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Hundreds of guns in stock, over 10000 available for special order! Check out our catalog for near-realtime prices and availability for everything we sell, as well as our super deals page!
Precise Shooter will be closed on December 25th, 26th, 31st, and January 1st in recognition of Winter Holidays. Happy holidays, everyone!
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BERGARA HMR PRO 308WIN 20" 5RD BLKBPR20308MC0431253082864 (special order)$1,599.99 MAP
BERGARA PREM. HMR PRO .450BMBPR20450MC0431254500154 (special order)$1,109.95
BGA HMR PRO 450BM 20 CERAKOTE THRD BBLBPR20450MC0431250651241 (special order)$1,599.99 MAP
BGA HMR PRO 223REM 20 CERAKOTE THRD BBLBPR20223MC0431252230153 (special order)$1,599.99 MAP
BERGARA PREM. HMR PRO .22-250BPR20250MC0431252500113 (special order)$1,599.99 MAP
Premier Tactical HMR PRO Stock 300Win 26"BPR20-300MC0431253001814 (special order)$1,599.99 MAP
BERGARA PREM. HMR PRO 6MM CMBPR206MC04312500605221 (special order)$1,599.99 MAP
BGA HMR PRO 7MM-08 22 CERAKOTE THRD BBLBPR207MM08MC0431257080171 (special order)$1,599.99 MAP
BERGARA PREM. HMR PRO 7MM REMBPR207MMMC0431257080482 (special order)$1,599.99 MAP
BERGARA HMR PRO 6.5CM 24" 5RD BLKBPR2065MC04312506510310 (special order)$1,599.99 MAP
BERGARA HMR PRO HB 6.5CM 24" 5RD THRBPR20-65MCHB04312506517213 (special order)$1,599.99 MAP
BERGARA HMR PRO 6.5PRC 26" 5RD THRDDBPR20-65PRC04312506516533 (special order)$1,649.99 MAP
Premier Tactical LRP Chassis 6.5 CR 24"BPR17-65C0431250650355 (special order)$1,899.99 MAP
BERGARA LRP RIFLE 6MM CREEDMOOR 26"BPR17-6C0431251060115 (special order)$1,899.00 MAP
BGA LRP ELITE 6CREED 26 CHASSIS STOCK 5RDBPR176LCE0431251060281 (special order)$2,294.95
BERGARA PREMIER LRP .300WMBPR17300C0431253001052 (special order)$1,899.99 MAP
BERGARA LRP RIFLE .308 WIN 20"BPR17-308C0431253080336 (special order)$1,899.00 MAP
BGA LRP ELITE 308WIN 20 CHASSIS STOCK 5RDBPR17308LCE0431253080571 (special order)$2,294.95
BERGARA MOUNTAIN RIFLE 308 WIN BPR18-308F0431253082482 (special order)$1,439.95
BERGARA MOUNTAIN RIFLE 6.5 CREEDMOORBPR18-65F0431250650732 (special order)$1,704.95
BERGARA PREMIER LONG RANGEBPR19308F0431253082622 (special order)$1,819.95
BERGARA MOUNTAIN RIFLE 270 WIN BPR18-270F0431252700335 (special order)$1,439.95
BERGARA MOUNTAIN RIFLE 30-06 SPRING BPR18-3006F0431253006312 (special order)$1,439.95
BERGARA MOUNTAIN RIFLE 300 WIN MAG BPR18300WMF0431253001292 (special order)$1,704.95
BERGARA HIGHLANDER RIFLE 300 WIN 24" BRLBPR23-3000431253001742 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BGA PREMIER HIGHLANDER 30-06 24 THREADED BBLBPR2330060431253006481 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BERGARA HIGHLANDER RIFLE 300 PRC 24" BRLBPR23-300PR0431253002281 (special order)$1,574.95
BGA RIDGEBACK 6MMCREED PREMIER 26 THREADED BARBPR226F0431250060761 (special order)$1,999.00 MAP
BGA PREMIER HIGHLANDER 270WIN 24 THREADED BBLBPR232700431252700571 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BGA PREMIER HIGHLANDER 280AI 24 THREADED BBLBPR232800431252802563 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BGA PREMIER HIGHLANDER 7MMMAG 24 THREADED BBLBPR237MM0431257080312 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BGA APPROACH 308WIN 20 CERAKOTE W OMNI BRAKEBPR31308F0431253082931 (special order)$1,799.99 MAP
BERGARA BXR 22LR 16.5" 10RD THRDDBXR00104312511002520 (special order)$499.00 MAP
BERGARA HIGHLANDER 308WIN 20" 4RD THBPR23-3080431253083164 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BERGARA HIGHLANDER 6.5CM 24" 4RD THRBPR23-650431250651412 (special order)$1,699.00 MAP
BERGARA HIGHLANDER RIFLE 6.5 PRC 24" BRLBPR23-65PRC0431250651962 (special order)$1,574.95
BERGARA APPROACH 6.5CM 24" 5RD CAMOBPR2165F0431250651107 (special order)$1,799.99 MAP
BERGARA APPROACH RIFLE 6.5 PRC 24" BRLBPR21-65PRC0431250651898 (special order)$1,799.99 MAP
BGA APPROACH 6CREED 26 CERAKOTE THRD BBLBPR216F0431250060693 (special order)$1,799.99 MAP
BERGARA APPROACH 300WIN 26" 5RD THRDBPR21-300F0431253002046 (special order)$1,799.99 MAP
BERGARA PREMIER APPROACHBPR21450F0431254500228 (special order)$1,329.95
BGA APPROACH 450BM 20 CERAKOTE THRD BBLBPR21450F4312506512473 (special order)$1,799.99 MAP
BERGARA RIDGEBACK 308WIN 20" 5RD THRBPR22-308F0431253083095 (special order)$1,999.00 MAP
BERGARA RIDGEBACK 6.5CM 24" 5RD THRDBPR22-65F04312506512711 (special order)$1,999.00 MAP
BERGARA RIDGEBACK RIFLE 6.5 PRC 26" BRLBPR22-65PRC0431250651342 (special order)$2,049.99 MAP
BGA APPROACH 7MM-08 22 CERAKOTE THRD BBLBPR217MM08F0431257080247 (special order)$1,799.99 MAP
BGA APPROACH 7MM MAG 24 CERAKOTE THRD BBLBPR217MMF0431257080551 (special order)$1,799.99 MAP
BERGARA RIDGEBACK 300WIN 26" 5RD THRBPR22-300F0431253001679 (special order)$1,999.00 MAP
BERGARA PREMIER STALKER .300WMBPR16300WMF0431253000132 (special order)$1,424.95
BERGARA HMR 7MM REM MAG.B14LM3020431250148287 (special order)$949.99 MAP
B-14 Ridge 300WM 24"B14LM5010431250145695 (special order)$749.99 MAP
BRG RIDGE CRP 300 24B TB GRAYB14LM501SC04312501483515 (special order)$989.95
BGA B-14 WOODSMAN 7MMREM 24 NO COMB OIL FINISHB14LM2020431250142931 (special order)$849.99 MAP
B-14 HMR 300WM 26"B14LM30104312501452117 (special order)$949.99 MAP
BERGARA LH HMR .300WMB14LM301L0431250147501 (special order)$969.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 TIMBER .243 WINB14S0030431250141631 (special order)$849.99 MAP
BERGARA HUNTER 308WIN 22" 4RD GRNB14S1010431250141184 (special order)$699.99 MAP
BERGARA HUNTER 6.5CM 22" 4RD GRNB14S1020431250141328 (special order)$699.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 RIDGE 7MM REM MAGB14LM5020431250145761 (special order)$749.99 MAP
B-14 Timber 308WIN 22"B14S0010431250140196 (special order)$849.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 TIMBER 6.5 CREED-B14S0020431250141257 (special order)$849.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 HUNTER .270 WINB14L1020431250140571 (special order)$699.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 WOODSMANB14L20104312501422410 (special order)$849.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 WOODSMANB14L2020431250142311 (special order)$849.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 TIMBER .30-06 SPRB14L0010431250140264 (special order)$849.99 MAP
BERGARA TIMBER RIFLE 270 WIN B14L0020431250140401 (special order)$849.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 HUNTER .30-06 SPRB14L1010431250140641 (special order)$699.99 MAP
BERGARA HUNTER 300WIN 24" 3RD GRNB14LM1010431250140881 (special order)$699.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 HUNTER 7MM REM M-B14LM1020431250141561 (special order)$699.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 WOODSMAN .300WMB14LM2010431250142861 (special order)$849.99 MAP
B-14 Ridge 30-06 Springfield 24"B14L5010431250145382 (special order)$749.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 RIDGE .270 WIN.B14L5020431250145522 (special order)$749.99 MAP
BERGARA TIMBER RIFLE 300 WIN MAG B14LM0010431250140332 (special order)$849.99 MAP
BERGARA BMP 6.5CM 24" 5RD BLKB14S45204312501444611 (special order)$1,289.95
B-14 Ridge 308WIN 22"B14S50104312501458322 (special order)$749.99 MAP
BRG RIDGE CRP 308 22B TB GRAYB14S501SC04312501484228 (special order)$989.95
BERGARA HMR .450 BUSHMASTERB14S35604312501467515 (special order)$949.99 MAP
BERGARA HMR 6.5PRCB14S3590431250149891 (special order)$999.99 MAP
BERGARA BMP 308WIN 20" 5RD BLKB14S4510431250144396 (special order)$999.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 RIDGE 7MM-08B14S5070431250147989 (special order)$749.99 MAP
BERGARA RIDGE SP 308WIN 18" 4RD SYNB14S5110431250148044 (special order)$749.99 MAP
B-14 Ridge 6.5CR 18"B14S51204312501481128 (special order)$749.99 MAP
B-14 Ridge 6.5CR 24"B14S50204312501459019 (special order)$749.99 MAP
BRG RIDGE CRP 6.5CREED 24TB GRB14S502SC04312501485951 (special order)$989.95
BERGARA B-14 RIDGE .243 WINB14S5030431250146203 (special order)$749.99 MAP
BGA B-14 WOODSMAN 22 6.5CREED NO COMB OIL FINB14S2020431250143303 (special order)$849.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 WOODSMAN .243 WINB14S2030431250143852 (special order)$754.95
BGA B-14 WOODSMAN 7MM-08 22 NO COMB OIL FINISHB14S2070431250147741 (special order)$849.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 HUNTER .243 WINB14S1030431250141705 (special order)$699.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 HUNTER .22-250B14S1040431250143542 (special order)$699.99 MAP
BERGARA B-14 HUNTER 7MM-08B14S1070431250147811 (special order)$699.99 MAP
BERGARA HMR .22-250 REM.B14S35404312501442250 (special order)$949.99 MAP
BERGARA LH HMR .22-250 REM.B14S354L0431250147432 (special order)$969.99 MAP
BERGARA HMR 6MM CREEDMOORB14S35504312501451411 (special order)$949.99 MAP
HMRB14S35104312501440815 (special order)$949.99 MAP
BERGARA LH HMR 308WIN 20" 5RD THRB14S351L0431250147364 (special order)$969.99 MAP
B-14 HMR 6.5 CR 22"B14S3520431250144154 (special order)$949.99 MAP

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