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Hundreds of guns in stock, over 10000 available for special order! Check out our catalog for near-realtime prices and availability for everything we sell, as well as our super deals page!
Precise Shooter will be closed on December 25th, 26th, 31st, and January 1st in recognition of Winter Holidays. Happy holidays, everyone!
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CHRISTENSEN ELR .300WMCA102662754618106510246275 (special order)$2,339.95
CHA CA-10 DMR 6.5CR 22B TUNCA1015431592368106510229821 (special order)$2,919.95
CHRISTENSEN ELR .28 NOSLERCA102668753618106510245597 (special order)$2,339.95
CHA ELR BA 26NOS 26BCA102665752618106510245423 (special order)$2,339.95
CHA CA-10 DMR 308 18B BBCA1015411364358106510231011 (special order)$2,919.95
CHRISTENSEN RIDGELINE 6.5PRC80165102959281065102959227 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA CA-10 DMR 6.5CR 20B TUNCA1015431572358106510229751 (special order)$2,919.95
CHA CA-10 DMR 6.5CR 20B BBCA1015431372358106510230711 (special order)$2,919.95
CHRISTENSEN ELR 6.5CMCA10266H752618106510245286 (special order)$2,339.95
CHA BA TACTICAL 308 16BCA102714884818106510255253 (special order)$2,339.95
CHA BA TACTICAL 6.5CREED 26BCA10270H8528181065102545710 (special order)$2,339.95
CHA TFM BA 6.5CREED 26BCA10272H852458106510255323 (special order)$4,099.95
CHA TFM BA 308 20BCA102724824458106510255492 (special order)$4,099.95
CHA SUMMIT TI 28NOS 26BCA102688153358106510250681 (special order)$4,594.95
CHA SUMMIT TI 300 26BCA102682154358106510252802 (special order)$4,594.95
CHA BA TACTICAL 308 20BCA102704824818106510254643 (special order)$2,339.95
CHA BA TACTICAL 300 26BCA102702854818106510254716 (special order)$2,339.95
CHRISTENSEN ELR 6.5PRC80107001008106510296393 (special order)$2,339.95
CHA RIGLNE 300PRC 26B GRN BB80106054006965280868572 (special order)$1,924.95
CHRISTENSEN ELR .338 LAPUA MAG80107003006965280871756 (special order)$2,339.95
CHRISTENSEN ELR .300PRC80107002006965280869564 (special order)$2,339.95
CHA RIGLNE 308 20B GRN80106043018106510298684 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 308 20B80106042018106510298513 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIGLNE BA 300PRC 26B GRN80106053006965280868404 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 300PRC 26B80106051006965280868266 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA TRAVERSE BA 6.5CREED 24B80110003006965280865986 (special order)$2,199.95
CHA TRAVERSE BA 300 26B801100170069652808675812 (special order)$2,199.95
CHA TRAVERSE BA 7MM 26B80110012006965280866976 (special order)$2,199.95
CHA TRAVERSE BA 300PRC 26B801100200069652808686420 (special order)$2,199.95
CHA TRAVERSE BA 300 UM 26B80110018006965280867652 (special order)$2,199.95
CHA TRAVERSE BA 26NOS 26B80110006006965280866354 (special order)$2,199.95
CHA TRAVERSE BA 6.5PRC 24B80110004006965280866118 (special order)$2,199.95
CHA TRAVERSE BA 28NOS 26B801100110069652808668010 (special order)$2,199.95
CHA TRAVERSE BA 280AI 26B80110010006965280866733 (special order)$2,199.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA .300 WIN MAGCA102802144118106510270178 (special order)$1,184.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 270 24BCA10299E144118106510280523 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIGLNE 22-250 24B GRNCA10299B146138106510283663 (special order)$1,834.95
CHRISTENSEN RIDGELINE 6.5CMCA10299H1421181065102802124 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIGLNE 270 24B GRNCA10299E144138106510284105 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 7MM-08 24BCA10299A143118106510280764 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIDGELINE 6.5X284 NORMA GRCA102999152138106510283973 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 22-250 24BCA10299B146118106510280071 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIGLNE 7MM-08 24B GRNCA10299A143138106510284344 (special order)$1,834.95
CHRISTENSEN RIDGELINE 6.5CMCA10299H1421381065102838041 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIGLNE BA 30NOS 26B GRNCA10299P154138106510284967 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 30NOS 26BCA10299P154118106510281379 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 450BSH 20B GRCA10299Y127138106510290283 (special order)$1,929.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 450BSH 20BCA10299Y127118106510290114 (special order)$1,929.95
CHA RIGLNE 243 24B GRNCA10299K144138106510283737 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 243 24BCA10299K144118106510280145 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIGLNE 280AI 26B GRNCA10299M153138106510291271 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 280AI 26BCA10299M1531181065102910311 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 300 UM 26BCA102991154118106510281683 (special order)$1,834.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA 6.5CMCA10280H1321181065102705514 (special order)$1,184.95
CHRISTENSEN RIDGELINE .300WMCA1029921541381065102851928 (special order)$1,834.95
CHRISTENSEN RIDGELINE .300WMCA102992154118106510281514 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA MESA BA 308 22BCA102804134118106510270314 (special order)$1,184.95
CHA MESA BA 7MM 24BCA102803143118106510270242 (special order)$1,184.95
CHA MESA BA 7MM-08 24BCA10280A133118106510270483 (special order)$1,184.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA .28 NOSLERCA102808153118106510289911 (special order)$1,184.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 7MM 26BCA102993153118106510281062 (special order)$1,834.95
CHRISTENSEN RIDGELINE .28CA102998153118106510280901 (special order)$1,854.95
CHA RIGLNE BA 26NOS 26B GRNCA102995152138106510284031 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 6.5X284 NORMACA102999152118106510280385 (special order)$1,834.95
CHRISTENSEN RIDGELINE .28CA102998153138106510284583 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 308 24BCA102994144118106510281136 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIGLNE BA 7MM 26B GRNCA102993153138106510284651 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIDGELINE BA 26NOS 26BCA102995152118106510280452 (special order)$1,834.95
CHA RIGLNE 308 24B GRNCA102994144138106510284726 (special order)$1,834.95
CHRISTENSEN RIDGELINE 6.5CM80106041018106510298062 (special order)$1,854.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA LR .28 NOSLER80102010008106510295232 (special order)$1,459.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA LR .300WM80102009008106510295164 (special order)$1,459.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA LR 6.5PRC80102012008106510296226 (special order)$1,459.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA LR 6.5PRC80102011008106510296153 (special order)$1,459.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA LR .28 NOSLER80102005008106510290734 (special order)$1,459.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA LR .300WM80102004008106510290668 (special order)$1,459.95
CHA MESA LNG RNG BA 7MM 26B BB80102008008106510295092 (special order)$1,459.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA LR 6.5CM80102006008106510294866 (special order)$1,459.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA LR .338 LAPUA80102015006965280865673 (special order)$1,549.95
CHA MPR BA 308 24B80103001028106510291584 (special order)$2,119.95
CHA MPR BA 308 20B80103001018106510291415 (special order)$2,119.95
CHA MPR BA 6.5CREED 26B80103002018106510291724 (special order)$2,119.95
CHA MPR BA 6.5CREED 22B80103002008106510291653 (special order)$2,119.95
CHA MESA LNG RNG BA 300PRC 26B80102016006965280868025 (special order)$1,459.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA LR .300PRC8010201600G801020160091 (special order)$1,479.95
CHA MPR BA 308 16B80103001008106510291348 (special order)$2,119.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA LR .300PRC80102017006965280868197 (special order)$1,459.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA 6.5CM801010130081065102924019 (special order)$1,184.95
CHA MESA BA 7MM-08 22B BB80101012008106510292332 (special order)$1,184.95
CHA MESA BA 7MM-08 22B LH BB80101017008106510293561 (special order)$1,414.95
CHA MESA BA 6.5CRD 22B LH BB80101015008106510293493 (special order)$1,414.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA .300 WIN MAG801010080081065102919615 (special order)$1,184.95
CHRISTENSEN RIDGELINE 6.5PRC80060050081065102958513 (special order)$1,834.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA .28 NOSLER80101011008106510292261 (special order)$1,184.95
CHA MESA BA 7MM 24B BB80101009008106510292023 (special order)$1,184.95
CHA MESA BA 6.5CREED 22B LH80101018008106510293701 (special order)$1,414.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA .300PRC801010240069652808679614 (special order)$1,184.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA .300PRC80101023006965280867897 (special order)$1,184.95
CHA MESA LNG RNG BA 7MM 26B80102003008106510290596 (special order)$1,459.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA LR 6.5CM80102001008106510290355 (special order)$1,459.95
CHA MESA BA 7MM-08 22B LH80101020008106510293873 (special order)$1,414.95
CHA MESA BA 308 RFL 22B LH80101019008106510293943 (special order)$1,414.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA 6.5PRC801010220081065102973812 (special order)$1,184.95
CHRISTENSEN MESA 6.5PRC801010210081065102972115 (special order)$1,184.95
CHA MPR BA 6.5CREED 24B80103002028106510291897 (special order)$2,119.95
CHA RIGLNE 26NOS 26B GRN BB80106023008106510299814 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA RIGLNE 6.5-284N 26B GRN BB80106022008106510299744 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA RIGLNE 7MM-08 24B GRN BB80106026006965280862083 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA RIGLNE 270 24B GRN BB80106024008106510299983 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA RIGLNE BA 243 24B GRN BB80106019008106510299368 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA RIGLNE 22-250 24B GRN BB80106018008106510299293 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA RIGLNE 6.5PRC 24B GRN BB801060210081065102996716 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA RIGLNE 6.5CM 24B GRN BB80106020008106510299437 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA RIGLNE 280AI 26B GRN BB80106027006965280862156 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA RIGLNE BA 300 26B GRN BB80106034006965280862916 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA RIGLNE 30NOS BA 26B GRN BB80106032006965280862775 (special order)$1,924.95
CHRISTENSEN RIDGELINE 6.5CM80106040018106510297901 (special order)$1,854.95
CHA RIGLNE 300UM 26B GRN BB80106035006965280863076 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA RIGLNE 7MM 26B GRN BB80106029006965280862392 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA RIGLNE 28NOS 26B GRN BB80106028006965280862225 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA RIGLNE 308 20B GRN BB80106030016965280862533 (special order)$1,919.95
CHA RIGLNE 308 24B GRN BB80106030006965280862466 (special order)$1,924.95
CHA MPR BA 308 24B DB80103008026965280864064 (special order)$2,119.95
CHA MPR BA 308 20B DB80103008016965280863902 (special order)$2,119.95
CHA MPR BA 6.5CREED 24B DB801030090269652808643713 (special order)$2,119.95
CHA MPR BA 6.5CREED 22B DB80103009006965280864135 (special order)$2,119.95
CHA MPR BA 338 LAPUA 27B80103005016965280871996 (special order)$2,214.95
CHA MPR BA 300 26B801030030081065102926411 (special order)$2,214.95
CHA MPR BA 308 16B DB80103008006965280863832 (special order)$2,119.95
CHA MPR BA 6.5PRC 24B801030060081065102929514 (special order)$2,119.95
CHA MPR BA 300 26B DB801030100069652808644415 (special order)$2,214.95
CHA RIGLNE BA RFL 243 24B LH80106002008106510294003 (special order)$2,054.95
CHA RIGLNE BA 6.5CREED 24B LH80106001008106510294175 (special order)$2,054.95
CHA RIGLNE BA 7MM-08 24B LH80106004008106510294312 (special order)$2,054.95
CHA RIGLNE BA 308 24B LH80106003008106510294244 (special order)$2,054.95
CHA MPR BA 300PRC 26B801030170069652808697011 (special order)$2,214.95
CHA MPR BA 6.5PRC 24B DB801030130069652808647512 (special order)$2,119.95
CHA BA TACTICAL 338LAPUA80104003006965280871821 (special order)$2,339.95
CHA MPR BA 300PRC 26B DB80103018006965280869879 (special order)$2,214.95

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