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RUGER AMERICAN PRED 308WIN 18" AI2697473667626974714 (special order)$424.95
RUGER AMERICAN PRED 6.5CRD 22" AI2697373667626973031 (special order)$424.95
RUG AM RFL PRED 6.5CR B/SS DE2697873667626978599 (special order)$449.95
RUG AM RFL RNCH 450BSH B/SS DE2697773667626977899 (special order)$459.95
American Predator 243WIN 22"269727366762697233 (special order)$424.95
RUGER AMER RNCH 5.56 16.1" FDE AR2696573667626965516 (special order)$424.95
RUGER PRED PKG 308WIN 18" BLK AI2695473667626954913 (special order)$579.95
RUGER AMERICAN PRED 204RUG 22" AI2697173667626971622 (special order)$424.95
RUGER AMER RNCH 300BLK 16.1" 10RD AR269687366762696866 (special order)$424.95
RUG AM RFL HNTR 308 FDE 5RD2699973667626999099 (special order)$674.95
RUG AM RFL HNTR 6.5CR FDE 5RD2699873667626998399 (special order)$674.95
RUGER 10/22ES .22LR ILLINOIS31108736676311088362 (special order)$274.95
RUGER 10/22 CARBINE .22LR WILD3110773667631107124 (special order)$329.95
RUG AM RFL PRED STD 350 20B DE2699173667626991499 (special order)$464.95
RUGER AMERICAN 6.5CRD 20" GRY 5RD2698373667626983954 (special order)$639.95
RUGER AMERICAN 350LEG 16" FDE 5RD26981736676269815397 (special order)$424.95
RUG AM RFL PRED 350 16DDE DE2698773667626987799 (special order)$489.95
RUGER AMERICAN 350LEG 16" FDE CMP26985736676269853167 (special order)$424.95
RUGER AMERICAN 7MM-08 22" GWC 3RD2692373667626923514 (special order)$494.95
RUGER AMERICAN PRED 6.5GRN 22" AR269227366762692281 (special order)$424.95
RUGER AMERICAN 6.5CRD 22" GWC 3RD2692573667626925933 (special order)$494.95
RUGER AMERICAN 243WIN 22" GWC 3RD2692473667626924220 (special order)$494.95
RUGER AMERICAN PRED 308WIN 22" HT LH2691873667626918117 (special order)$444.95
RUGER NO.1 SPORTER213137366762131392 (special order)$1,444.95
RUGER NO.1-A 50TH ANNIVERSARY2130873667621308598 (special order)$1,439.95
RUGER AMERICAN PRED 7MM-08 22" HT LH2691773667626917416 (special order)$444.95
RUGER AMERICAN PRED 243WIN 22" HT LH2691673667626916717 (special order)$444.95
RUGER PRED PKG 223REM 22" BLK AR2695173667626951827 (special order)$579.95
American Predator 6mm CR 22"2694873667626948811 (special order)$424.95
RUGER PRED PKG 6.5CRD 22" BLK AI2695373667626953233 (special order)$579.95
RUGER PRED PKG 204RUGER 22" BLK AI269527366762695258 (special order)$579.95
RUGER AMERICAN PRED 223REM 22" AR2694473667626944021 (special order)$424.95
RUGER AMERICAN 3006SP 22" GWC 4RD2692773667626927319 (special order)$494.95
RUGER AMERICAN 308WIN 22" GWC 3RD2692673667626926623 (special order)$494.95
RUGER AMERICAN 300WIN 24" GWC 3RD2692973667626929716 (special order)$494.95
RUGER AMERICAN 450BSH 22" GWC 3RD269287366762692804 (special order)$494.95
RUGER 10/22 *TALO .22LR BRONZE3110973667631109543 (special order)$319.95
RUGER SR22PB FARMER GREEN362973667603629531 (special order)$359.95
RUG SR22P 22LR PST 3.5MG POLY36187366760361891 (special order)$394.95
RUGER SR22PB .22LR 3.5" AS36417366760364176 (special order)$359.95
RUGER SR22PB .22LR 3.5" AS36357366760363561 (special order)$369.95
RUGER EC9S 9MM 3.1" FDE 7RD329773667603297699 (special order)$239.95
RUGER EC9s 9MM LUGER AS 7-SHOT32877366760328771 (special order)$239.95
RUGER EC9s 9MM LUGER AS 7-SHOT328573667603285326 (special order)$239.95
RUGER EC9S 9MM 3.1" PURP 7RD32957366760329523 (special order)$244.95
RUG EC9S 9MM PST 7RD DDE DE328973667603289199 (special order)$254.95
RUGER HWKEYE 270WIN 22" BL 4RD WD371217366763712116 (special order)$784.95
RUGER HWKEYE 243WIN 22" BL 4RD WD371197366763711982 (special order)$784.95
RUGER HWKEYE 7MM-08 22" BL 4RD WD371237366763712351 (special order)$784.95
RUGER HWKEYE 7MMREM 24" BL 3RD WD371227366763712285 (special order)$784.95
M77 Hawkeye 223Rem 22"371177366763711741 (special order)$784.95
RUG SR22PB 22LR DA 3.5B AZ FLG364673667603646299 (special order)$409.95
RUG SR22P 22LR DA 3.5B NC FLG364573667603645599 (special order)$409.95
RUGER HWKEYE 204RUG 24" BL 5RD WD371167366763711673 (special order)$784.95
RUGER SR22PB .22LR 3.5" AS364773667603647939 (special order)$374.95
RUGER CUSTOM SHOP 10/22 COMPETITION 16"311277366763112798 (special order)$714.95
RUGER 10/22 .22LR 18.5" BLUE3112573667631125580 (special order)$359.95
RUG 10/22 22LR 18.5 MAPLE STOCK31129736676311293407 (special order)$294.95
10/22 Carbine 22LR31128736676311286151 (special order)$274.95
10/22 22LR Competition311207366763112002 (special order)$669.95
10/22 22LR Compact 16.12"3111473667631114927 (special order)$239.95
RUGER 10/22 CARB 22LR 18.5" 10RD CMO31113736676311132121 (special order)$274.95
RUG 10/22 TARGET LITE 22LR BLK THOLE BLK SS BB3111973667631119438 (special order)$474.95
10/22 22LR Collector Series #3 "Man's Best Friend"3111573667631115699 (special order)$309.95
RUG 10/22-TD 22 RFL 18DDE 10RD3114473667631144699 (special order)$374.95
RUG 10/22 22LR 18.5DDE 10RD DE3114073667631140899 (special order)$284.95
RUGER LC9s 9MM LUGER AS 7-SHOT32607366760326005 (special order)$434.95
RUGER 10/22 CARB 22LR 18.5" 10RD CHR3114573667631145335 (special order)$189.95
RUGER 10/22 CARB 22LR 18.5" 10RD GRY3113973667631139237 (special order)$189.95
RUGER 10/22 AMERICAN FARMER II 18.5" S/S3113373667631133016 (special order)$474.95
RUG 10/22 22LR 18.5 SS GO WILD ROCKSTAR CAMO31130736676311309547 (special order)$314.95
RUG 10/22 22LR 10RD FDE 4MAGS3113873667631138599 (special order)$429.95
RUG AMERICAN FARMER II 10/22 22LR 18.5 SS31133736673611330221 (special order)$474.95
RUGER GP100 10MM 3" SS FIBER17807366760178055 (special order)$789.95
RUGER GP100 .357MAG 4.2" AS17777366760177752 (special order)$849.95
RUGER HWKEYE VARM 204RUG 26" STS 5RD179747366761797493 (special order)$904.95
RUGER GP100 .357MAG 3" FS17827366760178291 (special order)$804.95
TALO RUG GP100 4 HIGH POLISH BLUE 7RD177673667601776840 (special order)$834.95
RUGER GP100 .357MAG 3" NOVAK17537366760175391 (special order)$794.95
RUGER GP100 327FED 4.2" SS 7RD17487366760174859 (special order)$694.95
RUGER GP100 .357MAG 4.20" ADJ.177273667601772021 (special order)$644.95
RUGER GP100 327FED 6" STN 7RD176473667601764513 (special order)$694.95
RUGER PRECISION.308 WINCHESTER1802473667618024015 (special order)$1,269.95
Precision 556 NATO n20" HYBRID MUZZLE BRAKE180197366761801962 (in stock)$1,199.99
RUGER PRECISION RFL 308WIN 20" 10RD1802873667618028836 (special order)$1,214.95
RUGER PRECISION. 6.5 CREEDMOOR180257366761802573 (special order)$1,269.95
Precision 6mm CR 24"180167366761801652 (in stock)$1,199.95
RUGER HAWKEYE VARMINT TARGET179767366761797634 (special order)$904.95
RUGER HWKEYE VARM 223REM 26" STS 5RD179757366761797561 (special order)$904.95
RUGER HWKEYE VARM 6.5CRD 28" STS 4RD179807366761798002 (special order)$904.95
RUGER HWKEYE VARM 308WIN 26" STS 4RD179797366761797944 (special order)$904.95
RUGER AMERICAN PKG 223REM 22" MBLK169377366761693754 (special order)$499.95
RUGER AMERICAN PKG 308WIN 22" MBLK169347366761693448 (special order)$499.95
American Predator Vortex Optics 1695373667616953522 (special order)$549.95
RUGER RNCH 450BUSH 16.1 BLK 3RD1695073667616950438 (special order)$424.95
American Vortex Combo 30-06 Spfld 22"1693373667616933714 (special order)$499.95
RUGER AMERICAN 300WIN 24" MSTS 3RD1691273667616912212 (special order)$539.95
RUGER SP101 .357 MAGNUM 2.25"1570473667615704415 (special order)$804.95
RUGER AMERICAN PKG 270WIN 22" MBLK1693273667616932021 (special order)$499.95
RUGER AMERICAN PKG 243WIN 22" MBLK1693173667616931311 (special order)$499.95
RUGER HWKEYE PRED 22-250 24" STS 4RD171217366761712172 (special order)$904.95
RUGER HWKEYE LAM 7MM-08 16.5" STS 4R171117366761711184 (special order)$849.95
RUGER HWKEYE PRED 204RUG 24" STS 5RD171237366761712313 (special order)$904.95
RUGER M77 HAWKEYE PREDATOR171227366761712242 (special order)$904.95
M77 Hawkeye Compact 308Win16.5" Gray SS171107366761711012 (special order)$849.95
American Predator LH1697773667616977129 (special order)$444.95
American Ranch 7.62x39mm169767366761697642 (special order)$424.95
RUGER HWKEYE LAM 243WIN 16.5" STS 4R171087366761710881 (special order)$849.95
RUGER AMER CMP 6.5CRD 20" BLK 4RD1698073667616980122 (special order)$389.95
Precision Rifle 6.5 CR BLK 24"1802973667618029576 (special order)$1,214.95
10/22 Takedown MICA Bronze 22LR211817366762118146 (special order)$299.95
RUGER 10/22 22LR GATOR LAMINATED STOCK211797366762117912 (special order)$329.95
RUGER 10/22 TRGT 22LR 16.1" 10RD LAM2118573667621185214 (special order)$499.95
RUG 10/22TD HNT 22LR 10R SS TB211837366762118385 (special order)$454.95
RUG 10/22 WILD HOG 22LR ENGRAVED WALNUT2116873667621168517 (special order)$324.95
RUG 10/22-TD LITE 22LR B RED2115473667621154812 (special order)$559.95
10/22 TD LITE Blk2115273667621152428 (special order)$524.95
RUGER 10/22 TAKEDOWN LITE2116573667621165424 (special order)$419.95
RUGER 10/22 TAKEDOWN LITE2116373667621163014 (special order)$384.95
RUGER NO.1 MEDIUM SPORTER213027366762130233 (special order)$1,444.95
RUGER NO.1 MEDIUM SPORTER213017366762130162 (special order)$1,444.95
RUGER NO.1 VARMINTER 450 BUSHMASTER 20"213047366762130471 (special order)$1,444.95
RUGER NO.1 VARMINTER213037366762130301 (special order)$1,444.95
RUGER NO.1 VARMINTER213007366762130094 (special order)$1,444.95
10/22 Takedown Carbine X22 22LR2118973667621189011 (special order)$399.95
RUGER 10/22 TRGT 22LR 18.5" 10RD LAM211867366762118695 (special order)$499.95
RUG AMERICAN EAGLE 10/22 WALNUT ENGRAVED EAGLE2119973667621199999 (special order)$349.95
10/22 Carbine 22LR 211947366762119441 (in stock)$299.95
PC Carbine 9mm TD 16" 17rd19100736676191000169 (special order)$494.95
RUGER PRECISION 300PRC 26" BLK 5RD1808373667618083722 (special order)$1,594.95
RUGER PC 9MM 16.12" 10RD BL THRD FLT1910273667619102484 (special order)$494.95
PC Carbine 9mm 16.1"1910173667619101763 (special order)$494.95
RUGER PRECISION RFL 300WM 26" 5RD1808173667618081343 (special order)$1,594.95
RUGER PRECISION 6.5PRC 26" BLK 8RD1804273667618042429 (special order)$1,214.95
RUGER PRECISION RFL 6MMCRD BLK 10RD180327366761803251 (special order)$1,214.95
Precision 338 Lapua 26"180807366761808061 (in stock)$1,619.95
RUG PREC RFL BA 308 10RD DDE1804573667618045599 (special order)$1,304.95
RUGER PC 9MM 16" 10RD BLK FLTD MLOK1911673667619116116 (special order)$559.95
PC Carbine Free Float 9mm 16.1"1911573667619115420 (special order)$549.95
10/22 Takedown Heavy Fluted BBL 22LR2113373667621133337 (special order)$499.95
RUGER PC 9MM 16" 10RD BL THRD MLOK191177366761911787 (special order)$549.95
RUG PC CARBINE 9MM 16 TB BADLANDS CAMO 15RD19112736676191123368 (special order)$494.95
RUG PC CARB 9MM RFL 17R CAM DE1910873667619108635 (special order)$529.95
PC Carbine 9mm 16.1" BLK1910573667619105525 (special order)$559.95
RUGER PC 40SW 16" 10RD BL THRD1911173667619111644 (special order)$504.95
RUGER PC 40SW 16" 15RD BL THRD1910973667619109335 (special order)$494.95
RUGER HWKEYE 308WIN 22" BL 4RD WD371247366763712422 (special order)$784.95
RUG SR1911-CMD-LW 45PST OD/B671873667606718347 (special order)$824.95
RUGER MINI-14 RANCH 5.56MM588173667605881542 (special order)$869.95
RUG SR1911 NRA 45AP PST 5B 8R674673667606746699 (special order)$864.95
RUG SR1911-CMD 45AP PST RED DE673573667606735052 (special order)$824.95
RUG MINI-14 CMPCT 300BLK B 5R586673667605866226 (special order)$874.95
RUGER SP101 MATCH CHAMPION578573667605785664 (special order)$749.95
RUGER SP101 .357MAG 2.25" FS57797366760577951 (special order)$589.95
RUGER MINI-30 7.62X3958047366760580441 (special order)$854.95
RUGER MINI-14 RANCH58027366760580209 (special order)$854.95
RUGER SCOUT 450 BUSHMASTER683973667606839514 (special order)$984.95
RUG SCOUT RIFLE 450BUSH SS FDE STOCK68397366760383953 (special order)$959.95
RUGER AMERICAN 223 REM 22" BARREL69217366760692172 (special order)$354.95
RUGER AMERICAN 243 WIN 22" BARREL69187366760691873 (special order)$354.95
RUGER SR1911 COMP 45ACP 5" TT 8RD KO677673667606776312 (special order)$1,539.95
RUGER SR1911 9MM FS 9-SHOT676873667606768836 (special order)$954.95
RUG SR1911-CMD-LW 9MM PST PURP674773667606747313 (special order)$854.95
RUG SR1911 RAIL SA 45 5DDE DE677473667606774999 (special order)$934.95
RUG SR1911-CMD-LW 9MM PST RB677373667606773299 (special order)$909.95
RUGER VAQUERO .45ACP 3.75" FS51547366760515405 (special order)$654.95
RUGER VAQUERO .45LC 3.75" FS51537366760515338 (special order)$654.95
RUGER VAQUERO .45LC 4-5/8"51587366760515884 (special order)$679.95
RUG TALO VAQUERO 45LC 5.5 FULLY ENGRV SS515773667605157810 (special order)$924.95
RUGER VAQUERO .45LC 3 3/4" FS51517366760515198 (special order)$654.95
RUGER REDHAWK .44MAG 2.75" AS50287366760502841 (special order)$889.95
RUGER REDHAWK .44MAG 7.5" AS50017366760500174 (special order)$824.95
RUGER SUPR GP100 357MAG 5.5" BLK 8RD506573667605065942 (special order)$1,164.95
RUG RDHWK 41M DA REV 4SS HG DE50317366760503147 (special order)$909.95
RUGER HWKEYE ALSKN 338WIN 20" SS 3RD571017366765710179 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER HWKEYE ALSKN 375RUG 20" SS 3RD571007366765710005 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER SP101 WILEY CLAP .357MAG57747366760577401 (special order)$719.95
RUGER HWKEYE ALSKN 300WIN 20" SS 3RD571027366765710248 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER SUPER REDHAWK .10MM552273667605522786 (special order)$924.95
RUGER VAQUERO .45LC 5.5" FS5163736676051632255 (special order)$769.95
Vaquero Fast Draw515973667605159516 (special order)$659.95
RUG S/RDHWK 41M DA REV 7.5SS55217366760552103 (special order)$929.95
RUGER BT VAQUERO .357MAG 5.5"516473667605164934 (special order)$879.95
RUGER AMERICAN PREDATOR69447366760694466 (special order)$389.95
RUGER AR-556 556N 16" 10RD BLK MLOK85371 (special order)$639.95
RUGER AR-556 556N 16" 10RD BLK MLOK853773667608537822 (special order)$649.95
RUG AR-556 FFH 5.56 16DDE 30R854173667608541548 (special order)$709.95
RUGER AR-556 MPR 556 18" USA 30RD85387366760853851 (special order)$739.95
RUGER AR-556 556N 16" BLK 10RD PIC853673667608536110 (special order)$634.95
RUGER AR-556 556NATO 16" BLK 10RD CA85237366760852318 (special order)$669.95
RUGER AR556 .223 30-SHOT851973667608519431 (special order)$679.95
RUGER AR-556 MPR 556 18" BLK 10RD853573667608535424 (special order)$709.95
RUGER AR-556 556NATO 16" BLK 30RD852973667608529392 (special order)$649.95
GP-100 357 Magnum 2.5" ADJ SS 7rdKGP-121-77366760177448 (special order)$694.95
RUGER M77 HAWKEYE AFRICANHM77LRSB73667647121827 (special order)$1,024.95
RUGER SR1911 .45ACP NIGHT SGTSSR1911CMDNW7366760670842 (special order)$899.95
Redhawk .357 Mag/38SPL SS 8rdKRH-357-573667605060410 (special order)$824.95
RUGER BSR40C .40SW 15-SHOT ASBSR40CCTL7366760348191 (special order)$474.95
RUGER AMERICAN 9MM LUGER866073667608660319 (special order)$459.95
RUGER AR-556 PSTL 300BO 10.5 BLK 30R857273667608572913 (special order)$714.95
RUGER AMERICAN .22LR 10-SHOTAMERRFCKHR73667608340458 (special order)$299.95
RUGER AMERICAN COMPACT .22LRAMERRFCCAMGP7366760833298 (special order)$339.95
RUGER AMERICAN 22LR 18" SS 10RD TH836673667608366414 (special order)$449.95
RUGER AMERICAN .17HMR 9-SHOT836573667608365711 (special order)$414.95
RUGER AMERICAN 22WMR 18" SS 9RD836873667608368833 (special order)$424.95
RUGER AMERICAN 22LR 18" SS 10RD836773667608367133 (special order)$424.95
RUGER AMERICAN .22WMR 9-SHOT83647366760836406 (special order)$429.95
RUG TALO AMERICAN 22LR 22 MUDDY GIRL83317366760833122 (special order)$324.95
Blackhawk 44MAG 7.5" Turnbull CCH71907373667600819319 (special order)$794.95
RUGER AMERICAN .22LR 10-SHOT835973667608359612 (special order)$404.95
American Rimfire Heavy BBL Laminate834873667608348022 (special order)$399.95
RUG PREC RIM BA 22M 15RD DDE8411RUG7366760841119 (special order)$434.95
RUG PREC RIM BA 17HMR 15RD DDE8410RUG73667608410499 (special order)$434.95
RUGER AR556 .223 30-SHOT85177366760851704 (special order)$664.95
RUG AR-556 5.56 RFL 16DDE 30RD8503RUG73667608503399 (special order)$689.95
RUG PRECISION RIFLE 22LR 18.5 OD GREEN840973667608409815 (special order)$419.95
RUGER AMERICAN 22WMR 18" CAMO 9RD837373667608373211 (special order)$359.95
RUGER AMERICAN 22LR 18" CAMO 10RD83727366760837252 (special order)$359.95
RUGER PRECISION RIMFIRE .22LR840873667608408120 (special order)$419.95
RUGER AMERICAN 17HMR 18" CAMO 9RD837473667608374921 (special order)$359.95
RUG SEC 9 COMP 9MM DDE 10/15RD383273667603832999 (special order)$349.95
RUGER SEC-9 9MM 3.4" BLK 10RD LSR383073667603830511 (special order)$339.95
MKIV SS BRL4010373667640103113 (special order)$519.95
MKIV4010173667640101735 (special order)$414.95
RUGER SECURITY-9 COMPACT 9MM382873667603828234 (special order)$394.95
RUG SECURITY 9 9MM PST DDE 15R381373667603813877 (special order)$339.95
RUGER LCP 380ACP 2.75" BLK/SS 6RD3791736676037919197 (special order)$219.95
RUGER SECURITY-9 9MM LUGER382173667603821341 (special order)$314.95
RUGER SEC-9 9MM 3.4" BLK 10RD3818736676038183104 (special order)$299.95
RUGER MARK IV .22LR 4.5" SS4013273667640132125 (special order)$649.95
Mark IV Target SS 22LR 5.5"4012673667640126051 (special order)$539.95
Mark IV Tactical4015073667640150544 (special order)$459.95
MK IV Tac 22/45 22LR BLK 10rd 4.4"4014973667640149970 (special order)$414.95
Hunter MKIV .22LR 6.88" 10rd AS S/S4011873667640118553 (special order)$614.95
MKIV Standard 22LR 6"401057366764010551 (in stock)$349.95
MKIV STD 4.75"4010473667640104820 (special order)$349.95
Competition MKIV .22LR 6.88" 10rd AS S/S4011273667640112310 (special order)$599.95
Mark IV 22/45 22LR 5.5" 10rd AS Target40107736676401079748 (special order)$324.95
RUG LCP 380 PST B MG CAMO 6RD373473667603734652 (special order)$239.95
RUGER HWKEYE AFR 375RUG 23" BL 3RD371867366763718601 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER LCP .380ACP 6-SHOT FS3762736676037629276 (special order)$199.95
RUGER LCP .380ACP 6-SHOT FS3753736676037537255 (special order)$229.95
RUGER HWKEYE AFR 416RUG 23" BL 3RD371857366763718532 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER HWKEYE 300WIN 24" BL 3RD WD371267366763712661 (special order)$784.95
RUGER HWKEYE 30-06 22" BL 4RD WD371257366763712594 (special order)$784.95
RUGER M77 HAWKEYE COMPACT371407366763714025 (special order)$784.95
RUGER M77 HAWKEYE COMPACT .308371397366763713966 (special order)$784.95
RUGER LCP II .380ACP 6-SHOT FS378173667603781051 (special order)$354.95
RUGER LCP II .380ACP 6-SHOT FS377773667603777317 (special order)$284.95
RUGER LCP II .380ACP 6-SHOT FS37897366760378961 (special order)$364.95
RUG LCPII DDE 380 PST 6RD DE378673667603786599 (special order)$304.95
RUGER LCP II .380ACP 6-SHOT FS37767366760377666 (special order)$284.95
RUGER LCP II .380ACP 6-SHOT FS37737366760377358 (special order)$284.95
RUGER LCP II .380ACP 6-SHOT FS3766736676037667636 (special order)$229.95
RUGER LCP II .380ACP 6-SHOT FS377573667603775912 (special order)$284.95
RUGER LCP II .380ACP 6-SHOT FS377473667603774213 (special order)$284.95
RUGER MRK IV TRGT 22LR 5.5" BL 10RD4015973667640159813 (special order)$459.95
RUGER HWKEYE FTW 6.5CRD 24" STS CAMO471707366764717063 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER HWKEYE FTW 300WIN 24" STS CAMO471467366764714612 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER HAWKEYE FTW HUNTER LH471757366764717511 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER HAWKEYE FTW HUNTER LH471747366764717444 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER HAWKEYE FTW HUNTER471457366764714547 (special order)$839.95
RUGER GUIDE GUN 375RUG 20" MT 3RD LH471247366764712492 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER HWKEYE AFR 300WIN 23" BL 3RD471197366764711951 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER HWKEYE PRED 6.5CRD 24" 4RD LOP471397366764713932 (special order)$924.95
RUGER GUIDE GUN 375RUG 20" MT 3RD471257366764712564 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER CHARGER .22LR 15-SHOT49197366760491961 (special order)$309.95
RUGER HKWEYE LAM 6.5CRD 22" STS 5RD4719873667647198049 (special order)$1,024.95
RUG 22 CHRGR 22LR 15RD DDE493173667604931889 (special order)$294.95
RUGER CHARGER .22LR 15-SHOT492073667604920220 (special order)$374.95
RUGER HKWEYE LAM 6.5PRC 22" STS 3RD4719773667647197335 (special order)$1,024.95
RUGER HWKEYE LRT 6.5CRD 26" HB 10RD4718473667647184328 (special order)$1,019.95
M77 Hawkeye 300Win 4718373667647183634 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER HWKEYE 50TH LE 243WIN BL WLNT471907366764719041 (special order)$1,319.95
M77 Hawkeye Long Range Target 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC)4718973667647189871 (special order)$1,019.95
RUG MKIV 2245 LT 22PST 4.4 GRN4391673667643916442 (special order)$484.95
RUG MKIV 2245 LT 22PST 4.4 PRP439157366764391571 (special order)$484.95
RUGER MRK IV LITE 22LR 4.4" GRY 10RD4392173667643921829 (special order)$489.95
MKIV LITE 22LR 4.4" Diamond Gray4391773667643917125 (special order)$454.95
MKIV 22/45 LITE 22LR 4.4" Red4391073667643910239 (special order)$484.95
RUG MKIV 2245 TACT 22LR 4.4DDE4016773667640167399 (special order)$484.95
RUGER MRK IV HUNT 22LR 6.9" STN 10RD4016073667640160419 (special order)$654.95
MKIV 22/45 LITE4390673667643906597 (special order)$454.95
RUGER MARK IV 22LR 4.75" BLK 10RD4016873667640168024 (special order)$394.95
RUGER GUIDE GUN 300WIN 20" MT 3RD471167366764711642 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER M77 GUIDE GUN W/MBS471147366764711402 (special order)$839.95
RUGER GUIDE GUN 30-06 20" MT 4RD471187366764711883 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER GUIDE GUN 338WIN 20" MT 3RD471177366764711711 (special order)$1,019.95
RUGER HWKEYE PRED 6.5CRD 24" STS 4RD471087366764710892 (special order)$904.95
MKIV 22/45 LITE Blue4392473667643924955 (special order)$454.95
RUG MKIV LITE 22LR 4.4TB DG DE4392273667643922542 (special order)$524.95
MKIV 22/45 LITE Bull as BLK439277366764392701 (in stock)$469.95
MKIV 22/45 LITE Gold4392673667643926351 (special order)$454.95
RUGER SP101 357 MAG BL 5RD HMR FS15702736676157020129 (special order)$574.95
Security-9 9mm038107366760381071 (in stock)$309.95
LCP SS 380ACP 10th Anniversary LD0379073667603790263 (special order)$219.95
RUGER SEC-9 9MM 4" BL 15RD 3DT LSR0381673667603816915 (special order)$339.95
RUGER SEC-9 9MM 4" BL 10RD 3-DOT03811736676038114137 (special order)$299.95
LCP-II FS03787736676037872147 (special order)$274.95
RUGER LCP II 380ACP 2.75" HRVST 6RD0376773667603767411 (special order)$289.95
LCP II MSRT.380ACP 2.75" 6rd037657366760376505 (special order)$289.95
LCP-II-EJ037797366760377974 (special order)$294.95
RUGER LCP 380ACP 2.75" TXC CAMO 6RD037697366760376985 (special order)$229.95
RUGER RDHWK 44MAG 5.5" STN 6RD0504373667605043713 (special order)$864.95
RUGER RDHWK 44MAG 7.5" STN 6RD050417366760504132 (special order)$864.95
Redhawk 45ACP/45Colt SS050507366760505051 (special order)$864.95
RUGER RDHWK 44MAG 4.2" STN 6RD0504473667605044414 (special order)$864.95
Redhawk Satin SS050277366760502773 (in stock)$729.95
RUGER SEC-9 9MM 4" CBLT KIN BL 15RD03824736676038244743 (special order)$309.95
RUGER SEC-9 9MM 4" BL 10RD 3-DOT0381973667603819021 (special order)$309.95
Charger Takedown 22 LR 10" Threaded Barrel Black0492473667604924055 (special order)$329.95
Charger 22LR 10" TB Poly Blk0492373667604923339 (special order)$249.95
RUGER SR22 22LR 3.5" HRVST MOON 10RD0363773667603637015 (special order)$374.95
RUGER SR22 22LR 3.5" TOXIC CAMO 10RD0363373667603633215 (special order)$374.95
LCP-PG Purple Frame0372573667603725416 (special order)$229.95
LCP037017366760370181 (in stock)$219.95
SR22P 3.5" 22LR 10rd036277366760362711 (special order)$334.95
SR22PB-3M0361173667603611088 (special order)$354.95
SR22 Standard S/S036077366760360731 (in stock)$389.95
SR22P-TB 3.5" 22LR 10rd0362573667603625786 (special order)$374.95
RUSR22PB-EX 4.5" BL AS 10rd0362073667603620219 (special order)$369.95
LCP-II-MG0375773667603757599 (special order)$304.95
LCP Custom .380ACP 2.75" 6rd0375573667603755199 (special order)$254.95
RUGER LCP 380ACP 2.75" HRVT MOON 6RD0376373667603763625 (special order)$229.95
LCP-II-VL0375873667603758267 (special order)$339.95
LCP-VL037527366760375206 (special order)$274.95
LCP-TG 380ACP TURQUOISE/SS 0374573667603745213 (special order)$239.95
LCP 380ACP FDE TALO0374273667603742111 (special order)$234.95
LCP-II037507366760375061 (in stock)$289.95
LCP-TG 380ACP0374673667603746915 (special order)$229.95
RUGER RDHWK 357MAG 2.75" STN 8RD050517366760505122 (special order)$864.95
05431 LCRX 38Spl 3" 0543173667605431232 (special order)$464.95
05430 LCRX 38Spl. 1 7/8"054307366760543051 (in stock)$459.95
RUGER LCRX 22WMR 1.87" BLK 6RD HMR0543973667605439814 (special order)$464.95
LCRX 22LR 3" 0543573667605435020 (special order)$464.95
LCR-LM 38Spl+P054157366760541523 (in stock)$459.95
Super Redhawk Alaskan 44Mag 0530373667605303214 (special order)$949.95
Super Redhawk Alaskan 480 Ruger053027366760530254 (special order)$949.95
LCR 22LR054107366760541071 (in stock)$489.95
05401 LCR 38Spl 1.875054017366760540152 (in stock)$459.95
RUGER SPR RDHWK 44MAG 7.5" STN 6RD0550173667605501210 (special order)$924.95
LCR-x 9mm 1.87"0546473667605464019 (special order)$539.95
Super Redhawk Satin SS 454 Casull 7.5"055057366760550501 (special order)$949.95
RUGER SPR RDHWK 44MAG 9.5" STN 6RD055027366760550292 (special order)$924.95
RUGER LCRX 327FED 1.87" BLK 6RD HMR0546273667605462621 (special order)$539.95
LCR .327 Federal Magnum054527366760545275 (special order)$539.95
KLCR-357054507366760545035 (special order)$539.95
RUGER LCRX 357MAG 1.875" BLK 5RD0546073667605460247 (special order)$539.95
05456 LCR 9mm 1.8750545673667605456540 (special order)$539.95
Vaquero Blued 357 Mag051077366760510767 (special order)$659.95
Vaquero NV35 357 Mag0510673667605106910 (special order)$659.95
RUGER VAQUERO 357MAG 4.6" STS 6RD051097366760510909 (special order)$659.95
Vaquero SS 357 Mag051087366760510839 (special order)$659.95
RUGER VAQUERO 45LC 4.6" STS 6RD0510573667605105221 (special order)$659.95
RUGER VAQUERO 45LC 5.5" BL 6RD0510173667605101411 (special order)$659.95
RUGER RDHWK 357MAG 4.2" STN 8RD AS0505973667605059829 (special order)$824.95
RUGER VAQUERO 45LC 5.5" STS 6RD0510473667605104521 (special order)$659.95
RUGER VAQUERO 45LC 4.6" BL 6RD0510273667605102113 (special order)$659.95
Vaquero SS Engraved 45LC051577366760515717 (special order)$954.95
Vaquero 45ACP 3.75" 6rd Bird's Head TALO0515273667605152610 (special order)$654.95
Super Redhawk Alaskan0530173667605301814 (special order)$949.95
New Vaquero .357mag 3.75" SS051627366760516252 (special order)$669.95
New Vaquero SS051347366760513426 (special order)$714.95
RUGER VAQUERO BSLY 45LC 5.5" STS 6RD051297366760512988 (special order)$714.95
New Vaquero SS 3.75"0512673667605126712 (special order)$789.95
RUGER VAQUERO SASS 357MAG 4.6" STS051337366760513358 (special order)$714.95
Vaquero Bisley SS 5 1/2" 357Mag051307366760513048 (special order)$714.95
RUGER SPR BLKHWK 44MAG 7.5" STN 6RD0080473667600804911 (special order)$659.95
RUGER SPR BLKHWK 44MAG 7.5" BL 6RD008027366760080253 (special order)$659.95
RUGER SPR BLKHWK 44MAG 10.5" BL 6RD008077366760080703 (special order)$659.95
RUGER SPR BLKHWK 44MAG 10.5" STN 6RD008067366760080636 (special order)$689.95
RUGER SNGL-SIX 22LR/WMR 7.5" STN 6RD006627366760066255 (special order)$704.95
SINGLE-SIX 22LR-22MAG 6.5 SS AS006267366760062677 (special order)$564.95
RUGER SNGL-SIX 22LR/WMR 5.5" STN WD0062573667600625039 (special order)$564.95
Single Six 17HMR 6 1/2"006617366760066181 (in stock)$479.95
RUGER SNGL-SIX 22LR/WMR 5.5" 6RD FS006297366760062983 (special order)$504.95
RUGER BEARCAT 22LR 4.2" BL 6RD009127366760091216 (special order)$514.95
SBH Bisley Hunter008627366760086294 (special order)$764.95
10/22 Sporter 22LR BLK0110273667601102511 (special order)$329.95
RUGER BEARCAT 22LR 4.2" STN 6RD009137366760091383 (special order)$554.95
RUGER SPR BLKHWK HUNT 44MAG 7.5" STN008607366760086053 (special order)$764.95
Super Blackhawk S.S. 44 Mag008117366760081171 (special order)$659.95
RUGER SPR BLKHWK 44MAG 5.5" BL 6RD008107366760081005 (special order)$659.95
RUGER SPR BLKHWK 44MAG 4.6" STN 6RD008147366760081481 (special order)$659.95
RUGER SPR BLKHWK 44MAG 4.6" BL 6RD008137366760081312 (special order)$659.95
RUGER BLKHWK 41MAG 4.6" BL 6RD004057366760040584 (special order)$534.95
New Blackhawk .357 Mag 6.5" SS003197366760031984 (special order)$644.95
RUGER BLKHWK 45LC 4.6" BL 6RD004457366760044545 (special order)$534.95
RUGER BLKHWK 41MAG 6.5" BL 6RD004067366760040654 (special order)$534.95
RUGER BLKHWK 357MAG/9MM 6.5" BL 6RD003187366760031819 (special order)$599.95
RUGER BLKHWK 357MAG/9MM 4.6" BL 6RD003087366760030827 (special order)$599.95
Blackhawk 357 Mag Blue0030673667600306814 (special order)$534.95
New Blackhawk .357 Magnum 6.5"003167366760031674 (special order)$534.95
Blackhawk 357 Mag SS Hardwood003097366760030992 (special order)$644.95
RUGER SNGL-SIX 22LR/WMR 6.5" BL 6RD006227366760062292 (special order)$504.95
RUGER SNGL-SIX 22LR/WMR 5.5" BL 6RD006217366760062125 (special order)$504.95
RUGER SNGL-SIX 22LR/WMR 9.5" BL 6RD006247366760062439 (special order)$504.95
RUGER SNGL-SIX 22LR/WMR 4.6" BL 6RD006237366760062361 (special order)$504.95
RUGER BLKHWK 30CARB 7.5" BL 6RD005057366760050554 (special order)$534.95
Blackhawk 45LC 7.5 BL 004557366760045535 (special order)$534.95
Blackhawk Convertable Blue 45Colt / 45ACP004467366760044612 (special order)$599.95
RUGER BLKHWK 45LC 5.5" BL 6RD004657366760046524 (special order)$534.95
Blackhawk Convertible 45LC/45ACP 5.5 004637366760046382 (special order)$599.95
10/22RB01103736676011032111 (special order)$244.95
LC380 380ACP BLK 0321973667603219844 (special order)$219.95
GP100 Match Champion 10mm 4.2" 017757366760177511 (in stock)$809.95
RUGER LC380 380ACP 3.1" BL 7RD CA032537366760325328 (special order)$424.95
LC9S 9mm Blue 3.12"0323573667603235810 (special order)$304.95
GP-100 357 Magnum 6" SS 7rd0177373667601773723 (special order)$694.95
GP100 2.5" .357 Magnum0176373667601763815 (special order)$664.95
GP-100 44S&W SPL SS 3" ADJ SIGHTS017617366760176141 (in stock)$649.95
GP-100 357 Magnum 4.2" SS 7rd0177173667601771320 (special order)$694.95
GP100 .44SPL 3"017677366760176761 (in stock)$709.95
SR22PB03600736676036004116 (special order)$354.95
SR40C .40 S&W 3.5" 15rd034767366760347651 (in stock)$409.95
SR22 Lavender0360673667603606639 (special order)$364.95
SR22PBT Threaded BBL0360473667603604223 (special order)$389.95
P94 USED KP944D SS 40S&W 4.2" 11rd034264 (in stock)$270.00
EC9S 9mm Satin/Turquoise0328673667603286034 (special order)$254.95
EC9S 9mm BLK032837366760328391 (in stock)$229.95
SR9c Compact 9mm SS033137366760331331 (in stock)$449.95
EC9S 9mm Blue/Cobalt 03291736676032914792 (special order)$229.95
10/22RBD-FS012967366760129611 (special order)$379.95
10/22 Stainless Polished0126473667601264027 (special order)$339.95
GP-100 357 Blued 6"017047366760170417 (special order)$619.95
01702 GP-100 357 Blued 4.2"0170273667601702713 (special order)$619.95
10/22 Tactical Synt Black0126173667601261921 (special order)$284.95
10/22 Sporter Stainless0123473667601234314 (special order)$374.95
10/22 RPF 22LR0115173667601151383 (special order)$244.95
10/22 Stainless/Clear Matte0125673667601256555 (special order)$274.95
10/22 Sporter Blued012357366760123501 (special order)$334.95
GP-100 Match Champion 357Mag 4.2"017557366760175533 (special order)$779.95
GP-100 Match Champion 357Mag017547366760175464 (special order)$779.95
GP-100 357Mag 6" Stainless Unfluted Cyl.017597366760175915 (special order)$714.95
GP-100 SS 22LR0175773667601757720 (special order)$664.95
GP-100 38SP SS 3"017517366760175154 (in stock)$499.95
01707 GP100 357 Mag 6"0170773667601707219 (special order)$664.95
GP-100 357 SS 4"017057366760170581 (in stock)$624.95
GP-1000174073667601740914 (special order)$709.95
GP-100 357 SS 3"017157366760171572 (special order)$644.95
Super Redhawk KSRH-74800550773667605507410 (special order)$904.95
RUGER PREC RIMFIRE 17HMR 9RD 18" BLK0840373667608403642 (special order)$389.95
Precision Rimfire 17HMR18" 08402736676084029103 (special order)$389.95
RUGER PREC RIMFIRE 22WMR 9RD 18" BLK0840573667608405061 (special order)$389.95
RUGER PREC RIMFIRE 22WMR 15RD 18" BL08404736676084043103 (special order)$389.95
RUGER PREC RIMFIRE 22LR 10RD 18" BLK0840173667608401255 (special order)$389.95
RUGER AMER RF TRGT 22LR 18" 10RD TB083607366760836026 (special order)$424.95
RUGER AMER RF 17HMR 18" 9RD TB STS0835373667608353422 (special order)$349.95
Precision 22LR 18" 08400736676084005173 (special order)$389.95
American Rimfire 17HMR 18" 9rd 083697366760836958 (special order)$424.95
RUGER AR-556 556N 16.1" 10RD CA MMG085137366760851321 (special order)$684.95
RUGER AR-556 556NATO 16.1" BLK 10RD085117366760851189 (special order)$639.95
AR-556 MOE 16.1" 5.56NATO0851573667608515626 (special order)$669.95
AR-556 MPR 18" 5.56NATO08514736676085149103 (special order)$709.95
AR-556 10CAC 16.1" 5.56NATO085107366760851018 (special order)$549.95
AR-556 16.1" 5.56NATO085007366760850025 (in stock)$599.95
Precision 22LR 18" 0840673667608406799 (special order)$424.95
AR-556-RO0850673667608506412 (special order)$94.95
RUGER AR-556 556NATO 16.1" 10RD FXD085027366760850264 (special order)$639.95
RUGER AMERICAN RF 17HMR 22" BL 9RD083117366760831148 (special order)$289.95
American Compact 22LR083067366760830605 (special order)$314.95
RUGER AMERICAN RF CMP 17HMR 18" 9RD083137366760831388 (special order)$289.95
RUGER AMERICAN RF 17HMR 18" 9RD TB083127366760831217 (special order)$314.95
American 22LR 18" Matte Blued0830573667608305316 (special order)$314.95
RUGER SUPER BLACKHAWK .44MAG08177366760081791 (special order)$689.95
RUGER SNGL-NINE 22WMR 6.5" STN 9RD081507366760815097 (special order)$564.95
American Rimfire Compact Bolt 22LR 18" 10+1 Blued Steel 0830373667608303918 (special order)$289.95
RUGER AMERICAN RF 22LR 22" BL 10RD0830173667608301512 (special order)$289.95
RUGER AMERICAN RF 17 HMR 18" BL 9RD0835073667608350316 (special order)$399.95
American Heavy BBL Laminate083497366760834976 (special order)$399.95
RUGER AMER RF 22WMR 18" 9RD TB STS083527366760835276 (special order)$349.95
RUGER AMER RF 22LR 18" 10RD TB STS0835173667608351023 (special order)$349.95
American American Compact Bolt 22LR 18" Satin Blued0833973667608339871 (special order)$299.95
American Rimfire 22 WMR 18"10rd Blued083227366760832206 (special order)$314.95
RUGER AMERICAN RF 22WMR 22" BL 9RD0832173667608321317 (special order)$289.95
RUGER AMERICAN RF 22LR 22" 10RD WD083297366760832992 (special order)$369.95
RUGER AMERICAN RF CMP 22WMR 18" 9RD083237366760832373 (special order)$289.95
AR-556-LR Complete Lower085167366760851639 (special order)$244.95
RUGER VAQUERO .44MAG 3.75 FS105987366761059841 (special order)$669.95
New Vaquero 44Rem Mag 5.5:1059773667610597715 (special order)$659.95
10/22 Takedown Blue with Flash1111273667611112147 (special order)$364.95
10/22 Stainless Takedown1110073667611100875 (special order)$349.95
New Vaquero 44Rem Mag 4.01059673667610596011 (special order)$659.95
MKIII Competition101127366761011222 (in stock)$419.95
MKIII6101057366761010541 (in stock)$319.95
MKIII USA Shooting Team 101617366761016103 (in stock)$499.95
MKIII512TG101597366761015976 (in stock)$349.95
RUGER EC9S 9MM 3.1" TURQ 7RD1320073667613200389 (special order)$254.95
RUGER NO.1 LIGHT SPORTER13047366760130432 (special order)$1,519.95
RUGER LCP II .380ACP 6-SHOT FS1370273667613702226 (special order)$299.95
RUGER EC9S 9MM 3.1" GRY 7RD1320173667613201099 (special order)$239.95
RUGER 10/22 MANNLICHER STOCK12657366760126572 (special order)$324.95
10/22 TD Classic VI Walnut1118773667611187923 (special order)$399.95
RUG 10/22 TAKEDOWN 22LR 16.12 THRD SS BLK FOS11125736676111251103 (special order)$399.95
RUGER 10/22 SPORTER .22LR12377366760123746 (special order)$359.95
RUGER 10/22 .22LR ATI SR-221119873667611198536 (special order)$354.95
Ruger American Pistol 45ACP0861573667608615392 (special order)$434.95
Ruger American FS w/Safety0860873667608608559 (special order)$434.95
RUGER AMERICAN 9MM 3.55" 10RD BLK SF0863373667608633722 (special order)$434.95
RUGER AMERICAN 45ACP 4.5" 10R BLK TS086187366760861841 (special order)$434.95
American A9-PRO-DUTY-100860773667608607899 (special order)$434.95
RUGER AR-556 OR 16.1 30RD BLK0852573667608525565 (special order)$634.95
AR-556 MPR 450 Bushmaster 18.625"0852273667608522444 (special order)$824.95
Ruger American Pistol0860573667608605410 (in stock)$334.95
AR-556 10.5" 5.56NATO0857073667608570550 (special order)$684.95
RUGER AMERICAN 45ACP 4.5" BL 10R MA08680736676086801119 (special order)$434.95
RUGER AMERICAN 9MM 3.5" BLK 10RD MA086637366760866344 (special order)$434.95
MKIII512 SS101037366761010304 (in stock)$379.95
MKIII512101017366761010161 (in stock)$299.95
RUGER AMERICAN 9MM 4.2" BLK 10RD MA086617366760866104 (special order)$434.95
RUGER AMERICAN 9MM 3.55" 10RD BLK0863773667608637522 (special order)$434.95
Ruger American Compact08635736676086351103 (special order)$434.95
AMER CMPCT 45ACP BLK 3.8"086457366760864501 (special order)$434.95
RUGER AMERICAN 9MM 4.2" 10RD BLK TS0863873667608638270 (special order)$434.95
Mini-30 7.62x39 20rd 16.12"058547366760585494 (special order)$864.95
RUGER MINI THIRTY 762X39 18.5" ST 20058537366760585322 (special order)$909.95
Mini-14 Tactical 300Blackout058647366760586485 (special order)$864.95
RUGER MINI-14 RNCH 5.56 18.5" 5RD SY0585573667605855618 (special order)$794.95
RUGER MINI-14 TACT 5.56 16" 5RD SYN0584873667605848813 (special order)$864.95
RUGER MINI-14 TACT 5.56 16" STS 20RD058197366760581981 (special order)$934.95
RUGER MINI-14 RNCH 5.56 18.5" ST 20R058177366760581742 (special order)$909.95
Mini-14 M14/20GBCPC058477366760584716 (special order)$864.95
RUGER MINI-14 TACT 5.56 16" 20RD FLD058467366760584643 (special order)$864.95
SR1911 SR1911 Night Watchman 4.25" 45 ACP067207366760672063 (special order)$909.95
SR1911 Lightweight 45ACP067117366760671143 (special order)$784.95
SR1911 Target SS 45ACP067367366760673671 (in stock)$739.95
SR1911 Lightweight FS 2-Tone 9mm067227366760672203 (special order)$784.95
SR1911-NW067097366760670912 (special order)$879.95
SR19110670073667606700853 (special order)$754.95
RUGER MINI 7.62X39 16.1 STN 20RD058687366760586864 (special order)$934.95
Custom SR1911 Commander 45ACP SS06702CS6676067022351 (in stock)$1,099.95
SR1911 Commander 45ACP0670273667606702270 (special order)$719.95
RUGER SP101 38SPL+P 2.25" STN 5RD HR057377366760573752 (special order)$574.95
SP-101 2 1/4" 357Mag0572073667605720719 (special order)$574.95
05765 SP-101 Satin Grey0576573667605765811 (special order)$614.95
SP-101 Engraved 357Mag 2 1/4"057647366760576413 (special order)$779.95
SP-101 357 SS 3.06"057197366760571912 (special order)$574.95
Super Redhawk Hunter055207366760552034 (special order)$924.95
Super Redhawk Alaskan Toklat 454 Casull 5"055177366760551737 (special order)$944.95
05718 SP-101 357Mag Satin SS0571873667605718449 (special order)$574.95
Super Redhawk KSRH-610055247366760552411 (in stock)$899.95
RUGER MINI-14 RNCH 5.56 18.5" ST 5RD058057366760580516 (special order)$854.95
Mini-14 Ranch 5.56mm 18.5"0580173667605801342 (special order)$794.95
RUGER MINI-14 RNCH 5.56 18.5" BL 20R058167366760581673 (special order)$839.95
Mini Thirty Autoloader 7.62x39 18.5"0580673667605806813 (special order)$854.95
SP-101 327 Fed Mag 3" FS0578473667605784913 (special order)$574.95
05773 SP-101 327 Fed Mag 4.2" Fiber Opic Front057737366760577332 (special order)$614.95
SP-101 357 Mag 4" AS0577173667605771920 (special order)$614.95
SP101 9mm 2.25" 057837366760578321 (in stock)$599.95
RUGER SP101 357MAG 4.2" STS 5RD FOFS057827366760578255 (special order)$689.95
SR1911-10 SS 10mm067397366760673984 (special order)$799.95
American Predator 6.5 CR0697373667606973639 (special order)$389.95
American Ranch Std 300BLK0696873667606968229 (special order)$389.95
RUGER 77/22 22HRN 20" BL 6RD WD072017366760720194 (special order)$764.95
American Predator 308WIN0697473667606974314 (special order)$389.95
American Ranch Threaded069657366760696512 (special order)$389.95
RUGER AMERICAN 243WIN 18" BLK 4RD0690873667606908813 (special order)$374.95
American Compact 18" 308WIN069077366760690716 (in stock)$359.95
RUGER AMERICAN PRED 22-250 22" ROT0694573667606945335 (special order)$389.95
RUGER AMERICAN 7MM-08 18" BLK 4RD0690973667606909515 (special order)$374.95
RUGER 77/44 44MAG 18.5" BL 4RD WD074037366760740374 (special order)$679.95
RUGER 77/44 44MAG 18.5" STS 4RD SYN074027366760740208 (special order)$764.95
Single Ten SS 22LR 5.5"081007366760810049 (special order)$564.95
77 357 Mag SS 074057366760740512 (special order)$764.95
M77/44 44 Rem Mag RS 074017366760740132 (special order)$764.95
RUGER 77/17 17HRN 24" MT STS 6RD GRN072127366760721258 (special order)$824.95
RUGER 77/22 22HRN 24" MT STS 6RD GRN072047366760720406 (special order)$824.95
RUGER 77/17 17WSM 18.5 MT STS 6RD WD072187366760721876 (special order)$824.95
RUGER 77/17 17WSM 20" BLUED 6RD WD0721773667607217015 (special order)$764.95
Gunsite Scout068037366760680362 (special order)$909.95
SR1911 KOENIG Competition067667366760676646 (special order)$1,879.95
M77-GS Gunsite Scout 308Win 18.7"068227366760682274 (special order)$959.95
M77-LGS Gunsite Scout LH 308Win 18.7"068217366760682105 (special order)$959.95
RUGER SR1911 45ACP 3.6" STS 7RD0676273667606762617 (special order)$784.95
RUGER SR1911 OFC 9MM 3.6" DT 8RD067587366760675897 (special order)$784.95
SR1911 Night Watchman 0675673667606756511 (special order)$879.95
RUGER SINGLE-SIX .22LR/.22WMR06767366760067624 (special order)$649.95
SR1911 Target SS067597366760675965 (special order)$799.95
American 22" 308WIN0690373667606903358 (special order)$374.95
RUGER AMERICAN 270WIN 22" BLK 4RD0690273667606902644 (special order)$374.95
RUGER AMERICAN 7MM-08 22" BLK 4RD0690673667606906412 (special order)$374.95
RUGER AMERICAN 243WIN 22" BLK 4RD069047366760690401 (special order)$374.95
American 30.06069017366760690198 (special order)$374.95
GUNSITE SCOUT M77 16.1" .308WIN068307366760683022 (special order)$909.95
Gunsite Scout 308Win068297366760682961 (special order)$959.95
RUGER SCOUT 450 16.1" 4RD BLK SYN0683873667606838840 (special order)$959.95
RUGER GUNSITE SCT 450 16.1" 4RD WAL068377366760683711 (special order)$959.95

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