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700 5R 308Win 24TB BSS HS852010477008520103 (special order)$964.95
REM 700 RECEIVER ONLY8527004770085270643 (special order)$214.95
REM 700 RECEIVER ONLY8527104770085271313 (special order)$214.95
700 5R G2 Threaded 24" 300WinMag851970477008519763 (special order)$964.95
REM 700 5-R GEN2 6.5CREED 24" TB BLK8519804770085198317 (special order)$964.95
700 308Win 5R Threaded 20" 852000477008520032 (special order)$889.95
REM 700 RECEIVER ONLY8528504770085285012 (special order)$219.95
REM 700 LONG ACTN ULTMG 300WIN STL8531904770085319215 (special order)$344.95
REM 700 LONG ACTN 300 ULT MAG STNLSS853200477008532081 (special order)$359.95
REM 700 RECEIVER ONLY852730477008527375 (special order)$214.95
REM 700 RECEIVER ONLY8528204770085282924 (special order)$219.95
REM 700 RECEIVER ONLY8528304770085283618 (special order)$219.95
REM 700 5-R GEN2 308WIN 20" TB BLK851960477008519694 (special order)$964.95
REM 700AWR AMERICAN WILDERNESS845550477008455553 (special order)$889.95
REM 700AWR AMERICAN WILDERNESS845560477008455621 (special order)$894.95
REM 700AWR AMERICAN WILDERNESS845570477008455793 (special order)$889.95
REM 700AWR AMERICAN WILDERNESS845500477008455002 (special order)$889.95
700 AWR 30-06 24"845510477008455171 (special order)$889.95
REM 700AWR AMERICAN WILDERNESS845520477008455241 (special order)$889.95
REM 700 PCR 308WIN 24" BLK845870477008458765 (special order)$929.95
REM 700ADL SYNTHETIC .223 REM.8460004770084600212 (special order)$439.95
REM 700ADL SYNTHETIC .22-250846010477008460197 (special order)$439.95
REM 700AWR AMERICAN WILDERNESS845580477008455866 (special order)$894.95
REM 700 PCR 260REM 24" TB BLK845830477008458382 (special order)$924.95
REM 700 PCR 6.5CREED 24" BLK845860477008458696 (special order)$924.95
REM 700 SPS TACT 308WIN 16.5" THREAD855380477008553875 (special order)$654.95
REM 700 SPS TACT 223REM 16.5" THREAD855490477008554933 (special order)$654.95
REM 700 SPS TACT 6.5CREED 22" TAN855510477008555162 (special order)$674.95
700 5R Stainless Threaded 20" 223Rem855070477008550734 (special order)$874.95
700 5R Stainless Threaded 24" 300WinMag855080477008550802 (in stock)$990.95
REM 700 MNT 6.5CREED 22" STS B&C STK855130477008551344 (special order)$819.95
REM 783 VARMINT .22-250REM.857340477008573432 (special order)$484.95
REM 783 VARMINT .308 WIN.857350477008573504 (special order)$479.95
REM 783 VARMINT .223 REM.857370477008573745 (special order)$479.95
REM 700 LONG RANGE S/S 7MM RM856110477008561172 (special order)$724.95
REM 700 LONG RANGE S/S .300WM856240477008562471 (special order)$724.95
REM 700 LONG RANGE S/S 6.5CM8562604770085626125 (special order)$729.95
700 5R Stainless 26" 300WinMag855050477008550595 (special order)$854.95
REM 700 RECEIVER S/A SINGLE8532504770085325316 (special order)$394.95
REM 700 RECEIVER S/A BLUED8538904770085389520 (special order)$314.95
REM 700 ADL 308WIN 24" BLACK W/SCOPE8540704770085407630 (special order)$439.95
REM 700 SHORT ACTION STAINLESS LH8532204770085322214 (special order)$374.95
REM 700 LH RECEIVER L/A S/S8532304770085323927 (special order)$384.95
REM 700 LH RECEIVER L/A MAGNUM853240477008532465 (special order)$384.95
700 ADL Package 308Win Bolt 24" w/Scope854900477008549083 (special order)$519.95
REM 700ADL SYNTHETIC .30-068549104770085491516 (special order)$524.95
700 5R Stainless 24" 223rem855040477008550421 (special order)$849.95
REM 700ADL SYNTHETIC 6.5CM8544704770085447246 (special order)$439.95
REM 700ADL SYNTHETIC .243 WIN.854860477008548615 (special order)$519.95
REM 700ADL SYNTHETIC .270 WIN.854880477008548858 (special order)$519.95
REM 700 SPS VRMNT 308WIN 26" HB BLK842180477008421894 (special order)$589.95
REM 700SPS VARMINT L-HAND 26"842260477008422645 (special order)$589.95
REM 700SPS VARMINT L-HAND .223842270477008422711 (special order)$589.95
REM 700 SPS VRMNT 223REM 26" HB BLK842150477008421582 (special order)$589.95
REM 700 SPS VRMNT 22-250 26" HB BLK842160477008421655 (special order)$589.95
REM 700 SPS VRMNT 243WIN 26" HB BL842170477008421723 (special order)$589.95
REM 700 MOUNTAIN .270 WIN842730477008427382 (special order)$894.95
REM 700 MOUNTAIN .280 REM 22"842740477008427451 (special order)$889.95
700 Mountain SS842750477008427522 (special order)$889.95
REM 700SPS VARMINT L-HAND .243842280477008422883 (special order)$589.95
REM 700SPS VARMINT L-HAND .308842290477008422955 (special order)$589.95
REM 700 MOUNTAIN .25-06 WIN842720477008427212 (special order)$864.95
REM 700 SPS VRMNT 204RUG 26" HB BLK842140477008421418 (special order)$579.95
REM 700 SPS CAMO 270WIN 22" MOBI SYN841850477008418542 (special order)$624.95
REM 700SPS SYN CAMO .30-06841860477008418611 (special order)$624.95
REM 700SPS SYN CAMO 7MM RM841870477008418781 (special order)$624.95
REM 700SPS SYN L-HAND .30-06841780477008417862 (special order)$564.95
REM 700SPS SYN L-HAND 7MM RM841790477008417931 (special order)$569.95
REM 700SPS SYN L-HAND .300WM841800477008418092 (special order)$569.95
700 SPS Tactical 300BLK842050477008420592 (special order)$649.95
REM 700SPS TACT 223REM 20" HB MBLK842060477008420662 (special order)$609.95
700 SPS Tactical 308Win842070477008420738 (special order)$594.95
REM 700SPS SYN CAMO .300WM841880477008418852 (special order)$624.95
700 SPS Tactical 308WIN842030477008420352 (special order)$649.95
REM 700 SPS TACT AAC 6.5CREED 22" HB8420404770084204217 (special order)$649.95
REM 700 VTR 308WIN 22" STS BLK843580477008435823 (special order)$754.95
REM 700VTR .223 REM 22"843740477008437426 (special order)$719.95
REM 700VTR .260 REM 22"843750477008437592 (special order)$724.95
REM 700 VSF 220SWF 26" STS SYN FTLD843440477008434451 (special order)$764.95
700 Varmint SFl 308Win843450477008434522 (special order)$764.95
REM 700VTR .223 REM 22"843560477008435683 (special order)$754.95
REM 700XCR 308WIN 20" OD CMP TCT FLT844670477008446711 (special order)$1,249.95
700 MTC Tactical 308Win 24"844740477008447491 (special order)$2,234.95
REM 700MDT TAC21 TACT. CHASSIS844750477008447562 (special order)$2,389.95
REM 700VTR .22-250 22"843760477008437662 (special order)$719.95
700 VTR FDE 308Win 22"843770477008437732 (special order)$719.95
REM 700XCR TACT 300WIN 26" BLK ODSTK844620477008446262 (special order)$1,249.95
REM 700 VSF 223REM 26" STS SYN FTLD843430477008434382 (special order)$764.95
REM 700 MAGPUL 260REM 22" BLK842910477008429125 (special order)$879.95
700 Magpul842930477008429361 (special order)$904.95
700 Magpul Threaded8429504770084295019 (special order)$904.95
REM 700 MOUNTAIN .7MM-08 REM842760477008427691 (special order)$889.95
REM 700 MNT 308WIN 22" STS B&C STK842770477008427762 (special order)$889.95
REM 700 MAGPUL 300WIN 24" BLK842860477008428684 (special order)$904.95
REM 700 MAGPUL ENHANCED 6MM CREED FE843030477008430328 (special order)$944.95
REM 700 MAGPUL ENHANCED 300 WIN FDE843040477008430493 (special order)$1,004.95
REM 700 VARMINT SF .22-250843420477008434211 (special order)$764.95
REM 700 MAGPUL 6.5CREED 22" BLK842951 (special order)$879.95
REM 700 MAGPUL ENHANCED 308WIN FDE843010477008430184 (special order)$989.95
REM 700 MAGPUL ENHANCED 6.5CREED FDE843020477008430253 (special order)$959.95
REM 783 VARMINT .243 WIN.857380477008573815 (special order)$479.95
REM MODEL 7 7MM-08 20" HS PREC STS859720477008597294 (special order)$889.95
REM 7600 C GRADE 200TH 30-06 22 LTD862760477008627671 (special order)$989.95
REM DEF R4 OPERATOR 5.56 NATO865850477008658501 (special order)$1,599.95
REM MODEL 7 LAMINATE .308 WIN859630477008596374 (special order)$804.95
REM MODEL 7 243WIN 20" HS PREC STS859680477008596821 (special order)$884.95
REM MODEL 7 308 20" HS PREC STS859700477008597053 (special order)$884.95
REM RM380 .380ACP 2.9" 6-SHOT962448852939624465 (special order)$264.95
REM RM380 MICRO EXC 380ACP 2.9" 6RD9624688529396246013 (special order)$309.95
REM RP45 .45ACP 4.5" 15-SHOT962578852939625766 (special order)$369.95
REM DEF 700P USR 5-R .308 WIN865860477008658671 (special order)$3,434.95
700 Police 308Win866720477008667271 (special order)$929.95
REM DEF 700P LTR 5-R .308 WIN866730477008667341 (special order)$999.95
REM 7 7MM-08 18.5 LAMINATE RIFLE SIGHTS859620477008596203 (special order)$804.95
REM MODEL 7 COMPACT .243 WIN.859150477008591561 (special order)$564.95
REM 7 7MM-08 20 SYN RPD859160477008591632 (special order)$564.95
REM MODEL 7 SYNTHETIC .300 AAC859210477008592172 (special order)$614.95
REM MODEL 7 SYNTHETIC .260 REM859120477008591252 (special order)$564.95
REM MODEL 7 SYNTHETIC 7MM-08859130477008591322 (special order)$564.95
REM MODEL 7 SYNTHETIC .308 WIN859140477008591494 (special order)$539.95
REM MODEL 7 PREDATOR .243 WIN.8595404770085954560 (special order)$439.95
REM MODEL 7 LAMINATE .223 REM859600477008596061 (special order)$809.95
REM MODEL 7 LAMINATE .243 WIN859610477008596134 (special order)$804.95
REM MODEL 7 SYNTHETIC .308 WIN859220477008592241 (special order)$614.95
REM MODEL 7 PREDATOR .223 REM.8595204770085952146 (special order)$439.95
REM MODEL 7 PREDATOR .22-25085953047700859538122 (special order)$439.95
RM380 CT Micro .380ACP 2.9"964628852939646248 (special order)$374.95
REM RP9 FULL SIZE 9MM 4.5" 18RD9646688529396466235 (special order)$299.95
REM RP9 FULL SIZE 9MM 4.5" 10RD964768852939647612 (special order)$319.95
REM RM380 .380ACP 2.9" 6-SHOT9645388529396453219 (special order)$244.95
Rem RM380 Compact Micro .380 ACP 2.9" Barrel964548852939645492 (in stock)$339.95
REM RM380 MICRO 380ACP 2.9" 6RD BLUE964578852939645708 (special order)$294.95
REM 1911R1 LIMITED 9MM 5" AS967188852939671823 (special order)$919.95
REM 700-CP PISTOL .223 REM9682188529396821913 (special order)$804.95
REM 700CDL SF .270 WSMG840130477008401303 (special order)$979.95
REM 1911 R1 UL EXEC 45ACP 3.5" 7RD964938852939649381 (special order)$919.95
1911 R1 Hunter 10mm BLK 6"9667988529396679625 (special order)$964.95
REM 1911R1 LIMITED .40S&W 5"967178852939671754 (special order)$919.95
REM R51 9MM CRIMSON TRCE 7RD 3.4 3DOT964328852939643272 (special order)$424.95
1911 R1 Enhanced SS963298852939632901 (in stock)$799.95
1911 R1 Commander963368852939633681 (in stock)$629.95
1911 R1 Enhanced Threaded963398852939633992 (special order)$709.95
REM 1911 R1 HUNTER 10MM 6" 8RD FDE9630588529396305410 (special order)$974.95
1911 R1 45ACP BLK 5"963238852939632382 (special order)$569.95
1911 R1 Enhanced .45 ACP 5" Barrel 8 Rds 963288852939632831 (special order)$664.95
REM R1 1911 ENHANCED 5 45ACP CRIMSON TRACE 8RD963668852939636654 (special order)$834.95
REM 1911 R1 TACT 45ACP 5" 8RD BLK963858852939638567 (special order)$874.95
Rem R51 9mm964308852939643032 (in stock)$319.95
1911 R1 Enhanced Commander 45ACP 4.25"963598852939635971 (special order)$669.95
REM 1911 R1S ENH CMMNDR 45ACP 4.25"8963608852939636035 (special order)$779.95
1911 R1 Enhanced963648852939636411 (in stock)$729.95
REM 783 HBT SYNTHETIC .450BM8577204770085772515 (special order)$419.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC 6.5CM857730477008577329 (special order)$364.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC 6.5CM857770477008577704 (special order)$364.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .223 REM.8577004770085770110 (special order)$364.95
REM 783 223REM 24 TAC THREADED FDE RAIL857700477008577007 (special order)$364.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .308 WIN.857710477008577188 (special order)$364.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .30-06 SPRG858360477008583649 (special order)$284.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .308 WIN8583704770085837113 (special order)$284.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC 7MM REM MAG858380477008583886 (special order)$284.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .243 WIN.8583204770085832611 (special order)$284.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .270 WIN.8583404770085834011 (special order)$284.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC 7MM-08 REM858350477008583572 (special order)$319.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .450BM857680477008576881 (special order)$384.95
REM 783 270WIN 22" MOBU MATTE857520477008575275 (special order)$359.95
REM 783 3006 22" MOBU MATTE8575304770085753418 (special order)$359.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .308 WIN.857540477008575412 (special order)$389.95
REM 783 VARMINT 6.5CM857480477008574804 (special order)$479.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .223 REM.857500477008575031 (special order)$359.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .243 WIN.857510477008575107 (special order)$359.95
REM 783 223REM 16.5 HB TAC THREADED PIC RAIL8576404770085764610 (special order)$354.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .308 WIN.8576504770085765712 (special order)$354.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC 6.5CM8576704770085767126 (special order)$354.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC 7MM REM MAG857550477008575583 (special order)$359.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .300WM8575604770085756513 (special order)$359.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .223 REM.857640477008576409 (special order)$359.95
REM 783 WALNUT .243 WIN858840477008588453 (special order)$539.95
REM 783 WALNUT .270 WIN858860477008588692 (special order)$539.95
REM 783 WALNUT .30-06858880477008588831 (special order)$539.95
REM 783 3006 22" BL WLNT858720477008587221 (special order)$399.95
REM 783 308WIN 22" BL WLNT858740477008587466 (special order)$409.95
REM 783 7MMREM 24" BL WLNT858760477008587601 (special order)$399.95
REM MODEL 7 STAINLESS .223 REM859040477008590401 (special order)$649.95
REM MODEL 7 STAINLESS 6MM REM.859070477008590715 (special order)$649.95
REM MODEL 7 SYNTHETIC .243 WIN859110477008591182 (special order)$509.95
REM 783 WALNUT .308 WIN858900477008589062 (special order)$539.95
REM 783 WALNUT 7MM REM MAG858920477008589202 (special order)$539.95
REM 783 WALNUT .300 WIN MAG858940477008589441 (special order)$539.95
REM 783 270WIN 22" BL WLNT858700477008587083 (special order)$399.95
REM 783 270WIN 22" BLK SYN8584404770085844917 (special order)$314.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .22-250 REM.8584504770085845621 (special order)$314.95
783 Syn 22" 30-06 w/Scope8584604770085846314 (special order)$314.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .300 WIN MAG858390477008583959 (special order)$284.95
REM 783 SYNTHETIC .223 REM858400477008584019 (special order)$314.95
REM 783 243WIN 22" BLK SYN8584204770085842539 (special order)$314.95
REM 783 SYN COMPACT .243 WIN.858520477008585246 (special order)$314.95
REM 783 COMPACT .308 WIN.858530477008585315 (special order)$314.95
REM 783 WALNUT 6.5 CREEDMOOR858660477008586611 (special order)$399.95
REM 783 308WIN 22" BLK SYN858470477008584707 (special order)$314.95
REM 783 7MMREM 24" BLK SYN858480477008584876 (special order)$314.95
783 Syn 24" 300WinMag w/Scope858490477008584948 (special order)$314.95
REM 700 SPS 2506RM 24" STS SYN272510477002725111 (special order)$649.95
REM 700SPS .243 WIN.272630477002726344 (special order)$649.95
REM 700 SPS 7MM-08 24" STS SYN272650477002726583 (special order)$649.95
REM 700 SPS 308WIN 24" STS SYN271360477002713611 (special order)$649.95
REM 700SPS .300 REM. ULTRA MAG271400477002714084 (special order)$649.95
REM DEF M24A2 5-R 7.62 NATO271880477002718801 (special order)$5,659.95
REM 700 SPS 300WIN 26" STS SYN272730477002727333 (special order)$649.95
REM 700 SENDERO SFII .264WM273070477002730756 (special order)$1,164.95
REM 700 SEN SFII 7MMREM 26" STS FLUT273110477002731124 (special order)$1,159.95
REM 700 SPS 270WIN 24" STS SYN272670477002726724 (special order)$649.95
REM 700 SPS 3006SP 24" STS SYN272690477002726963 (special order)$649.95
REM 700SPS 7MM REM. MAGNUM272710477002727191 (special order)$649.95
REM 700 SPS 22-250 24" STS SYN271350477002713546 (special order)$649.95
REM 700 CDL CLASSIC DLX 3006 BL/WD270170477002701736 (special order)$794.95
REM 700 CDL CLASSIC DLX 300WIN BL/WD270490477002704943 (special order)$819.95
REM 700 ADL CMPT 243WIN 20" WD/BL W270920477002709202 (special order)$439.95
REM 700 CDL CLASSIC DLX 2506 BL/WD270090477002700982 (special order)$794.95
REM 700 CDL CLASSIC DLX 270WIN BL/WD270110477002701115 (special order)$794.95
REM 700CDL 7MM-08 24" BARREL270150477002701591 (special order)$794.95
REM 700 ADL 7MMREM 26" MBL/SYN W/SCP270970477002709757 (special order)$439.95
REM 700 ADL 300WIN 26" MBL/SYN W/SCP270990477002709998 (special order)$439.95
REM 700SPS .223 REMINGTON2713304770027133014 (special order)$649.95
REM 700 ADL 243WIN 24" MBL/SYN W/SCP2709304770027093711 (special order)$439.95
REM 700 ADL 270WIN 24" MBL/SYN W/SCP2709404770027094413 (special order)$439.95
REM 700 ADL 3006SP 24" MBL/SYN W/SCP2709504770027095112 (special order)$439.95
REM 700VLS .204 RUGER 26"HB274670477002746764 (special order)$814.95
REM 700 SPS 243WIN 20" M BL SYN YTH274750477002747513 (special order)$569.95
REM 700VLS .22-250 26"HB274890477002748982 (special order)$814.95
REM 700 SPS 300WIN 26" MATTE BL SYN273870477002738772 (special order)$564.95
REM 700SPS SYNTHETIC .300 REM273890477002738915 (special order)$564.95
REM 700 SPS 7MM-08 20" BL SYN YTH273910477002739146 (special order)$564.95
REM 700 SA .473275530477002755362 (in stock)$379.95
REM 700 LA .473275550477002755501 (in stock)$399.95
REM 700 Mag LA .535275570477002755741 (in stock)$409.95
REM 700VLS .223 26"HB274910477002749112 (special order)$814.95
REM 700VLS .243 26"HB274950477002749591 (special order)$814.95
REM 700VLS .308 26"HB274990477002749973 (special order)$814.95
REM 700 SPS 7MMREM 26" MATTE BL SYN273850477002738531 (special order)$564.95
REM 700SPS SYN .270WSM273310477002733102 (special order)$569.95
REM 700SPS SYNTHETIC .300WSM273330477002733345 (special order)$564.95
REM 700 SA2734704770027347178 (special order)$299.95
REM 700 SEN SFII 300WIN 26" STS FLUT273130477002731363 (special order)$1,159.95
REM 700 SEN SFII 300RUM 26" STS FLUT273180477002731814 (special order)$1,159.95
REM 700 SEN SFII 300RUM 26" STS FLUT273181 (special order)$1,139.95
REM 700 SPS 308WIN 24" MATTE BL SYN273590477002735942 (special order)$564.95
REM 700 SPS 270WIN 24" MATTE BL SYN273610477002736173 (special order)$564.95
REM 700 SPS 3006SP 24" MATTE BL SYN2736304770027363110 (special order)$569.95
REM 700 SPS 223REM 24" MATTE BL SYN273510477002735183 (special order)$564.95
REM 700 SPS 243WIN 24" MATTE BL SYN273550477002735565 (special order)$564.95
REM 700 SPS 7MM-08 24" MATTE BL SYN273570477002735701 (special order)$569.95
REM 1100 SPTG 20/28 2.75" GLOSS253990477002539921 (special order)$1,019.95
870 Express Cyl Bore Syn2554904770025549111 (special order)$334.95
870 Express Defense Cyl Matte Blk Wood255590477002555908 (special order)$334.95
870 Express 28" VR 12GA RC-1251030477002510358 (special order)$374.95
REM 870 EXPRESS SUPERMAG 12GA.251140477002511419 (special order)$504.95
1100 Sporting 12GA 28"253150477002531524 (special order)$1,029.95
870 Express 28" BBL VT 12GA REM CHOKE2556804770025568273 (special order)$334.95
870 Express 26" BBL VT 12GA REM CHOKE2556904770025569915 (special order)$334.95
870 Express Deer 20" 12GA 255750477002557501 (in stock)$319.95
REM 870 12GA 18.5 HARDW BS CYL BORE255590477002555962 (special order)$339.95
REM 870 EXPRESS YOUTH 20/21/3"255610477002556131 (special order)$334.95
REM 870 EXPRESS 12GA. 3" DEER255650477002556514 (special order)$334.95
REM 870 EXP SPR MAG 12/26/3.5 BL SYN251020477002510285 (special order)$374.95
REM MODEL 7 STAINLESS .308 WIN247430477002474344 (special order)$649.95
REM MODEL 7 STAINLESS .260 REM247510477002475194 (special order)$649.95
REM 870 CLASSIC TRAP 12GA.248570477002485782 (special order)$894.95
870 Police 12ga 244170477002441749 (special order)$569.95
REM MODEL 7 STAINLESS .243 WIN247390477002473974 (special order)$649.95
REM MODEL 7 STAINLESS 7MM-08247410477002474101 (special order)$689.95
REM 870 EXPRESS 12GA. 3"250900477002509089 (special order)$434.95
REM 870 EXPRESS DEER 12/20/3" BL SYN250970477002509772 (special order)$374.95
REM 870 EXP SPR MAG 12/28/3.5 BL WD2510004770025100433 (special order)$374.95
REM 870 WINGMASTER 28GA.249830477002498349 (special order)$769.95
870 Marine Magnum2501204770025012014 (special order)$674.95
870 Express Syn Tact250770477002507791 (in stock)$349.95
REM MODEL 7 CDL 260REM 20" BL/WD264190477002641961 (special order)$809.95
REM MODEL 7 CDL 7MM-08 20" BL/WD264210477002642194 (special order)$804.95
REM MODEL 7 CDL 308WIN 20" BL/WD264230477002642331 (special order)$809.95
REM 700 BDL CUSTOM DLX 30-06 BL/WD257930477002579386 (special order)$769.95
REM 700BDL 7MM REM. MAGNUM258030477002580343 (special order)$794.95
REM MODEL 7 CDL .243 WIN.264170477002641721 (special order)$804.95
REM 870 WINGMASTER 20GA. 3"269470477002694746 (special order)$679.95
REM 870 WINGMASTER 20GA. 3"269490477002694981 (special order)$679.95
REM 700 CDL CLASSIC DLX 243WIN BL/WD270070477002700741 (special order)$794.95
597 Rimfire with Scope 22LR2651304770026513137 (special order)$209.95
REM 870 WINGMASTER 12GA. 3"2692704770026927612 (special order)$679.95
REM 870 WINGMASTER 12GA. 3"269290477002692904 (special order)$719.95
REM 700 BDL CUSTOM DLX 270WIN BL/WD257910477002579145 (special order)$769.95
REM 870 EXPRESS 20/28/3"2558304770025583514 (special order)$349.95
REM 870 EXPRESS SYN 12/28/3"2558704770025587325 (special order)$334.95
870 Express 26" BBL 12GA REM CHOKE2558904770025589713 (special order)$334.95
REM 870 EXPRESS L.HAND 12GA.255770477002557747 (special order)$359.95
REM 870 EXPRESS COMBO 12GA. 3"2557804770025578133 (special order)$484.95
REM 870 EXPRESS 20/26/3"255820477002558287 (special order)$334.95
REM 870 EXPRESS SYN YOUTH DEER2565904770025659723 (special order)$489.95
700 Police PSS 308Win257090477002570991 (in stock)$949.95
REM 700 BDL CUSTOM DLX 243WIN BL/WD257870477002578775 (special order)$769.95
REM 552BDL SPDMSTR 22LR 21" AUTO WLN255940477002559412 (special order)$544.95
REM 870 EXPRESS COMBO 20GA. 3"2559704770025597226 (special order)$489.95
REM 700 SENDERO SFII 25-06REM 26"256430477002564363 (special order)$1,159.95
REM 700 SA .473 27559047700275598140 (special order)$354.95
REM V3 FIELD SPORT CMP 12GA 22" BLK834020477008340231 (special order)$704.95
REM V3 FIELD SPORT 12GA 28" MOSSY OK8340604770083406110 (special order)$809.95
REM V3 FIELD SPORT 12GA 26" MOSSY OA834080477008340855 (special order)$769.95
REM VERSAMAX 12GA WATERFOWL832050477008320503 (special order)$1,339.95
REM V3 FIELD SPORT 12GA 28" SYN BLK8340004770083400914 (special order)$689.95
REM V3 FIELD SPORT 12GA 26" SYN BLK834010477008340169 (special order)$689.95
REM V3 WTR FOWL PRO 12GA 28" MAX5834350477008343515 (special order)$909.95
REM V3 WTR FOWL PRO 12GA 28" MO BLD834370477008343752 (special order)$909.95
REM V3 WATERFOWL PRO 12GA 3"834390477008343993 (special order)$929.95
REM V3 FIELD SPORT 12GA 26" RT TMBR834090477008340925 (special order)$769.95
REM V3 FIELD SPORT 12GA 28" WLNT8342004770083420717 (special order)$819.95
V3 Field Sport 12GA 26"834210477008342145 (special order)$819.95
REM 870 EXP 12GA 28 RC WALNUT821140477008211464 (special order)$424.95
870 Marine TAC-14813120477008131278 (special order)$674.95
870 Express TM TAC-148134804770081348636 (special order)$414.95
REM 870 DM 12/18.5" 6RD IC BLK81350047700813509162 (special order)$424.95
REM 870 EXPRESS COMBO 12GA. 3"812800477008128095 (special order)$534.95
870 Express Combo 12ga 26" RC VT & 18.5" CYL8129104770081291520 (special order)$439.95
870 Express Combo 12ga 28" Extra 18.5" Barrel812930477008129395 (special order)$439.95
REM 870 DM TACT 12/18.5" 6RD PG BLK813600477008136089 (special order)$549.95
REM 870 WNGMSTR CLARO 12/28/3 WD STK820100477008201013 (special order)$809.95
REM 870SPS SUPERSLUG 12GA DEER821010477008210169 (special order)$664.95
REM 870 DM WOOD 12/18.5" 6RD813510477008135165 (special order)$394.95
REM 870 DM MAGPUL 12/18.5" 6RD BLK813520477008135237 (special order)$589.95
REM 870 DM PREDATOR 12GA. 3"813540477008135474 (special order)$599.95
700 SPS THREADED 20"841590477008415952 (in stock)$629.95
REM 700SPS .243 WIN. 20" BBL.841600477008416011 (special order)$599.95
700 SPS THREADED 30-06 20"841610477008416181 (in stock)$629.95
REM 700 SPS 243WIN 20" BL SYN YTH LH841500477008415022 (special order)$564.95
REM 700 SPS 7MM-08 20" BL SYN YTH LH841510477008415191 (special order)$564.95
REM 700SPS .223 REM 20" BBL.841580477008415882 (special order)$599.95
REM 700 LONG RANGE .300RUM 26"841650477008416567 (special order)$684.95
REM 700 LONG RANGE .30-06 26"841660477008416636 (special order)$684.95
REM 700SPS SYN L-HAND .270WIN841770477008417792 (special order)$564.95
REM 700 LONG RANGE .25-06 26"841620477008416255 (special order)$679.95
REM 700 LONG RANGE 7MM RM 26"841630477008416321 (special order)$679.95
700 Long Range 300WM 26"841640477008416491 (special order)$679.95
REM 700SPS SYNTHETIC .260 REM841490477008414964 (special order)$564.95
REM 11-87 SPTSMN 12/28 3" SATIN WLNT837000477008370002 (special order)$644.95
REM 700 CDL SF 7MM-08 24" STS WLNT840120477008401233 (special order)$909.95
700 CDL SS 24"840140477008401472 (special order)$914.95
REM V3 TURKEY PRO 12GA 22" RT TIMBER8344504770083445020 (special order)$929.95
REM VERSAMAX 12/28 3.5" BLK SYN LH835000477008350069 (special order)$1,129.95
REM VERSAMAX 12GA WATERFOWL LH835060477008350683 (special order)$1,289.95
REM 700CDL SF 300 WEATHERBY MG8403204770084032110 (special order)$914.95
REM 700CDL SF .25-06 24"FLUTED840360477008403691 (special order)$944.95
REM 700 SPS 6.5CREED 24" BLK SYN8414804770084148924 (special order)$564.95
REM 700 CDL SF 3006SP 24" STS WLNT840150477008401543 (special order)$914.95
REM 700CDL SF 7MM REM. MAG.840160477008401616 (special order)$994.95
REM 700 CDL SF 257WBY 26" STS WLNT840190477008401923 (special order)$959.95
REM VERSAMAX 12GA. 26"VR810430477008104304 (special order)$1,124.95
Versa Max Sportsman BLK 12GA 28"8104504770081045420 (special order)$829.95
REM VERSAMAX SPTMN 12/26 3.5" VR BLK810460477008104617 (special order)$829.95
REM VERSAMAX SPORTSMAN 12GA.810280477008102873 (special order)$944.95
REM VERSAMAX COMP TACT 12/22" 10RD810290477008102941 (special order)$1,334.95
REM VERSAMAX 12/28 3.5" VR BLK SYN810420477008104233 (special order)$1,129.95
REM VERSAMAX TACTICAL 12GA810590477008105913 (special order)$1,124.95
REM 870SPS SUPERMAG 12GA. 3.5"8106204770081062129 (special order)$569.95
REM 870 EXPRESS SUPERMAG 12GA.810740477008107447 (special order)$504.95
REM VERSAMAX 12/28 3.5" VR MODB SYN8104804770081048523 (special order)$1,264.95
Versa Max Sportsman 12GA 28"8104904770081049219 (special order)$949.95
REM VERSAMAX 12GA 26"VR CAMO810540477008105463 (special order)$1,284.95
REM VERSAMAX SPTMN 12/26 3.5" AP-HD810270477008102701 (special order)$944.95
REM 1187 SPORTSMAN SYN 12GA.2987904770029879548 (special order)$504.95
REM 1187 SPORTSMAN SYN 12GA.2988104770029881844 (special order)$504.95
REM R-15 VTR SS VARMINT 223REM 24 MAX1 CAMO 5RD600070477006000791 (special order)$1,004.95
REM 700 LA .473275610477002756111 (in stock)$429.95
REM 700 Mag LA .535 S/S275630477002756352 (in stock)$439.95
700 5R Stainless 24" 308Win296630477002966305 (special order)$849.95
REM R-25 GII 308WIN 20 MOINF PGRIP FIXED STK 4R600370477006003763 (special order)$1,269.95
REM 597 SYN .22LR THREADED BBL808680477008086808 (special order)$234.95
597 LR HB808770477008087723 (special order)$204.95
REM R-15 VTR PREDATOR CARBINE600100477006001093 (special order)$879.95
REM R-15 PREDATOR 223REM 22 MAGPUL MOE MOBR 5RD600110477006001163 (special order)$924.95
REM R-15 PREDATOR 223REM 16 MAGPUL TELE MOBR 5RD600180477006001854 (special order)$924.95
REM 870 TAC 12/18.5" PSTL GRIP 6RD8120504770081205220 (special order)$359.95
REM 870 12GA TAC SFIV BS RC 18.58120704770081207610 (special order)$379.95
REM 870 TAC 12/18" SIDE FOLDER 6RD812100477008121068 (special order)$444.95
870 Express Cyl. Matte Hardwood 18.5"8119704770081197013 (special order)$354.95
REM 870EXP HHD 12GA 18.5" 6RD WD811971 (special order)$354.95
870 Express Tactical 12GA 18.5"81198047700811987125 (special order)$494.95
870 EXPRESS TM TAC-14812310477008123117 (special order)$399.95
REM 870 TAC-14 12/14/5 BLK SB TACT812400477008124035 (special order)$584.95
870 Express Combo 12ga 18.5"/28"81278047700812786174 (special order)$354.95
REM 870 TACT 12/18.5 6RD 6 POS PG812120477008121208 (special order)$479.95
REM 870 TAC 20/18" SIDE FOLDER 6RD812230477008122365 (special order)$439.95
870 EXPRESS TAC-14812300477008123045 (in stock)$379.95
870 Express Cyl. Magpul 18.5"8119204770081192510 (special order)$454.95
REM 870 EXPRESS TRKY 12GA. 21"811150477008111541 (special order)$394.95
REM 870 EXPRESS SUPERMAG 12GA.8112504770081125315 (special order)$504.95
870 Express 20ga 14"8114504770081145133 (special order)$344.95
870 Express 20ga 18" Cyl Bore Syn8110004770081100014 (special order)$354.95
REM 870 EXPRESS SUPERMAG 12GA.8111104770081111626 (special order)$504.95
REM 870 EXP MAG 12/21" VR MOO TRKY8111404770081114718 (special order)$429.95
REM 870EXP 20/21 BL RTHD CMP 13" LOP8116604770081166624 (special order)$374.95
REM 870 200TH ANNIVERSARY 12GA8117704770081177214 (special order)$439.95
REM 870 EXP 20GA 26 RC VT CAMO811820477008118263 (special order)$349.95
REM 870 TAC-14 20/14/4 BLK SHKWV81145200 (special order)$329.95
REM 870EXP 20/21 BL PNK CMPT 13" LOP811500477008115057 (special order)$374.95
REM 870EXP 20/18.75" BL SYN JR CMP8116104770081161125 (special order)$334.95

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