 16 TUNGSTEN GRY RECEIVER148048167150138732 (special order)$3,299.95
BARR M107A1 50BMG 20 DEPLOYMENT KIT162971515500061931 (special order)$13,729.95
BARR MRAD 308WIN 22 CARBON FIBER TUNGSTEN GR154848167150151982 (special order)$6,800.00 MAP
BARR MRAD 308WIN 22 BLK CARBON FIBER154808167150151501 (special order)$6,800.00 MAP
BARRETT REC7 DMR 5.56 NATO170958167150192191 (special order)$2,599.00 MAP
BARR 99 50BMG 32 QDL CAN 4.5-14 MK418731L15155000612421 (special order)$5,939.95
BARRETT 99 50BMG 32 BLK W/SCOPE/CAN187318100215100573 (special order)$6,298.00 MAP
BARR 99 50BMG 32 VORTEX 5-25X56 VIPER186418167150199672 (special order)$4,939.95
BARRETT M82A1 50BMG 29" FDE COMBO188908100215110093 (special order)$8,475.00 MAP
BARRETT 82A1 .416B SEMIAUTO 29" COY188618100215103851 (special order)$8,049.00 MAP
BARRETT 82A1 50BMG SEMIAUTO 29" COY188588100215103614 (special order)$8,049.00 MAP
BARRETT M82A1 50BMG 29" BLK COMBO186008167150198682 (special order)$8,475.00 MAP
BARR FIELDCRAFT 6MMCREED 21 SS CHARCOAL GRY172638167150183661 (special order)$1,319.95
BARRETT REC7 DI CARBINE 300BLK171798167150189911 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BARR 99 416BARR 32 VORTEX 5-25X56 VIPER186408167150199503 (special order)$4,821.00 MAP
BARRETT M82A1 50BMG 20" BLK COMBO186028167150198823 (special order)$8,475.00 MAP
BARRETT M82A1 50BMG 20" FDE COMBO186018167150198754 (special order)$8,575.00 MAP
BARR 98B 308WIN 22 HB BLACK148018167150138421 (special order)$3,299.95
BARRETT 82A1 50BMG SEMIAUTO 29" FDE140318167150126166 (special order)$8,049.00 MAP
BARRETT 82A1 50BMG SEMIAUTO 20" FDE140308167150126471 (special order)$8,049.00 MAP
BARRETT 82A1 50BMG SEMIAUTO 20" 10RD133188167150101932 (special order)$7,873.00 MAP
BARRETT M107A1 50BMG 29" BLK 10RD140858167150124327 (special order)$11,914.00 MAP
BARRETT M107A1 50BMG 20" BLK 10RD140848167150124254 (special order)$11,914.00 MAP
BARRETT 99A1 50BMG 29" FDE140328167150125489 (special order)$4,730.00 MAP
BARRETT 99A1 50BMG 29" FLUTED BLK133058167150102544 (special order)$4,615.60 MAP
BARRETT 99-416 .416B SGL SHOT 32"BLK133038167150102473 (special order)$4,445.10 MAP
BARRETT MODEL 99 RIFLE .50BMG132738167150120122 (special order)$4,559.50 MAP
M82A1 50BMG 29"133168167150100253 (special order)$7,873.00 MAP
BARRETT 95 50BMG BOLT ACTION 29"133128167150102234 (special order)$6,472.00 MAP
BARRETT 99A1 50BMG 32" BLK133078167150113986 (special order)$4,445.10 MAP
BRT MRAD BA 308 22B 10RD143458167150129204 (special order)$5,549.95
BARR MRAD 6.5CREED 24 FLUTED BARREL BLACK144408167150156241 (special order)$5,822.00 MAP
BARR MRAD 300WIN 24 TUNGSTEN GRY FLUTED143948167150134461 (special order)$5,970.00 MAP
BARR MRAD 338LAP 26 FLT GRY CERAKOTE RCVR S/O143888167150138042 (special order)$5,970.00 MAP
BARRETT M107A1 50BMG 29" FDE 10RD145598167150130883 (special order)$11,914.00 MAP
BARRETT M107A1 50BMG 20" FDE 10RD145588167150130713 (special order)$11,914.00 MAP
BRT MRAD BA 6.5CREED 24B 10RD144418167150156312 (special order)$5,549.95
BARR MRAD 300WIN 24 BLK FLUTED143618167150133611 (special order)$5,970.00 MAP
BARR MRAD 338LAP 26 FLUTED143578167150135694 (special order)$5,970.00 MAP
BRT MRAD BA 338 LAPUA 24B 10RD143558167150135453 (special order)$5,549.95
BARR MRAD 338LAP 26 HVY BBL GRY CERAKOTE 10RD143878167150137982 (special order)$5,822.00 MAP
BARR MRAD 338LAP 26 TAN FLTD BBL S/O143768167150136823 (special order)$5,970.00 MAP
BARR MRAD 308WIN 22 TUNGSTEN GRY143708167150130021 (special order)$5,970.00 MAP

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