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Hundreds of guns in stock, over 10000 available for special order! Check out our catalog for near-realtime prices and availability for everything we sell, as well as our super deals page!
Starting Monday, 6/22/2020, we are open for regular drop-in shopping. We still have a by-appointment system available here if you want to guarantee our undivided attention at a pre-arranged time. We are still closed on Sundays.

Products available in store and for special orders

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APF AR10 22-250 BLACK 24 MLOK HVY HUNTERRI066M75283047238912 (special order)$1,704.95
APF 243 24 HUNTER NIB LUTH STKRI063M7528304720823 (special order)$1,639.95
APF 7MM 22 SNIPER GREEN 5ROUND MAG MLR HARD CASEMLR7MMSG7528303192191 (special order)$2,614.95
APF AR10 22-250 24 SNOW CAMO MLOK HVY HUNTERRI069M7528304726867 (special order)$1,824.95
APF 300PRC 24 PROOF CARBON BBL LANCER STKRI104M6442161703401 (special order)$4,365.00 MAP
APF HUNTER 350LEG 20 MLOK RAIL FREE FLOATRI101M6442161701423 (special order)$1,183.49 MAP
APF 6.5CREED 22 PROOF CARBON BBL LANCER STKRI098M6442161699481 (special order)$2,565.00 MAP
APF 7MM 22 BLACK 4 5ROUND MAG MLR HARD CASEMLR7MM7528303179188 (special order)$2,614.95
APF 28NOS 22 FDE 4 5ROUND MAG MLR HARD CASEMLR28NFDE7528303184101 (special order)$2,414.95
APF 28NOS 22 BLACK 4 5ROUND MAG MLR HARD CASEMLR28N7528303176114 (special order)$2,614.95
APF 26NOS 22 BLACK 4 5ROUND MAG MLR HARD CASEMLR26N7528303175124 (special order)$2,614.95
APF 300WIN 22 BLACK 4 5ROUND MAG MLR HARD CASEMLR300WM7528303180148 (special order)$2,489.95
APF 33NOS 22 BLACK 4 5ROUND MAG MLR HARD CASEMLR33N75283031781910 (special order)$2,614.95
APF 30NOS 22 BLACK 4 5ROUND MAG MLR HARD CASEMLR30N7528303177103 (special order)$2,614.95
APF 300WIN 22 SGREEN 4 5ROUND MAG MLR HARD CASEMLR300WMSG7528303194171 (special order)$2,614.95

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