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Hundreds of guns in stock, over 10000 available for special order! Check out our catalog for near-realtime prices and availability for everything we sell, as well as our super deals page!
Starting Monday, 6/22/2020, we are open for regular drop-in shopping. We still have a by-appointment system available here if you want to guarantee our undivided attention at a pre-arranged time. We are still closed on Sundays.
We are closed on July 4th, 2020. Happy Independence Day!

Products available in store and for special orders

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TRISTAR HUNTER MAGII O/U 12GA.3522071378035220613 (special order)$599.95
TRISTAR HUNTER MAGII O/U 12GA.3522271378035222013 (special order)$599.95
TRISTAR TRINITY LT O/U .410 3"3311871378033118810 (special order)$564.95
TRISTAR TRINITY LT O/U 12GA.331127137803311266 (special order)$554.95
TRISTAR TRINITY LT O/U 28GA.331167137803311646 (special order)$564.95
TRISTAR HUNTER MAGII O/U 12GA.352247137803522446 (special order)$599.95
TRISTAR TT-15 MONO TRAP 34"VR354117137803541186 (special order)$944.95
TRISTAR TT-15 TOP SINGLE ADJ.3541271378035412552 (special order)$1,089.95
TSA MONO TRAP 12GA 34354007137803540022 (special order)$869.95
TRISTAR HUNTER MAGII O/U 12GA.3522671378035226819 (special order)$614.95
TSA O/U HUNTER MAG II 12GA 3.5 DKBLND BRNZ 28352287137803522887 (special order)$614.95
TRISTAR TRINITY O/U 20GA. 3"331107137803311026 (special order)$549.95
TRISTAR SETTER O/U 12GA 3"3012971378030129736 (special order)$429.95
TRISTAR SETTER O/U 20GA 3"3020671378030206586 (special order)$429.95
TRISTAR VIPER MAX 12GA 3.5"2418971378024189037 (special order)$624.95
TRISTAR VIPER MAX 12GA 3.5"2418771378024187629 (special order)$614.95
TRISTAR VIPER MAX 12GA 3.5"2418871378024188315 (special order)$614.95
Setter Over/Under 28GA 28" Turkish 302883028871378030288172 (special order)$454.95
TSA TRINITY 16GA 28 O/U WALNUT EXT331067137803310652 (special order)$574.95
TRISTAR TRINITY O/U 20GA. 3"331087137803310891 (special order)$554.95
TSA TRINITY 12GA 26 O/U WALNUT EXT331047137803310414 (special order)$554.95
TRISTAR SETTER O/U .410 3"3041871378030418231 (special order)$454.95
TRISTAR TRINITY O/U 12GA. 3"331027137803310277 (special order)$554.95
TSA RAPTOR 12GA 28 WOOD BLK 2-TONE9848371378098483458 (special order)$329.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 .410 2.75"/3"9865271378098652498 (special order)$534.95
TSA RAPTOR YOUTH 20GA 24 WOOD BLK 2-TONE9806071378098060733 (special order)$374.95
TSA VIPER G2 28GA 26 CAMO SYN SEMI AUTO970397137809703948 (special order)$519.95
TSA RAPTOR 20GA 26 WOOD BLK 2-TONE9805771378098057736 (special order)$374.95
TRI SETTER LTWT 12M/28 OU WAL9865571378098655599 (special order)$374.95
TRISTAR HUNTER MAGII O/U 12GA.G3522871378035228220 (special order)$614.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 .410 3" 28"VRG9864271378098642547 (special order)$464.95
TRISTAR TRINITY LT O/U 20GA.G331147137803311405 (special order)$549.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 YOUTH .410G241337137802413336 (special order)$549.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 12GA. 3"G241497137802414943 (special order)$529.95
P-120 Canik 55 9mm Chrome850907137808509005 (in stock)$479.95
TRISTAR TT-15 COMBO TRAP3542071378035420086 (special order)$1,819.95
TRISTAR TT-15 SPORTING 12GA.3"354257137803542555 (special order)$739.95
TT-15 CTA Combo Trap Break Action 12GA O/U 32"/ 34" 3541871378035418737 (special order)$1,524.95
TRISTAR TT-15 UNSINGLE TRAP3541471378035414942 (special order)$1,129.95
TT-15 DT ADJUSTABLE 32"VR CT-5 SILVER WALNUT3541671378035416319 (special order)$1,189.95
TRISTAR TT-15 FIELD 28" VR3543071378035430910 (special order)$684.95
P-120 Canik 55 9mm Blue8508071378085080110 (in stock)$469.95
P-100 Canik 55 9mm850857137808508561 (in stock)$459.95
TRISTAR TT-15 FIELD 28" VR354397137803543929 (special order)$709.95
TRISTAR TT-15 FIELD 28" VR3543371378035433016 (special order)$684.95
TRISTAR TT-15 FIELD 28" VR354367137803543617 (special order)$709.95
TRISTAR VIPER MAX 12GA 3.5"2418671378024186920 (special order)$614.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 20GA. 3"241087137802410811 (special order)$474.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 COMPACT 12GA.241127137802411288 (special order)$464.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 20GA. 3"2410771378024107426 (special order)$454.95
TRISTAR VIPER YOUTH 20GA.241047137802410431 (special order)$519.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 12GA. 3"241057137802410508 (special order)$454.95
TRISTAR VIPER YOUTH .410 3"241137137802411356 (special order)$479.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 .410 3" 28"2413271378024132632 (special order)$479.95
TSA VIPER G2 410GA 24 YOUTH AD TIMBER241337137802413305 (special order)$554.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 .410 2.75"/3"2411971378024119759 (special order)$534.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 YOUTH 20GA.2411471378024114229 (special order)$529.95
TRISTAR VIPER 28GA. 2.75"241187137802411808 (special order)$534.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 20GA. 3"241037137802410363 (special order)$509.95
TRISTAR RAPTOR YOUTH 20GA 3"202047137802020442 (special order)$359.95
TRISTAR RAPTOR 20GA 3" 26"VR202067137802020681 (special order)$344.95
TRISTAR RAPTOR YOUTH 20GA 3"202027137802020202 (special order)$434.95
TRISTAR RAPTOR 12GA 3" 28"VR201287137802012831 (special order)$344.95
TRISTAR RAPTOR 12GA 3" 28"VR201387137802013822 (special order)$414.95
TRISTAR RAPTOR 20GA 3" 28"VR202087137802020821 (special order)$409.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 12GA. 3"2410171378024101215 (special order)$509.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 20GA. 3"2410271378024102916 (special order)$509.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 12GA. 3"2410071378024100515 (special order)$509.95
TRISTAR COBRA III YOUTH PUMP231377137802313723 (special order)$294.95
TSA COBRA III 20GA 24 YOUTH MAX 5231587137802315873 (special order)$304.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 12GA. 3"2417171378024171525 (special order)$654.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 SILVER 20GA241757137802417532 (special order)$559.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 SILVER 12GA.241707137802417083 (special order)$559.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 LEFT HAND2416571378024165411 (special order)$489.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 LEFT HAND241697137802416923 (special order)$564.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 20GA. 3"2417671378024176013 (special order)$654.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 .410 2.75"/3"2418171378024181431 (special order)$679.95
TRISTAR VIPER MAX 12GA. 3.5"2418271378024182121 (special order)$539.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 SILVER 28GA.2417971378024179116 (special order)$594.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 SILVER 28GA.2417771378024177713 (special order)$594.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 28GA. 2.75"2417871378024178426 (special order)$679.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 SR SPORT 12GA2416271378024162315 (special order)$514.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 .410 3" 26"VR2414371378024143214 (special order)$549.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 12GA. 3"2414871378024148721 (special order)$529.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 12GA. 3"2413971378024139531 (special order)$529.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 20GA. 3"2413471378024134018 (special order)$529.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 20GA. 3"2413571378024135718 (special order)$529.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 TURKEY 20GA.241527137802415242 (special order)$574.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 SPORTING 12GA2416071378024160917 (special order)$674.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 YOUTH SPTG2416171378024161625 (special order)$454.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 YOUTH SPTG241597137802415935 (special order)$469.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 TURKEY .410241537137802415312 (special order)$579.95
TRISTAR VIPER G2 SPORTING 12GA241577137802415795 (special order)$529.95

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