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EAA TANFO WITNESS STOCK 2 XTREME 40SW 4.56106087415666034642 (special order)$2,264.60 MAP
EAA WITNESS STOCK XTREME 40SW 4.5 BLUED 14RD6106107415669039461 (special order)$2,094.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS XTREME MATCH 45ACP 6 10RD6106407415666034021 (special order)$2,276.30 MAP
EAA WIT STOCK III EXTREME 2 9MM 17RD6106007415669039531 (special order)$2,050.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS STOCK 2 XTREME 9MM 4.5 DA61060574156660345716 (special order)$2,264.60 MAP
EAA WIT STOCK XTREME 2 9MM 17RD6106067415669039393 (special order)$2,094.00 MAP
EAA WITNESS MATCH XTREME 9MM 6 BLUED 17RD6106627415669038921 (special order)$2,104.00 MAP
EAA BOUNTY HUNTER .44MAG 7.5"7700307415661032471 (special order)$469.00 MAP
EAA BOUNTY HUNTER 22LR MAG 6.75 BLUE 6RD7701007415661050435 (special order)$326.00 MAP
EA9B Witness9991117415661037112 (in stock)$399.95
EAA TANFO WITNESS XTREME MATCH 40SW 6 17RD6106707415666034264 (special order)$2,276.30 MAP
EAA WITNESS DOMINA XTREM 38SUP 5.25 BLUED 17RD6106807415669037173 (special order)$4,817.00 MAP
EAA WIT DOMINIA GOLD TEAM 9MM 17RD6106907415669037243 (special order)$4,817.00 MAP
EAA WIT GOLD 38SUP 18RD CHR 3PT COMP6000957415661028512 (special order)$2,155.00 MAP
Witness Limited6003107415661030011 (special order)$1,324.00 MAP
Witness Limited Custom 9mm 4.75"6003307415666037927 (special order)$1,324.00 MAP
EAA GIRSAN MC312 12GA 26 VR 5 CHOKES39015874156690457828 (special order)$349.95
EAA TANFO WITNESS GOLD 40SW 15RD6000857415661028372 (special order)$2,234.70 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS GOLD 45ACP 11RD6000907415661028446 (special order)$2,155.00 MAP
EAA WITNESS LTD CUSTOM 38SUP TANCOAT 19RD6003347415666038151 (special order)$1,483.00 MAP
EAA WIT LTD EXTREME 2 40SW 14RD6103227415669038854 (special order)$2,278.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS STOCK 3 XTREME 40SW 4.5 DA6105907415666034332 (special order)$2,194.40 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS STOCK 3 XTREME 9MM 4.5 DA61059574156660344017 (special order)$2,194.40 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS LTD 45ACP 10RD6003407415661030251 (special order)$1,324.00 MAP
EAA TANFO WITNESS STOCK III 40SW 4.75 15RD COMP6005907415666013163 (special order)$1,118.00 MAP
EAA WITNESS GOLD TEAM XTREME 38SUP6100957415666033651 (special order)$5,088.20 MAP

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