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KRISS VECTOR SDP-E G2 9MMKV90PAP3081160703363230 (special order)$1,645.00 MAP
Vector SDP Gen 2 Alpine WhiteKV90-PAP2081023702303713 (special order)$1,445.00 MAP
Vector CRB G2 9mm 16" Black 17RDKV90-CBL208102370230821 (special order)$1,575.00 MAP
Vector SDP Gen 2KV90-PBL2081023702300622 (special order)$1,425.00 MAP
KRISS VECTOR SBR 9MM 5.5" 17RD BLKKV90-SBL2081023702338920 (special order)$1,625.00 MAP
KRISS VCTR SDPE G2 9MM 6.5" 17RD FDEKV90-PFD3081160703365650 (special order)$1,645.00 MAP
KRISS VCTR SDPE G2 9MM 6.5" 17RD BLKKV90-PBL3081160703366310 (special order)$1,625.00 MAP
KRISS VECTOR SDP PISTOL G2 .45KV45-PAP2081023702307543 (special order)$1,465.00 MAP
KRISS VECTOR SDP G2 40SW 5.5 THRD FDE 15RDKV40PFD2081023702428736 (special order)$1,465.00 MAP
KRISS VECTOR SDP G2 40SW 5.5 THRD BLK 15RDKV40PBL2081023702427029 (special order)$1,445.00 MAP
Vector SDP-E G2 .45ACP 6.5" TB 13RDKV45-PAP3081160703358815 (special order)$1,665.00 MAP
KRISS VECTOR SBR 45ACP 5.5" 13RD BLKKV45-SBL2081023702342627 (special order)$1,645.00 MAP
Vector SDPE G2 .45ACP 6.5"KV45PFD3081160703360115 (special order)$1,665.00 MAP
Vector SDP G2 .45ACP 5.5"KV45-PBL208102370230442 (special order)$1,445.00 MAP

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