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EAA WITNESS MATCH XTREME 9MM 6 BLUED 17RD6106627415669038921 (special order)$2,104.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS XTREME MATCH 40SW 6 17RD6106707415666034261 (special order)$2,276.30 MAP
EAA WITNESS MATCH XTREME6106707405666034261 (special order)$2,276.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS STOCK 2 XTREME 40SW 4.56106087415666034642 (special order)$2,264.60 MAP
EAA WITNESS MATCH XTREME 45ACP 6 BLUED 10RD6106427415669039221 (special order)$2,104.00 MAP
EAA WITNESS MATCH XTREME 10MM 6 BLUED 14RD6106527415669039151 (special order)$2,104.00 MAP
EAA BOUNTY HUNTER .45LC 7.5"7700207415661031482 (special order)$469.00 MAP
EAA BOUNTY HUNTER .44MAG 7.5"7700307415661032476 (special order)$469.00 MAP
EAA BNTY HNTR 357MAG 4.5" 6RD CCH7700657415661033462 (special order)$469.00 MAP
EAA WIT DOMINIA GOLD TEAM 9MM 17RD6106907415669037244 (special order)$4,817.00 MAP
EAA WEIHRAUCH BOUNTY HUNTER 357MAG 7.5 BLUE7700017415661030562 (special order)$454.00 MAP
EAA WEIHRAUCH BOUNTY HUNTER 357MAG 7.5 CASE7700037415661030701 (special order)$469.00 MAP
EAA WIT P MATCH 9MM BLK 17RD 4.75"60066274156660357035 (special order)$756.60 MAP
EAA WIT P MATCH PRO 9MM 17RD 4.75"6006637415666037851 (special order)$718.00 MAP
EAA WITNESS MATCH .40SW AS6006707415661115011 (special order)$931.00 MAP
Witness Match 10mm6006507415661114951 (special order)$931.00 MAP
EAA WITNESS MATCH .38 SUPER6006557415661115702 (special order)$931.00 MAP
Witness Match 9mm6006607415661114333 (special order)$931.00 MAP
EAA WIT STOCK III EXTREME 9MM 17RD61059574156660344011 (special order)$2,194.40 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS STOCK 2 XTREME 9MM 4.5 DA61060574156660345719 (special order)$2,264.60 MAP
EAA WIT STOCK XTREME 2 9MM 17RD6106067415669039397 (special order)$2,094.00 MAP
EAA WIT GOLD CUST EXTREME 9MM 17RD6100667415666033584 (special order)$5,088.20 MAP
EAA WIT GOLD TEAM EXTREME 38SUP 17RD6100957415666033655 (special order)$5,088.20 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS STOCK 3 XTREME 40SW 4.5 DA6105907415666034332 (special order)$2,194.40 MAP
EAA BNTY HNTR 357MAG 4.5" 6RD NKL7700707415661033531 (special order)$503.00 MAP
EAA WIT 9MM 17RD 4.5" STL WNDR9991017415661111671 (special order)$613.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS 9MM COMPACT POLYMER 12RD9991067415661111291 (special order)$547.30 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS COMP 40SW POLYMER 12RD9991087415661111052 (special order)$547.30 MAP
EAA BNTY HNTR 22/22M 4.75" 8RD NKL77112574156610556211 (special order)$367.00 MAP
EAA WIT 10MM 14RD 4.5" POLY BLK99906174156611137213 (special order)$517.00 MAP
EAA WITNESS COMPACT 9MM 13RD.9990997415661111981 (special order)$613.00 MAP
WITNESS STAINLESS 10MM 4.5" 10rd9992207415661070167 (special order)$613.00 MAP
Witness Compact 10mm 3.6" 12RD WF9992307415661070235 (special order)$613.00 MAP
GIRSAN MC1911SC ULT 9MM 3.4" 7RD FDEGIRSANMC1911SC9MMDEULT7415669039845 (special order)$637.00 MAP
EA9B Witness9991117415661037112 (in stock)$399.95
EAA WITNESS 45ACP9991197415661078492 (special order)$829.40 MAP
EAA WIT 38SUP 17RD 4.5" STL WF9991517415661061324 (special order)$613.25 MAP
EAA BNTY HNTR 45LC 4.5" 6RD CCH7700957415661034383 (special order)$469.00 MAP
EAA BNTY HNTR 22/22M 6.75" 6RD BL7701007415661050435 (special order)$326.00 MAP
EAA BNTY HNTR 22/22M 6.75" 6RD NKL7701057415661055794 (special order)$367.00 MAP
EAA BOUNTY HUNTER .44MAG 4.5"7700757415661033846 (special order)$454.00 MAP
EAA BOUNTY HUNTER .44MAG 4.5"77008074156610339112 (special order)$469.00 MAP
EAA BNTY HNTR 45LC 4.5" 6RD BLUE7700907415661034212 (special order)$454.00 MAP
EAA BOUNTY HUNTER 22LR 22MAG 4 3/4 BLUE 6RD7711107415661052652 (special order)$326.00 MAP
EAA BOUNTY HUNTER 22LR 22MAG 4.75 6RD NKL7711157415661055555 (special order)$367.00 MAP
EAA BNTY HNTR 22/22M 4.75" 8RD BL7711207415661052723 (special order)$326.00 MAP
Windicator Blue 357 2"77013074156610360513 (special order)$329.00 MAP
EAA BNTY HNTR 22/22M 6.75" 8RD BL7711007415661052581 (special order)$326.00 MAP
EAA BOUNTY HUNTER COMBO 8RD.77110574156610558611 (special order)$367.00 MAP
GIRSAN MC312 12/28 3.5" CAMO39015074156690348930 (special order)$411.00 MAP
EAA GIRSAN MC312 SPORT 12GA 24 PG STOCK 3 GUN39017074156690410313 (special order)$538.00 MAP
EAA WITNESS PRO 45ACP 4.5 MATCH BBL WOOD GRIP60005474156690365675 (special order)$564.95
GIRSAN REGARD 9MM 4.9" 18RD TT3900827415669033665 (special order)$414.00 MAP
GIRSAN MC1911 MATCH 45ACP 5" BLK39009074156690333512 (special order)$655.00 MAP
GIRSAN MC312 12/28 3.5" BLK39014574156690347215 (special order)$358.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS P CARRY 40SW WONDER 15RD6002477415661115941 (special order)$660.40 MAP
EAA WIT P CRY 10MM 14RD 3.6"60024874156611025216 (special order)$627.00 MAP
Witness Hunter 10mm 6" 15rd6002527415661106034 (special order)$1,203.00 MAP
EAA WIT GOLD 9MM 18RD CHR 3PT COMP6000667415661045343 (special order)$2,155.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS GOLD 45ACP 11RD6000907415661028442 (special order)$2,155.00 MAP
EAA WIT GOLD 38SUP 18RD CHR 3PT COMP6000957415661028511 (special order)$2,155.00 MAP
EAA GIRSAN MC1911C 9MM 4.4 COMMANDER OPTICS DT3900538415669035331 (special order)$590.00 MAP
EAA GIRSAN 1911 45ACP 5 GOVT AMBI SAFE BLK GRIPS390058741566904264197 (special order)$374.95
GIRSAN MC1911S 45ACP 5" 8RD BLK39006074156690315122 (special order)$492.00 MAP
EAA GIRSAN 45ACP 3.4 RANGER AS WALNUT390033741566904356236 (special order)$384.95
GIRSAN MC1911SC ULT 45ACP 3.4" 6RD3900357415669038162 (special order)$617.00 MAP
GIRSAN MC1911SC 45ACP 3.4" 6RD BLK3900407415669031371 (special order)$536.00 MAP
GIRSAN MC1911C 45ACP 4.4" OR BLK3900717415669035022 (special order)$601.89 MAP
GIRSAN MC1911C 45ACP 4.4" BLK/STS3900727415669032744 (special order)$512.00 MAP
GIRSAN REGARD 9MM 4.9" 18RD BLK3900807415669031752 (special order)$393.00 MAP
GIRSAN MC1911S 45ACP 5" OR 8RD BLK3900617415669035643 (special order)$571.00 MAP
GIRSAN MC1911S 45ACP 5" 8RD BLK/STS3900627415669033111 (special order)$512.00 MAP
GIRSAN MC1911C 45ACP 4.4" 8RD BLK3900707415669031682 (special order)$492.00 MAP
Witness Limited6003107415661030018 (special order)$1,324.00 MAP
EAA WIT STK III 9MM 17RD 4.75" BLK6005957415666013096 (special order)$1,057.00 MAP
Witness Elite Stock II 9mm60060574156611233110 (special order)$1,151.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS STOCK 40SW 15RD6006107415661112113 (special order)$844.95
EAA TANFO WITNESS STOCK 3 38SUP 4.75 17RD BLUE6005757415666013472 (special order)$1,118.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS GT STOCK 3 10MM 4.75 15RD6005807415666013302 (special order)$1,057.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS STOCK 3 45ACP 4.75 10RD6005857415666013231 (special order)$1,057.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS P SA MATCH 45ACP 4.75 AS 10R6006427415666035941 (special order)$756.60 MAP
EAA WITNESS MATCH PRO .45ACP6006437415666037611 (special order)$718.00 MAP
Witness Match Pro 10mm 4.75"6006477415666037543 (special order)$718.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS STOCK I 45ACP 4.5 10RD AS6006127415661123551 (special order)$1,231.10 MAP
EAA WIT STK II 10MM 14RD 4.5" CHR6006157415661123624 (special order)$1,151.00 MAP
EAA WIT STOCK II 38SUP 17RD 4.5" CHR6006177415666007391 (special order)$1,231.10 MAP
EAA WITNESS LTD CUSTOM 45ACP TANCOAT 10RD6003367415666038221 (special order)$1,324.00 MAP
EAA WITNESS LIMITED .45ACP6003407415661030251 (special order)$1,324.00 MAP
Witness Elite Limited 10mm60034374156611067212 (special order)$1,324.00 MAP
Witness Elite .40S&W 14rd 4.75" Elite Limited6003207415661030181 (special order)$1,324.00 MAP
Witness Limited Custom 9mm 4.75"6003307415666037925 (special order)$1,324.00 MAP
EAA WINTESS LTD CUSTOM 40SW TANCOAT 18RD6003327415666038081 (special order)$1,324.00 MAP
EAA WIT LIMITED 38SUP 17RD 4.75" CHR6003507415661042204 (special order)$1,324.00 MAP
EAA TANFO APPEAL 22LR 16 BLUE AMBI AS 10RD6005307415666007224 (special order)$429.00 MAP
EAA TANFO APPEAL 22MAG 16 BLUE AS 10RD6005407415666007916 (special order)$429.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS 1911P 9MM 4.25 COMMANDER60034474156660367923 (special order)$582.40 MAP
EAA 1911P WIT 45ACP 8RD 5" POLY6003477415666013548 (special order)$555.10 MAP
EAA 1911P CMDR 45ACP 8RD 4.125" POLY60034974156660365524 (special order)$582.40 MAP

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