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M6IC-SPR 5.56NATO 16"ICR5B16SPR8551480026101 (special order)$2,252.00 MAP
LWRC IC-SPR CARBINE 5.56 NATO 14.7"BLACKICR5B14PSPR8551480025733 (special order)$1,969.95
LWRC PSD PISTOL 5.56 8 BLACKICPSDPR5B88540260055832 (special order)$1,944.95
LWRC IC-SPR CARBINE 5.56 NATO 14.7" FDEICR5CK14SPR8551480025801 (special order)$2,094.95
LWRC R.E.P.R MKII 7.62 NATO 20" TGMKIIR7TGF208561770066862 (special order)$3,604.95
LWRC R.E.P.R MKII 6.5 CREEDMOOR 22"-TGMKIIR65TG228511540081655 (special order)$3,604.95
LWRC IC-SPR 5.56 NATOICR5CK16SPR8551480026271 (special order)$2,167.00 MAP
LWRC IC A5 5.56 16 RED FDR TRIJ MRO FLIP SIGHTSICER5FDR16MRO8511540084249 (special order)$2,264.95
LWRC IC-ENHANCED 5.56 NATOICER5CK168551480024981 (special order)$2,540.00 MAP
LWRC IC-ENHANCED 5.56 NATOICER5B168551480024672 (special order)$2,396.00 MAP
LWRC IC-ENHANCED 5.56 NATOICER5ODG168551480025281 (special order)$2,540.00 MAP
LWRC PISTOL LOWER 5.56 NATO (BLACK)ICPSDPL5B2 (special order)$454.95
LWRC IC A5 5.56 16 GRAY TRIJ MRO FLIP SIGHTSICER5SG16MRO8511540084481 (special order)$2,264.95
LWRC IC-ENHANCED 5.56 NATOICER5PBC168551480025591 (special order)$2,540.00 MAP
LWRC REPR MKII 6.5CM 22" 20RD BLKREPRMKIIR65B228511540081415 (special order)$3,901.00 MAP
LWRC SIX8-SPR 6.8 SPCSIX8RB16SPR8598900056152 (special order)$2,396.00 MAP
LWRC SIX8-A5 6.8 SPCSIX8A5RCK168598900052882 (special order)$2,636.00 MAP
SIX8-A5 Enhanced Fire Control 6.8mm SPC Rem 16.1"SIX8A5RB168598900052641 (special order)$2,492.00 MAP
LWRC DI RIFLE 224VALKYRIE 20" BLKVALKDIRB208511540080593 (special order)$1,913.00 MAP
LWRC DI DIRECT IMPINGEMENTVALKDIRTG208511540080971 (special order)$2,060.00 MAP
LWRC DI DIRECT IMPINGEMENTVALKDIRCK208511540080731 (special order)$2,060.00 MAP
LWRC DI RIFLE 224VALKYRIE 20" BRZVALKDIRBB2085314300844643 (special order)$1,875.30 MAP
R.E.P.R MKII 7.62 NATO 20"REPRMKIIR7BF208561770066481 (special order)$3,699.95
LWRC REPR MKII 762 16" 20RD BLKREPRMKIIR7BF168561770067302 (special order)$3,362.00 MAP
LWRC REPR MKII 6.5CREED 22 BLK PROOF RESEARCHREPRMKIIR65BPR228511540082263 (special order)$3,909.95
LWRC REPR MKII 762 16" 20RD FDEREPRMKIIR7CKF168561770067232 (special order)$4,044.82 MAP
LWRC REPR MKII 308WIN 20 PATRIOT BROWNREPRMKIIR7PBCF208561770066791 (special order)$3,834.95
LWRC REPR MKII 308WIN 16 PATRIOT BROWN SPIRALREPRMKIIR7PBCF168561770066932 (special order)$3,834.95
LWRC REPR MKII 762 20" 20RD FDEREPRMKIIR7CKF208561770066552 (special order)$4,044.82 MAP
LWRC DI PSTL 556NATO 10.5" 30R MLOKICDIP5B10ML8536770076704 (special order)$1,457.38 MAP
LWRC IC-A5 5.56 NATOICA5R5TG168561770062731 (special order)$2,636.00 MAP
LWRC IC-A5 5.56 NATOICA5R5PBC168540260054911 (special order)$2,636.00 MAP
LWRC DI PSTL 556NATO 10.5" 30R BL SBICDIP5B10MLBR8536770077318 (special order)$1,582.02 MAP
LWRC IC DI 300BLK 16 FLAT DARK REDICDIR3FDR168536770076495 (special order)$1,399.95
LWRC DI DIRECT IMPINGEMENTICDIR3B168529930077532 (special order)$1,505.00 MAP
LWRC DI PSTL 556NATO 10.5" 30R BR SBICDIP5BB10MLBR8511540087767 (special order)$1,729.00 MAP
LWRC IC-A5 CARBINE-5.56 NATO 14.7" FDEICA5R5CK14P8540260054463 (special order)$2,304.95
LWRC ICA5 556NATO 16.1" 30RD BLKICA5R5B168540260054392 (special order)$2,492.00 MAP
LWRC IC-A5 5.56 NATOICA5R5B14P8540260054221 (special order)$2,492.00 MAP
IC-A5 Individual Carbine AR-15 5.56 NATOICA5R5CK168540260054531 (special order)$2,636.00 MAP
LWRC IC-A5 CARBINE-5.56 NATO 14.7" BROWNICA5R5PBC148540260054842 (special order)$2,304.95
LWRC IC-A5 CARBINE-5.56 NATO 16.1" ODICA5R5ODG168540260054771 (special order)$2,304.95
LWRC IC-A5 CARBINE-5.56 NATO 14.7" ODICA5R5ODG148540260054601 (special order)$2,304.95
LWRC IC DI 300BLK 16 SNIPER GREYICDIR3SG168529930077779 (special order)$1,314.95
LWRC DI 556NATO 16" CA COMP MLOK BRZICDIR5BB16MLCAC85367700777915 (special order)$1,738.30 MAP
IC DI M-LOK AR-15 5.56mm Brown 16"ICDIR5BB16ML8536770070528 (special order)$1,652.00 MAP
LWRC DI RIFLE 556NATO 16.1" BRZ MDCOICDIR5BB16COM8536770073594 (special order)$1,652.00 MAP
LWRC IC DI 5.56MM 16 FLAT DARK RED CALI COMPICDIR5FDR16CAC8536770076566 (special order)$1,519.95
LWRC IC 556NATO 14.7PB 30RD PSTN BLKICER5B14P8551480024432 (special order)$2,396.00 MAP
LWRC IC DI 5.56 18 TUNGSTEN GRY TARGETICDIR5TG18TM8511540080422 (special order)$2,209.95
LWRC IC DI 5.56 16 TUNGSTEN GRY COMPETITIONICDIR5TG16CM8511540082713 (special order)$1,739.95
LWRC IC-DI COMPETITION MODEL 5.56 16.1"ICDIR5B16CM8536770078166 (special order)$1,739.95
LWRC DI 556NATO 16" CA COMP BLKICDIR5B16CAC8529930074014 (special order)$1,591.61 MAP
Comp IC-DI 5.56mm 16"ICDIR5B1686094200022919 (special order)$1,321.00 MAP
LWRC DI RIFLE 556NATO 16.1" BLK MDCOICDIR5B16COM8536770077624 (special order)$1,505.00 MAP
LWRC DI 556NATO 16" CA COMP BRZICDIR5BB16CAC8536770070767 (special order)$1,738.30 MAP
LWRC IC DI 5.56 18 BLK TARGET MODELICDIR5B18TM8536770079913 (special order)$2,069.95
IC DI M-LOK AR-15 5.56 NATO 16.1"ICDIR5B16ML8529930077399 (special order)$1,505.00 MAP

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