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KSA CRICKETT G2 22LR PUR LAM BL BBLKSA22276116130222751 (special order)$184.95
CRICKETT RIFLE G2 .22LRKSA21616116130216127 (special order)$179.95
KSA CRICKETT G2 22LR MDDY GRL BL BBLKSA21606116130216051 (special order)$179.95
CRICKETT RIFLE G2 .22LRKSA23066116130230678 (special order)$134.95
CRICKETT RIFLE G2 .22LRKSA230261161302302910 (special order)$134.95
CRICKETT RIFLE G2 .22LRKSA22526116130225274 (special order)$184.95
CRICKETT PRECISION RIFLE .22LRKSA21596116130215991 (special order)$319.95
KSA CRICKETT G2 22LR BLK SYN BL BBL224061161302240423 (special order)$124.95
KSA CRICKETT G2 22LR TAN SYN BL BBL22356116130223506 (special order)$134.95
KSA CRICKETT G2 22LR BLUE LAM BL BBL22226116130222201 (special order)$184.95
CRICKETT RIFLE G2 .22LRKSA21586116130215823 (special order)$189.95
CRICKETT RIFLE G2 .22LR REDGKSA21266116130212613 (special order)$199.95
KSA CRICKETT G2 22WMR BLK SYN BL BBL22806116130228004 (special order)$144.95

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