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Our new address is 18144 Woodinville Snohomish Road, Woodinville, WA 98072

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TACSOL PAC-LITE IV RUG MKIV 22LR 6 BLKPLIV6TEMBNF8799710080691 (special order)$254.00 MAP
PAC-LITE IV RECEIVER .22LR 6" BLK FLTDPLIV6TEMBRF8799710080521 (in stock)$274.95
PAC-LITE IV RECEIVER .22LR 4.5" OD GreenPLIV45TEMODNF8799710081511 (in stock)$274.95
PAC-LITE IV .22LR 4"PLIV45TEMODRF8799710081445 (special order)$264.00 MAP
TACSOL PAC-LITE IV RUG MKIV 22LR 6 ODGPLIV6TEMODNF8799710080832 (special order)$254.00 MAP
TAC SOL X-RING VR 10/22 RCVR SILVERXRA-SIL8799710079638 (special order)$425.00 MAP
TAC SOL XRING VR 10/22 TD RCVR OD GNXRATD-MOD8799710079942 (special order)$445.00 MAP
TACSOL PAC-LITE IV RUG MKIV 22LR 6 ODG FLUTEDPLIV6TEMODRF8799710080763 (special order)$264.00 MAP
TACSOL X-RING VR RECEIVE 22LR GUN METAL GRAYXRAGMG87997100758125 (special order)$425.00 MAP
PAC-LITE IV RECEIVER .22LR 4.5" BLK FLTDPLIV45TEMBRF87997100812017 (special order)$264.00 MAP
Pac-Lite 4.5" TB 22LR OD GreenPL45TEMODNF8563650016602 (special order)$229.00 MAP
Pac-Lite 4.5" Threaded/Fluted Barrel 22 LR OD GreenPL45TEMODRF8563650016846 (special order)$239.95
Owhyee Bolt Takedown 22LR 16.5"OHRTD22MBOBBLK87997100894613 (special order)$879.00 MAP
TAC SOL PAC-LITE PIST BBL 4.5" BLKPL4.5TENF-028563650016531 (special order)$229.00 MAP
TACSOL PAC-LITE RUG 22LR 6 THREADED FLUTEDPL6TEGMGRF8799710050131 (special order)$239.00 MAP
TACSOL PAC-LITE IV RUG MKIV 22LR 4.5 GRAYPLIV45TEGMGRF8799710081063 (special order)$264.00 MAP
Pac-Lite Barreled Receiver 22LR 4.5" BLKPLIV45TEMBNF87997100813711 (special order)$254.00 MAP
TACSOL PAC-LITE RUG 22LR 6 BLK FLUTEDPL6TEMBRF8563650017149 (special order)$239.95
TACSOL PAC-LITE RUG 22LR 6 FLUTED ODGPL6TEMODRF8563650017218 (special order)$239.95

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