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H006GC 45LC 20" Brass Side GateH006GC6198350606311 (in stock)$949.95
HENRY BIG BOY DELUXE 45LC 20" 10RDH006GCD61983506084615 (special order)$1,754.95
HENRY MINI BOLT .22S/L/LRH005S61983501501319 (special order)$264.95
H006G 44MAG 20" 10RDH006G6198350606241 (in stock)$959.95
HENRY BIG BOY DELUXE 44MAG 20" 10RDH006GD6198350608608 (special order)$1,754.95
HENRY EAGLE SCOUT 44MAG 20" SIDEH006GES61983506087720 (special order)$1,404.95
HENRY BIG BOY BRASS LL 45LC 20" 10RH006GCL6198350607097 (special order)$929.95
HENRY BIG BOY BRASS 45LC 16.5" 7RDH006GCR61983506064824 (special order)$904.95
HENRY GOLDEN BOY TX TRIBUTE 22LR 20"H004TX61983501665213 (special order)$874.95
HENRY GOLDEN BOY DELUXE 17HMR 3RD EDITION ENGRVH004VD36198350440685 (special order)$1,374.95
H004TR .22LR 20" Texas Ranger TributeH004TR61983501674411 (special order)$1,234.95
HENRY TRUCKERS TRIBUTE EDITIONH004TT6198350162325 (special order)$964.95
HENRY MINI BOLT 22LR 16.25" BLK/STSH0056198350150065 (special order)$254.95
HENRY MINI BOLT 22LR 16.25" MUDDYH005MG6198350150206 (special order)$264.95
HENRY GOLDENBOY DELUXE 4TH ED.H004VD46198350441059 (special order)$1,429.95
HENRY GOLDEN BOY COMPACT 22LR 17"H004Y61983501606544 (special order)$524.95
HENRY MARE'S LEG 44MAG 12.9" SIDEH006GML61983506072335 (special order)$969.95
H015B-44 Single Shot .44MAG 22" Brass FinishH015B-446198354001231 (in stock)$539.95
HENRY SNGL SHOT TRKY 12GA MOOH015T-126198354002391 (special order)$609.95
HENRY SINGLE BARREL .357/.38H015B3576198354001786 (special order)$574.95
HENRY SINGLESHOT BRASS 410GA 26"H015B-41061983540011610 (special order)$574.95
H018G-410R Side Loading Lever Action .410GA 19.75" Round BblH018G-410R6198355000691 (in stock)$874.95
HENRY SIDE GATE .410GA 2.5" BRASSH024-4106198350604957 (special order)$974.95
HENRY LEVER ACTION AXE .410 GA BRASSH018BAH-4106198355000763 (special order)$999.95
H018G-410 Side Gate .410GA 24"H018G-4106198355000521 (special order)$889.95
H012GC .45LC 20"H012GC61983520028018 (special order)$849.95
HENRY BIG BOY SIDE GATE .45LCH012GCL61983520032719 (special order)$864.95
H011 .44-40WCF 24.5"H0116198351000161 (special order)$2,184.95
HENRY ORIGINAL DLX ENG 25TH .44-40H011D-256198351100772 (special order)$3,099.95
HENRY SINGLESHOT 223REM 22"H015-22361983540003122 (special order)$464.95
Single Shot Brass 12GA 28"H015B-126198354000934 (special order)$574.95
HENRY BIG BOY STEEL CARB 45LC 16.5"H012GCR61983520033470 (special order)$849.95
HENRY SINGLESHOT 12GA SLUG 24"H015-12S6198354002221 (special order)$529.95
HENRY SILVER BOY COMPACT 22LR 17"H004SY61983501660714 (special order)$569.95
US Survival 22 CAMOH002C61983500800828 (special order)$329.95
H002VWP US Survival 22LR Viper Western PatternH002VWP6198350020138 (special order)$334.95
H002B US Survival 22LR Takedown BLKH002B61983500200630 (special order)$269.95
HENRY US SURV 22LR BLK W/GEAR & BAGH002BSGB6198350020376 (special order)$464.95
HENRY AMERICAN EAGLE 22LR 20" NICKELH004AE61983501624939 (special order)$864.95
HENRY EMS TRIBUTE EDITIONH004EMS6198350162706 (special order)$929.95
H004 Golden Boy 22 S, L, LR H00461983500600478 (special order)$504.95
H004AB American Beauty .22LR Silver 20" H004AB61983501626327 (special order)$849.95
H001GG Garden Gun .22LR 18.25" SMOOTH BOREH001GG6198350112131 (in stock)$359.95
H001LL 22LR 18.25" Large LoopH001LL6198350010232 (in stock)$399.95
H001 Classic Lever 22 LR 18.50" H001619835001009144 (special order)$334.95
H001-25 22LR 18.5" 25th AnniversaryH001-2561983501124421 (special order)$884.95
H001TLB FRONTIER 22LR 24" 16RDH001TLB6198350111691 (in stock)$479.95
HENRY SMALL GAME LEVER .22 LR/S 20"H001TRP6198350111144 (special order)$474.95
HENRY MAGNUM EXPRESS 22WMR 19.25"H001ME6198350010301 (special order)$534.95
HENRY LRG LOOP 22S/LR 20" OCTAGONH001TL6198350110536 (special order)$449.95
HENRY GOLDEN BOY EAGLE SCOUT 22LR 20H004ES6198350160968 (special order)$994.95
HENRY GOLDEN BOY 2ND AMEND 22LR BLEMH004SAT3 (special order)$1,019.95
HENRY SILVER EAGLE 22LR 20"H004SE61983501619522 (special order)$759.95
H004S .22LR 20"H004S61983501616410 (special order)$569.95
HENRY GOLDEN BOY 2ND AMEND 22LR 20"H004SAT6198350163863 (special order)$1,039.95
HENRY GOLDEN BOY SILVER .22LRH004SFD61983501663837 (special order)$644.95
HENRY GOLDEN BOY 22LR 20 SALUTE TO SCOUTINGH004STS6198350163481 (special order)$1,079.95
H004SE2 .22LR 20"H004SE26198350163931 (special order)$764.95
HENRY SILVER EAGLE .22WMRH004SEM6198350163003 (special order)$809.95
HENRY GOLDEN EAGLE .22S/L/LRH004GE6198350163315 (special order)$824.95
HENRY GOLDEN BOY L.E. EDITION 22LRH004LE61983501611913 (special order)$929.95
HENRY FIREFIGHTER TRIBUTEH004FM6198350161712 (special order)$974.95
HENRY GOD BLESS AMERICAH004GBA6198350165776 (special order)$1,114.95
HENRY GOLDENBOY DELUXE 4TH ED.H004MD46198350440996 (special order)$1,414.95
HENRY GOLDEN BOY MILITARY 22LR 20"H004MS26198350164239 (special order)$1,114.95
HENRY FREEMASONS TRIBUTE ED.H004MAS6198350163792 (special order)$964.95
HENRY GOLDENBOY DELUXE 3RD ED.H004MD36198350440513 (special order)$1,374.95

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