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Precise Shooter will be closed on 4th of July in observance of Independence Day! Happy Holidays!

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Precise Shooter Weekly Update - 2016-11-25

Welcome to the Black Friday weeks! Our holiday deals are available on this page - you should check it out frequently, as we update it when we get more holiday-priced product from the distributors. In particualr, in the next 2 days there is a killer deal on Remington ammunition - $7.95 for a 50rd box of brass-cased ammunition after rebate - and $75 off on already low priced 5R rifles. And in the next week there is an absolutely amazing deal on Savage rifles. So take a look.


If you did not panic and bought an overpriced AR-15 during the election frenzy, good for you! Because now the availability is back. We never raise prices in response to panic, but we do run out of budget rifles quite quickly when this happens.

And now a lot of budget AR-15s are back in stock!

Of non-AR semiautomatics, we were able to grab a couple of PTR-91 rifles in GI configuration, and we are passing the savings on to you: $934.95 (special order)

We also have a bunch of CZ Scorpions in stock...


...and even a few CZ 75 SP-01s!

CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM 9MM FS 18-SHOT BLACK POLYMER0424-0715-AXHPPB58067039125851 (in stock)$609.95
CZ 75 SP-01 9MM LIGHT RAIL TRITIUM SIGHTS 18-SH BLACK911528067039115262 (in stock)$679.95
CZ 75 SP-01 TACTICAL 9MM TRITIUM SIGHTS 18RD MAG911538067039115331 (in stock)$679.95
75 SP-01 Suppressor Grey 9mm 912538067039125301 (in stock)$699.95
75 SP-01 Tactical FDE 9mm 912638067039126391 (in stock)$769.95
CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW TARGET II 9MM 3-18RD MAG <917608067039176035 (in stock)$1,529.95

In a tiny gun subcatregory we have received a new shipment of Bersas...

Thunder 380 BronzeT380BRZ80916649603427 (in stock)$249.95
Thunder 380 Nickel Accented T380M8EB0916649603041 (in stock)$299.95
Thunder 380 Olive DrabT380ODG80916649603282 (in stock)$279.95
Thunder 380 Sniper GreyT380SPG80916649604271 (in stock)$249.95
BERSA THUNDER .22LR FS 10+1 SHOT BLACK MATTE SYNTHUN220916649002252 (in stock)$279.95
BERSA THUNDER .380ACP FS 7+1 SHOT DUOTONE SYNTHETIC <THUN380DT0916649038201 (in stock)$279.95
Thunder 380 CC - NickelTHUN380NKLCC0916649037691 (in stock)$269.95

...and we have tons of LCPs...

RUGER LCP .380ACP 6-SHOT FS STAINLESS SLIDE BLACK FRAME < 037307366760373085 (in stock)$249.99
RUGER LCP II .380ACP 6-SHOT FS BLUED BLACK SYNTHETIC *037507366760375061 (in stock)$289.95

...and Shields ($329.95 guns are available only through the Law Enforcement program).

M&P 40 Shield LEO ONLY10034-L1 (in stock)$329.95
M&P 9 Shield NTS 10# Trig100380221888641751 (in stock)$345.95
S&W SHIELD M2.0 M&P9 9MM FS BLACKENED SS/BLACK POLYMER118060221888721941 (in stock)$419.95
M&P 40 Shield LEO ONLY180020-L2 (in stock)$329.95

For a target 22s, we have a few new Ruger MKIV pistols. Ruger's famous Mark line has long been known for accuracy and also being extremely difficult to disassemble. It looks like Ruger has solved this problem, finally:

The upper receiver and the barrel is now hinges on the bottom one, kinda similar to AR-15.

RUGER MARK IV 22/45 LITE .22LR 4.4" BULL AS BLACK ANODIZED439067366764390651 (in stock)$449.95

Other than that, Glocks - at minimum advertising prices, as always...

21 SURPLUS Gen2 45ACP21-SURPLUS-G21 (in stock)$449.95
22 Gen4 SURPLUS 40S&W22-SURPLUS-G41 (in stock)$449.95
30 Gen3 SURPLUS 45ACP305077645033050783 (in stock)$429.95
35 Gen3 .40S&W 5.32" Night Sight Surplus35-SURPLUS-NS7645033530171 (in stock)$459.00
21SF 45ACP FS 13rdG21SF13AUT7645039126962 (in stock)$499.95
22 Gen3 40S&W 4.5" 15rd G2215US7645039139767 (in stock)$409.00
22 Gen4 40S&W 15+1 4.49" FSG22415US7645039132351 (in stock)$539.00
23 USA 40S&WG2313US7645039132661 (in stock)$499.00
GLOCK 19 GEN5 9MM LUGER FS 15-SHOT BLACKPA19502037645030226301 (in stock)$559.00
GLOCK 34 9MM LUGER GEN-5 MOS AS 17-SHOT BLACKPA3430103MOS7645030267822 (in stock)$699.95
GLOCK 17 9MM GEN4 FIXED SIGHTS 17-SHOT BLACKPG17502037645036520351 (in stock)$539.00
GLOCK 17 9MM GEN-4 MOS FIXED SIGHTS 17-SHOT BLACKPG1750203MOS7645039134641 (in stock)$599.00
GLOCK 20 10MM GEN4 FIXED SIGHTS 15-SHOT BLACKPG20502037645038020341 (in stock)$585.00
GLOCK 23 .40SW GEN4 FIXED SIGHTS 13-SHOT BLACKPG23502037645036420361 (in stock)$539.00
GLOCK 26 9MM LUGER GEN-4 FS 10-SHOT BLACKPG26502017645036120151 (in stock)$539.00
GLOCK 35 .40S&W GEN-4 MOS AS 15-SHOT BLACKPG3530103MOS7645030026251 (in stock)$699.00
41 Gen4 MOSPG4130101MOS7645030027171 (in stock)$699.00
GLOCK 21 .45ACP FS 13-SHOT BLACK <PI2150203M7645030024031 (in stock)$499.95
GLOCK 22 .40SW FIBER OPTIC FRONT SIGHT 15-SH BLACK (TALO)PI22505037645039106781 (in stock)$499.00
GLOCK 19X 9MM NIGHT SIGHTS 19-SHOT FDEPX19507037645030269112 (in stock)$609.95
GLOCK 26 9MM LUGER GEN-5 FS 10-SHOT BLACKUA26502017645030271161 (in stock)$559.00
17 Gen4 USA Talo Ameriglo N/SUG17505037645039939543 (in stock)$539.95
19 Gen4 Cerakote Flat Dark EarthUG1950204CKBGFD7986195020452 (in stock)$539.95
GLOCK 34 9MM GEN-4 MOS ADJ. 17-SHOT BLACKUG3430103MOS7645039138081 (in stock)$699.99
GLOCK 35 .40S&W GEN-4 MOS ADJ 15-SHOT BLACKUG3530103MOS7645039138391 (in stock)$699.99
GLOCK 42 .380ACP FS 6-SHOT BLACKUI42502017645039106161 (in stock)$404.80
42 USA 380ACP Olive Drab/BLKUI4250201ODB1 (in stock)$455.99
42 USA 380ACP Olive Drab/GRNUI4250201ODG1 (in stock)$455.99
GLOCK 43 9MM LUGER FS 6-SHOT BLACK <UI43502017645039133581 (in stock)$449.95

...a full complement of Smith & Wessons...

M&P 40 Shield LEO ONLY10034-L1 (in stock)$329.95
M&P 9 Shield NTS 10# Trig100380221888641751 (in stock)$345.95
S&W M&P40C .40SW 3.5" FS 10-SH CARBON FIBER POLYMER <101240221888659292 (in stock)$469.95
S&W BODYGUARD .380ACP 2.75" FS 6-SHOT BLACK POLY1093810221880938102 (in stock)$339.95
S&W M&P9 M2.0 COMPACT 9MM FS 15-SHOT ARMORNITE FINISH POLY116830221888716851 (in stock)$495.95
S&W SHIELD M2.0 M&P9 9MM FS BLACKENED SS/BLACK POLYMER118060221888721941 (in stock)$419.95
S&W M&P9 M2.0 9MM 5" FS 17-SHOT FDE119890221888726821 (in stock)$509.95
S&W 25 CLASSIC .45LC 6.5" AS BLUED CHECKERED WOOD GRIPS1502560221881335781 (in stock)$914.95
S&W 17 CLASSIC .22LR 6" AS BLUED CHECKERED WOOD GRIPS1504770221881381461 (in stock)$869.95
S&W 29 .44MAG 4" AS 6-SHOT BRIGHT BLUED MACHINE ENGRAVED1507830221881422422 (in stock)$1,049.95
S&W 686 3-5-7 .357 7" AS 7-SH SS UNFLUTED CYLINDER WOOD1508550221881451511 (in stock)$750.95
S&W 442 .38SPL+P 1.875" FS 5-SHOT MATTE BLACK RUBBER1628100221886281042 (in stock)$399.95
S&W 638 .38SPL+P 1.875" FS 5-SHOT SS RUBBER1630700221886307011 (in stock)$399.95
S&W 642 .38SPL+P 1.875" FS 5-SHOT SS RUBBER1638100221886381034 (in stock)$399.95
M&P 40 Shield LEO ONLY180020-L2 (in stock)$329.95
S&W M&P9 9MM LUGER 4.25" FS 17-SH W/SAFETY BLK SS/BLK POL2063010221881372552 (in stock)$499.95
S&W M&P9C COMPACT 9MM 3.5" FS 12-SH W/SAFETY BLK SS/BLK POL2063040221881378351 (in stock)$519.95
S&W M&P9 VTAC 9MM LUGER 4.25" FS 17-SHOT FLAT DARK EARTH2099210221881440241 (in stock)$669.95
M&P40 NS SURPLUSMP40-SURPLUS-NS0221881273242 (in stock)$409.95
M&P 9mm 4.25" NS SurplusMP9-SURPLUS-NS1 (in stock)$419.95

...and as always, lots and lots and lots of CZs.

CZ 452 ULTRA LUX .22 CAL RIFLE BEECH WOOD STOCK 28" BBL !000808067030008006 (in stock)$479.95
CZ 452 AMERICAN 22LR LEFT HAND020178067030201741 (in stock)$449.95
452-2E ZKM Super Match 22LR 020338067030203342 (in stock)$439.95
452 American LH 17HMR020748067030207474 (in stock)$499.95
513 22 Lr Basic 1/2 X20 Parker Hale Thread020848067030208464 (in stock)$309.95
CZ 455 TRAINING .22LR RIFLE BEECH WOOD STOCK 5RD MAG021008067030210032 (in stock)$349.95
455 Training Rifle 17HMR021038067030210341 (in stock)$389.95
455 Varmint Evolution Fluted022448067030224441 (in stock)$449.95
527 American Suppressor Ready030868067030308691 (in stock)$694.95
527 American 21.9" Walnut Stick Blued030878067030308761 (in stock)$669.95
550 Varmint041668067030416671 (in stock)$709.95
CZ 75 SP-01 PHANTOM 9MM FS 18-SHOT BLACK POLYMER0424-0715-AXHPPB58067039125851 (in stock)$609.95
557 Carbine045838067030485361 (in stock)$599.95
455 Amer Combo 22LR/17HMR 455 8067030212011 (in stock)$529.95
CZ 75-BD 9MM FS 16-SH POLYMER BLACK POLYCOTE FINISH911308067039113042 (in stock)$569.95
CZ 75-B OMEGA 9MM FS 16-SHOT FULL-SIZE STEEL BLACK MATTE911368067039113661 (in stock)$519.95
CZ 75-SA 9MM FS 16-SHOT POLYMER FINISH BLACK911508067039115025 (in stock)$579.95
CZ 75 SP-01 9MM LIGHT RAIL TRITIUM SIGHTS 18-SH BLACK911528067039115262 (in stock)$679.95
CZ 75 SP-01 TACTICAL 9MM TRITIUM SIGHTS 18RD MAG911538067039115331 (in stock)$679.95
CZ 75-B OMEGA 9MM NS 16-SHOT FULL-SIZE STEEL URBAN GREY912358067039123562 (in stock)$615.95
75 SP-01 Suppressor Grey 9mm 912538067039125301 (in stock)$699.95
Shadow 2 Grey 9mm 912558067039125543 (in stock)$1,149.95
75 SP-01 Tactical FDE 9mm 912638067039126391 (in stock)$769.95
CZ 805 BREN PS1 PISTOL .223 30-SHOT !913608067039136051 (in stock)$1,665.95
CZ P-10 COMPACT 9MM NS 15-RD FDE WHITE NITRIDE FINISH915288067039152892 (in stock)$519.95
CZ PO9 40S&W FS 15-SHOT POLYMER FRAME BLACK916218067039162177 (in stock)$429.95
CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW TARGET II 9MM 3-18RD MAG <917608067039176035 (in stock)$1,529.95
83 32ACP 3.75" 15rd FS Good ConditionHG2111-G27874504321095 (in stock)$359.95
83 380 ACP 3.75"HG2178-G6 (in stock)$319.95


Outside of the holiday super-deals, we have finally got powder. A lot of powder - including Varget, Bullseye, Unique, and Winchester 231. Most of this powder I have not seen in stock in years, Winchester 231 - never.

Accurate NO.5 1lb001260947940012685 (in stock)$34.95
Accurate AA2015BR 1lb2015BR10947940035143 (in stock)$34.95
Accurate MR2230 1lb223010947940025171 (in stock)$28.95
Alliant PowderBE-86 Smokeless Pistol Powder1lbBE86100830732001227 (in stock)$24.95
Alliant PowderBullseye Smokeless Pistol1lbPOWHBUL100830730001441 (in stock)$25.95
Alliant PowderGreen Dot 1lbPOWHGD10083071050155 (in stock)$27.95
Alliant PowderRed Dot 1lbPOWHRD100830710001038 (in stock)$27.95
Alliant PowderUNIQUE 1lbPOWHUN100830712001832 (in stock)$25.95
Alliant PowderPower Pro 300-MP 1lbPP300MP10083071600147 (in stock)$27.95
Alliant PowderPower Pro Varmint 1lbPPVARMINT10083071700137 (in stock)$28.95
Alliant PowderPower Pro Varmint 8lbPPVARMINT80083071700822 (in stock)$225.95
Alliant PowderRELODER 10XREL10X10083076010129 (in stock)$30.95
Alliant PowderRELODER 19REL1910083076030162 (in stock)$34.95
Alliant PowderReloader 23 1lbREL2310083079900177 (in stock)$24.95
HodgdonTiteWAD 14oz HDHTW10392885313883 (in stock)$19.95
HodgdonHi-Skor 700X 700X17544860010506 (in stock)$18.95
HodgdonHi-Skor 800X 1lb800X175448600205725 (in stock)$23.95
HodgdonCFE BLKBLACK10392885026163 (in stock)$28.95
HodgdonBENCHMARK 1lbBM10392887000057 (in stock)$28.95
HodgdonH335 1lbH33510392885004381 (in stock)$27.95
HodgdonH414H41410392885008586 (in stock)$26.95
HodgdonLeverevolutionHLR103928880020013 (in stock)$24.95
HodgdonHP-38 1lbHP-380392885013507 (in stock)$26.95
HodgdonCFE Pistol 1lbHPST10392885211122 (in stock)$27.99
HodgdonHS61 1lbHS-60392885017706 (in stock)$26.95
HodgdonLIL'GUN ShotgunLIL'GUN10392885315001 (in stock)$25.95
HodgdonLongshotLongshot03928870010419 (in stock)$24.95
HodgdonRETUMBO 1 LBRET10392885060108 (in stock)$28.95
HodgdonUniversal Clays 1lbUNIV103928853124116 (in stock)$28.95
HodgdonHogdon Clays 14 ozXCLAYS103928853121014 (in stock)$22.95
IMR Powder Co.IMR435043507544860560502 (in stock)$30.95
IMR Powder Co.IMR782878287544860630584 (in stock)$28.95
IMR Powder Co.IMR 4166IMR416617544860400043 (in stock)$31.49
RAMSHOTX-Terminator 1lbX-TERM16586381670172 (in stock)$28.95
WinchesterWin 231 Ball Handgun 1lbW23110392880231114 (in stock)$26.95
WinchesterWin 231 Ball Handgun 8lbW23180392880231808 (in stock)$189.95
WinchesterWin AutoComp Pistol 1lbWAC10392880790198 (in stock)$24.99
WinchesterWSF 1lbWSF03928800801910 (in stock)$24.99

AR-15 parts

We have also gotten a VERY LARGE AMOUNT of AR-15 parts. So large that we still have about half of them to process - and it's been a week.

As you can see, we have tons and tons of small parts, furniture, barrels, buffer kits, sights, triggers - for AR15 and 308 platforms - all the things that are much cheaper and faster to pick up locally rather than shipping from the Internet. We hope to be your one-stop destination for all things AR!

Aero PrecisionAR15 Complete Lower Parts KitAPRH1000298154210208233 (in stock)$64.95
Aero PrecisionAR15 Forward Asset Assembly Kit (C) KitAPRH10003C8154210210596 (in stock)$12.95
Aero PrecisionReceiver End Plate With No Sling HolesAPRH10008120 (in stock)$5.95
Aero PrecisionReceiver Extension Lock NutAPRH10008213 (in stock)$3.95
Anderson MfgA2 Barrel Nut KitA2 Barrel Nut Kit2 (in stock)$20.95
Anderson Mfg16" 308Win Mid LengthAM-04-16-3081 (in stock)$109.95
Anderson Mfg16" 9MM Barrel 1-10 TwistAM-04-16-9MM2 (in stock)$89.99
Anderson Mfg16” HBAR 5.56 NATO 1:9 Threaded 1/2-28AM-04-16HBAR6 (in stock)$129.95
Anderson Mfg16” HBAR 1-9 TWIST,Chambered .223 Wylde, .070 gas hole , Phosphate AM-04-16HBAR-223 WYLDE3 (in stock)$89.95
Anderson MfgHBAR 16" 7.62X39AM04-16HBAR-7.62X391 (in stock)$125.95
Anderson Mfg223 Wylde 16" Barrel Straight Fluted 1:8 AM-04-16HBAR-FLUTES1 (in stock)$139.95
Anderson MfgM4 Contour 16" 1:8 AM-04-16M4-1-819 (in stock)$81.95
Anderson Mfg16" 300BlackoutAM-04-16M4-300-PHOS1 (in stock)$135.00
Anderson Mfg16" Stainless 223 Wylde Heavy Barrel with Spiral FlutesAM-04-16-SPIRAL-STAINLESS4 (in stock)$155.00
Anderson Mfg18″ Heavy Barrel With 1:9 Twist, Straight Fluted, Chambered in .223 WYLDE, Stainless SteelAM-04-18-WYLDE-FLUTES5 (in stock)$129.95
Anderson Mfg20" 308Win Rifle LengthAM-04-20-3082 (in stock)$139.95
Anderson Mfg24″ Spiral Flute 223 Wylde (Phos)AM-04-24-SPIRAL1 (in stock)$159.95
Anderson Mfg24” Stainless Spiral Fluted barrel Chambered .223AM-04-24SSFL-SPIRAL4 (in stock)$179.95
Anderson Mfg24″ Straight Flute 223 Wylde (Phos)AM-04-24-STRAIGHT2 (in stock)$140.95
Anderson Mfg7.5" M4 Profile Barrel 223/5.56AM-04-7.5-PROFILE6 (in stock)$85.95
Anderson Mfg18" 308Win Mid LengthAM-04-M18-3083 (in stock)$119.95
Anderson MfgSnap Ring For Delta RingAM-073 (in stock)$1.95
Anderson Mfg6.8 SPC Bolt Carrier GroupAM-10-08-6.8SPC-M163 (in stock)$119.95
Anderson MfgFront Sling SwivelAM-1078 (in stock)$3.95
Anderson MfgRifle Buffer SpringAM-2010 (in stock)$3.95
Anderson MfgSix Position Butt StockAM-238 (in stock)$23.95
Anderson MfgA2 Delta RingAM-321 (in stock)$6.99
Anderson MfgFiring Pin Retainer AM-462 (in stock)$2.99
Anderson MfgFront Sight-Detent A2 StyleAM-557 (in stock)$1.95
Anderson MfgLower Receiver Parts Kit minus (Fire Control Group & Pistol Grip)AM-556-LPK w/o Grip&FCG2 (in stock)$30.95
Anderson MfgAR-15 Lower Parts Kit 5.56AM556LWPARTS6409015159531 (in stock)$59.95
Anderson MfgA2 Front Sight PostAM-56-A214 (in stock)$4.95
Anderson Mfg.936 ID Gas Block W/ RailAM-56-LP-GB.9365 (in stock)$24.95
Anderson MfgFront Sight Detent Spring A2 StyleAM-576 (in stock)$0.99
Anderson MfgFront Sight Tapered PinAM-581 (in stock)$0.99
Anderson MfgRifle Length Gas TubeAM-60-RIF1 (in stock)$11.95
Anderson MfgM4 Handguard CapAM-65-7502 (in stock)$2.39
Anderson MfgTriangle Handguard CapAM-65-TRI7 (in stock)$2.95
Anderson MfgA2 Style 2 Piece Hand Guards Rifle Length BlackAM-66-A27 (in stock)$15.75
Anderson MfgCarbine Free Float Tube 6.83"AM-66-FF-DI16-6.831 (in stock)$48.95
Anderson MfgLocking Ring 5.56/6.8AM-66-FF-LR4 (in stock)$12.95
Anderson MfgAR-15 Barrel Nut & Locking Ring to Fit Free Float ForearmAM-66-FF-NR1 (in stock)$27.50
Anderson MfgAR15-A3 Stripped Upper ReceiverAR15-A3-UPFOR-UM41 (in stock)$49.95
Anderson MfgAM-15 Stripped Upper ReceiverG2-K1100-A00050 (in stock)$49.95
Anderson MfgAR-15 black triggerZG2K421D0000P640901516448 1 (in stock)$54.95
BCM Rifle CompanyQD Stainless Steel Sling Swivel QDBCM-QDSSS-18125260206734 (in stock)$14.95
BCM Rifle CompanyBCMGUNFIGHTER Bolt Upgrade/Rebuild KitSOPMOD8125260204684 (in stock)$28.95
CMMGLPK 30838CA6DC8520050020971 (in stock)$81.99
CMMGAR-15 Upper Pin & Spring Kit55AFF2F8158350119811 (in stock)$13.95
CMMGAR-15 Bolt Rehab Parts Kit55AFF688158350120012 (in stock)$30.95
CMMGAR-15 Lower Pin & Spring Kit55AFF758158350119743 (in stock)$13.95
CMMGAR-15 Lower Parts Kit55CA6018158350154082 (in stock)$38.95
CORE Rifle SystemsCORE15 w/Parts Installed 5.56mm1003247002204975801 (in stock)$95.95
CORE Rifle SystemsCORE15 Mid-Length Gas Tube 308116877071379656451 (in stock)$13.95
CORE Rifle SystemsCORE15 Rifle Length Gas Tube 223/300994437071379656381 (in stock)$9.95
Daniel DefenseVertical GripDD19000BK6 (in stock)$5.95
DC Machine7.62x39 HBCL (Heavy Barrel Carbine-Length)1/10 Twist 16" Nitride Crown BBL00193 (in stock)$79.95
DC Machine300 AAC Blackout 8.5" Pistol Length SS 1/7 TwistBBL00431 (in stock)$62.95
DC Machine7.62x39 HBCL (Heavy Barrel Carbine-Length)1/10 Twist 16" Nitride BBL00543 (in stock)$79.95
DC Machine223 Wylde SCML (Socom Mid-Length) 18" 1/7 Twist NitrideBBL00551 (in stock)$62.95
Del-TonAR-15 Upper Receiver Parts KitUP105084845600135215 (in stock)$17.49
Doublestar CorpRIFLE BUFFER TUBEAR3348413481034623 (in stock)$17.95
Doublestar CorpTwang BusterJT1408413481033186 (in stock)$5.99
ERGOAR15/M16 Suregrip Aggressive Ambi Black4009-BK8747480053401 (in stock)$24.95
ERGOGapper Trigger Guard Spacer AR-15 M16 Black 40858747480005434 (in stock)$3.49
ERGOAR-15 Upper 5-pc Spring Replacement46118747480034836 (in stock)$6.00 MAP
Golden Eye Tactical750 Steel Gas Block w/pinGASBLOCK-7501 (in stock)$9.95
Golden Eye TacticalCarry Handle with sightsGET46041 (in stock)$29.95
Golden Eye TacticalCommercial Carbine Buffer Tube KitGET461559 (in stock)$25.95
Golden Eye TacticalAR15 Commercial Stock w/Quick Detach Sling MountGET465731 (in stock)$19.99
Golden Eye TacticalFingergroove AR-15 GripGET46642 (in stock)$5.99
Golden Eye TacticalSwivel Sling Mount with RailGET47079 (in stock)$8.99
Golden Eye Tactical7.5" Carbine Length Gas Tube For AR15 16" BarrelsGET-PISTOLTUBE38 (in stock)$9.95
Great LakesLow Profile Gas Block .875" Diameter Gas Seat Steel Matte BlackGLFA8757024586899422 (in stock)$19.95
Impact Weapons ComponentsQD Rotation Limited End PlateQDENDPLATEIWC8509620038674 (in stock)$18.95
LaRue TacticalAPEG AR10 OD RoughLT750-LC-ODG7 (in stock)$19.99
LaRue TacticalAPEG AR10 BLK SmoothLT750-LM-BLK2 (in stock)$19.99
LaRue TacticalAPEG GRIP ODG AR10LT750-LM-ODG9 (in stock)$19.99
LaRue TacticalAPEG AR15 FDE SmoothLT750-SM-FDE2 (in stock)$19.99
LaRue TacticalAPEG AR15 ODG SmoothLT750-SM-ODG1 (in stock)$19.99
LaRue TacticalRAT AR15/AR10 MilSpec BLKLT800-BLK1 (in stock)$69.99
LaRue TacticalFDE RAT Stock AR-10/AR-15LT800-FDE4 (in stock)$89.99
LaRue TacticalOD RAT Stock AR-10/AR-15LT800-ODG9 (in stock)$89.99
LaRue TacticalR.A.T. StockLT801-ODG4 (in stock)$129.95
LBE UnlimitedReceiver End Plate With No Sling HolesARAMEPL7846820145545 (in stock)$6.95
LBE UnlimitedAR-15 Buffer Retaining Pin SpringARBRSP76585761770122 (in stock)$1.59
LBE UnlimitedAR-15 Mag Release ButtonARMAGBUT7846820146605 (in stock)$2.95
LBE UnlimitedAR Recoil Spring Carbine LenghtARSPRG7658576173435 (in stock)$3.29
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Cheek Riser 1/4"10284948737500036033 (in stock)$14.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Cheek Riser 1/2"10284958737500036411 (in stock)$14.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Cheek Riser 3/4"10284968737500036893 (in stock)$14.95
Magpul Industries CorpXTM Rail Panels PNK10300648737500084312 (in stock)$6.99
Magpul Industries CorpLadder Rail Panels M00-17G31AMAG013-ODG8737500051712 (in stock)$8.99
Magpul Industries CorpMAG247-FDE MBUS Front FDEMAG247-FDE8737500043272 (in stock)$37.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG248-FDE MBUS Rear FDEMAG248-FDE8737500043654 (in stock)$55.05 MAP
Magpul Industries CorpMAG248-GRY MBUS Sight Rear GRYMAG248-GRY8737500114931 (in stock)$49.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG311-BLK CTR Carbine Stock Comm SpecMAG311-BLK8737500015484 (in stock)$56.95
Magpul Industries CorpRSA QD Rail Sling AttachmentMAG337-BLK8737500086533 (in stock)$28.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG347-GRY MOE SL Carbine Stock Mil-SpecMAG347-GRY8737500020881 (in stock)$56.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG400-FDE MOE Carbine Stock AR15 MilSpec FDEMAG400-FDE8737500031151 (in stock)$37.95 MAP
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Carbine Stock ODG CommercialMAG401-ODG8737500031601 (in stock)$35.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Poly Rail 7SlotMAG407-BLK8737500050963 (in stock)$5.99
Magpul Industries CorpAFG Angled Foregrip Polymer BlackMAG411-BLK8737500034672 (in stock)$33.20 MAP
Magpul Industries CorpAFG Angled Foregrip Polymer FDEMAG411-FDE8737500034741 (in stock)$33.20 MAP
Magpul Industries CorpAFG Angled Foregrip Polymer GRYMAG411-GRY8737500116392 (in stock)$32.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE RVG Rail Vertical Grip BlackMAG412-BLK8737500050032 (in stock)$23.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE RVG Rail Vertical Grip GrayMAG412-GRY8737500116462 (in stock)$23.95
Magpul Industries CorpMVG MOE Vertical GripMAG413-BLK8737500050414 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpMVG MOE Vertical GripMAG413-FDE8737500050585 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpMVG MOE Vertical Grip GrayMAG413-GRY8737500116533 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpMVG ODGMAG413-ODG8737500050654 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpAFG2 Angled Foregrip Polymer BlackMAG414-BLK8737500034291 (in stock)$33.20 MAP
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Grip BlackMAG415-BLK8737500006716 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Grip FDEMAG415-FDE8737500006881 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Grip GrayMAG415-GRY8737500116773 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE +Grip FDEMAG416-FDE8737500007252 (in stock)$22.75
Magpul Industries CorpMOE +Grip GrayMAG416-GRY8737500117521 (in stock)$22.75
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Trigger Guard ODGMAG417-ODG8737500041985 (in stock)$7.99
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Handguard Midlenght FDEMAG418-FDE8737500033133 (in stock)$23.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE M-LOK Hand Guard Carbine LengthMAG424-BLK8737500023781 (in stock)$29.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG424-GRY MOE M-LOK Hand Guard CarbineMAG424-GRY8737500023922 (in stock)$29.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG426-BLK MOE M-LOK Hand Guard Mid LengthMAG426-BLK8737500027122 (in stock)$34.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG426-FDE MOE M-LOK Hand Guard Mid LengthMAG426-FDE8737500027292 (in stock)$34.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG426-GRY MOE M-LOK Hand Guard Mid LengthMAG426-GRY8737500027362 (in stock)$34.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG427-BLK MOE M-LOK Hand Guard Rifle LengthMAG427-BLK8737500027672 (in stock)$39.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG427-FDE MOE M-LOK Hand Guard Rifle MAG427-FDE8737500027743 (in stock)$39.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG427-GRY MOE M-LOK Hand Guard Rifle MAG427-GRY8737500027813 (in stock)$39.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE K Grip BlackMAG438-BLK8737500061163 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE K Grip FDEMAG438-FDE8737500061234 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE K Grip GrayMAG438-GRY8737500117149 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Handguard Carbine FDEMAG440-FDE8737500032761 (in stock)$27.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Handguard Carbine FoliageMAG440-FOL8737500032901 (in stock)$27.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Handguard Carbine ODGMAG440-ODG8737500032832 (in stock)$27.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG470 FDE STR Carbine Stock Mil-Spec.MAG470-FDE8737500062461 (in stock)$75.95 MAP
Magpul Industries CorpMAG470-GRY STR Carbine Stock Mil SpecMAG470-GRY8737500089813 (in stock)$69.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG470 ODG STR Carbine Stock Mil-Spec.MAG470-ODG8737500062602 (in stock)$69.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG471-GRY STR Stock CommMAG471-GRY8737500089981 (in stock)$69.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Fixed Carbine Stock Mil-SpecMAG480-BLK8737500079606 (in stock)$28.45
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Fixed Carbine Stock FOLMAG481-FOL87375000802818 (in stock)$9.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE Fixed Carbine Stock ODGMAG481-ODG87375000803513 (in stock)$9.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE M-Lok Forend Rem870MAG496-BLK8737500045632 (in stock)$28.95
Magpul Industries CorpASAP Ambidextrous Sling Attachment PointMAG500-BLK8737500035731 (in stock)$28.95
Magpul Industries CorpXTM Enhanced PanelsMAG510-BLK8737500076493 (in stock)$8.95
Magpul Industries CorpXTM Enhanced PanelsMAG510-FDE8737500078783 (in stock)$8.95
Magpul Industries CorpXTM Enhanced PanelsMAG510-GRY8737500091863 (in stock)$8.95
Magpul Industries CorpXTM Hand Stop KitMAG511-BLK8737500076563 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpMIAD Grip Gen 1.1 7.62/AR10 BlackMAG521-BLK8737500086152 (in stock)$34.15
Magpul Industries CorpMIAD Grip Gen 1.1 7.62/AR10 GrayMAG521-GRY87375000864625 (in stock)$34.15
Magpul Industries CorpMOE K2 Grip FDEMAG522-FDE8737500081101 (in stock)$19.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE K2 Grip GrayMAG522-GRY8737500110111 (in stock)$19.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE K2+ Grip BlackMAG532-BLK8737500013021 (in stock)$23.70
Magpul Industries CorpMOE K2+ Grip GrayMAG532-GRY8737500013262 (in stock)$23.70
Magpul Industries CorpMAG538-BLK MOE SL Hand Guard Carbine LengthMAG538-BLK8737500017462 (in stock)$34.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG538-FDE Moe SL Hand Guard Carbine LengthMAG538-FDE8737500017532 (in stock)$34.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG538-GRY Moe SL Hand Guard Carbine LengthMAG538-GRY8737500017602 (in stock)$34.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE SL Grip BlackMAG539-BLK8737500019441 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE SL Grip FDEMAG539-FDE8737500019514 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE SL Grip GrayMAG539-GRY8737500019754 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG551-BLK MOE SL Hand Guard Mid LengthMAG551-BLK8408151013902 (in stock)$36.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG551-FDE MOE SL Handguard MidlengthMAG551-FDE8408151014062 (in stock)$36.95
Magpul Industries CorpMAG551-GRY MOE SL Handguard Mid LengthMAG551-GRY8408151014133 (in stock)$36.95
Magpul Industries CorpM-LOK Rail Section Aluminum Blk, 3-slotsMAG580-BLK8737500016542 (in stock)$17.05
Magpul Industries CorpM-LOK Poly Rail Section 3 SlotMAG589-BLK8737500003435 (in stock)$9.45
Magpul Industries CorpM-LOK Poly Rail Section 5 SlotMAG590-BLK8737500003812 (in stock)$9.45
Magpul Industries CorpM-LOK Poly Rail Section 7 SlotMAG591-BLK8737500003982 (in stock)$13.25
Magpul Industries CorpMOE M-LOK MVGMAG597-BLK8737500046551 (in stock)$21.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE M-LOK MVG FDEMAG597-FDE8737500046623 (in stock)$21.95
Magpul Industries CorpMOE M-LOK MVG GrayMAG597-GRY8737500046793 (in stock)$21.95
Magpul Industries CorpM-LOK AFG BLKMAG598-BLK8737500060242 (in stock)$23.95
Magpul Industries CorpM-LOK AFG FDEMAG598-FDE8737500060312 (in stock)$23.95
Magpul Industries CorpM-LOK Rail Cover Type 1 BlackMAG602-BLK 8737500060621 (in stock)$15.15
Magpul Industries CorpAR-15 Sling Attachment QD Mount M-LOK Black MAG606-BLK8737500028422 (in stock)$18.95
Magpul Industries CorpBAD Lever - Battery Assist DeviceMAG980-BLK8737500029962 (in stock)$28.95
Orion Tactical223 Crush Washers 1/2"PSCW223720825548128851 (in stock)$0.99
Palmetto State ArmoryBLEM PSA 16" Mid-Length 5.56 1/7 Phosphate Classic Upper W/ BCG & CH5165448386516544838610 (in stock)$229.95
Precise Shooter308 Crush Washers 5/8"x24 308 7.62PSCW308184 (in stock)$0.99
RugerElite 452 Trigger904617366769046171 (in stock)$139.95
TACFIRE Inc12" AR15/M4 Quad Rails 2-Piece Drop In HG01-128112610268102 (in stock)$39.95
TACFIRE Inc7" AR15/M4 Quad Rails 2-Piece Drop In HG01-78112610207404 (in stock)$26.95
TACFIRE Inc9" AR15/M4 Quad Rails 2-Piece Drop In HG01-98112610207571 (in stock)$34.95
TACFIRE Inc12" AR15 Free Float Quadrail Detachable RailsHG03-128112610207711 (in stock)$52.95
TACFIRE Inc10" AR15 Free Float Quadrail HandguardHG05-108112610208701 (in stock)$35.95
TACFIRE Inc12" AR15 Free Float Quadrail HandguardHG05-128112610208871 (in stock)$41.95
TACFIRE Inc4" AR15 Free Float Quadrail HandguardHG05-48112610208562 (in stock)$25.95
TACFIRE Inc12" AR15 Ultra Slim MLOK Free Float Hand Guard w/Detachable RailsHG08-128112610246561 (in stock)$64.95
TACFIRE IncAR15/750 Micro/Low Profile Gas Block/Mil-Spec w/Pin MAR001-S7501 (in stock)$15.95
TACFIRE IncAR15/625 Micro/Low Profile Gas Block/Mil-Spec w/Pin MAR001-SS6258112610266293 (in stock)$30.95
TACFIRE IncAR15/750 Micro/Low Profile Gas Block/Mil-Spec w/Pin MAR001-SS7508112610247311 (in stock)$30.95
TACFIRE IncAR15/907 Micro/Low Profile Gas Block/Mil-Spec w/Pin MAR001-SS9078112610263222 (in stock)$30.95
TACFIRE IncAR15/936 Bull Barrel Micro/Low Profile Gas Block/Mil-Spec w/Pin MAR001-SS9368112610247484 (in stock)$30.95
TACFIRE IncBlk Nitride Gas Tube Pistol Length w/PinMAR009-BN2 (in stock)$9.99
TACFIRE IncAR15 Trigger Guard w/Pin/AluminumMAR0198112610217541 (in stock)$9.95
TACFIRE IncAR15 4-Piece Upper Spring Kit MAR02110 (in stock)$3.99
TACFIRE IncAR15 9-Piece Lower Spring KitMAR02281126102178518 (in stock)$4.99
TACFIRE IncAR15 Commercial Buffer Tube MAR04181126102193827 (in stock)$14.95
TACFIRE IncAR15 Pistol Buffer Tube w/FoamMAR04281126102194517 (in stock)$18.95
TACFIRE IncAR15 Pistol Buffer Tube w/Foam Pad and Quick Detach Sling AdapterMAR042Q81126102355014 (in stock)$24.95
TACFIRE IncAR15 4.9oz Recoil Heavy Buffers MAR0448112610219691 (in stock)$13.95
TACFIRE IncAR15 Pistol 3.8oz Recoil Heavy Buffers MAR04581126102197615 (in stock)$13.95
TACFIRE IncAR10/308 Buffer Tube SpringMAR046-308-USA81126102357415 (in stock)$6.95
TACFIRE IncAR15 Pistol Buffer Tube Kit w/Regular PlateMAR049-A8112610220104 (in stock)$32.95
TACFIRE IncOne Slot .45 Degree Offset MountMAR0578112610220895 (in stock)$4.99
TACFIRE Inc223 Muzzle Brake 1/2"x28 Washer SSMAR059SS81126102211950 (in stock)$1.49
TACFIRE IncAR10/308 Muzzle Brake Crush Washer 1/2"x28- SSMAR060SS81126102213348 (in stock)$1.49
TACFIRE IncAR15/.223 1/2X28 Pitch Thread Muzzle Brake Jam Nut/Steel, BlackMAR061B29 (in stock)$4.49
TACFIRE IncAR15/.223 1/2X28 Pitch Thread Muzzle Brake Jam Nut, SSMAR061SS8112610221578 (in stock)$5.49
TACFIRE IncAR10/.308 5/8X24 Pitch Thread Muzzle Brake Jam Nut/Steel, BlackMAR062B81126102216427 (in stock)$4.99
TACFIRE IncAR10/.308 5/8X24 Pitch Thread Muzzle Brake Jam Nut, SSMAR062SS8112610221719 (in stock)$5.99
TACFIRE IncAR-15 Free Float Hand Guard Washer ShimMAR06381126102218847 (in stock)$0.49
TACFIRE IncAR15/223 Barrel Thread Protector w/Crush Washer Steel BlkMAR07381126102379611 (in stock)$6.45
TACFIRE IncAR15 223 Barrel Thread Protector w/Crush Washer SSMAR07481126102380218 (in stock)$9.95
TACFIRE IncAR10/.308 Barrel Thread Protector MAR07581126102381916 (in stock)$7.45
TACFIRE IncAR10/.308 Barrel Thread Protector w/Crush Washer, Stainless SteelMAR07681126102382619 (in stock)$10.45
TACFIRE IncEnd Plate With Center Ambi. Qd Sling Swivel AttachmentMAR078-S8112610281421 (in stock)$9.49
TACFIRE IncAR10/308 A2 Style Buffer MAR0798112610240769 (in stock)$16.95
TACFIRE IncAR15/223 A2 Rifle Buffer MAR0808112610240694 (in stock)$13.95
TACFIRE IncAR15 Buffer Detent Pin MAR0868112610224921 (in stock)$2.99
TACFIRE IncAR15 Lower Rear Extended Take Down PinMAR090R-K8112610281734 (in stock)$6.00
TACFIRE IncAR15 Lower Take Down Pin SetMAR090-SET9 (in stock)$6.95
TACFIRE IncAR15Dust CoverMAR0931 (in stock)$8.95
TACFIRE IncAR15 Forward Assist AssemblyMAR0948112610238572 (in stock)$9.95
TACFIRE IncAR15 Tear Drop Forward Assist USMAR094TD1 (in stock)$18.95
TACFIRE IncM-Lok 5 Slot Picatinny Section Rail 2 3/8"MAR105-M8112610271693 (in stock)$9.95
TACFIRE IncAR KeyMod Rail Panel Hand Guard Covers/Black (3 Pack)MAR106-B8112610275964 (in stock)$10.99
TACFIRE IncAR15 Anti-Walk Pin Set MAR1088112610281281 (in stock)$7.95
TACFIRE IncAR10/308 A2 Style Mil-Spec Buffer Tube w/Spring and Buffer MAR1118112610265061 (in stock)$29.95
TACFIRE IncAR-15 A2 Style Buffer Tube MAR1128112610265131 (in stock)$17.95
TACFIRE IncAR A2 Style Mil-Spec Buffer Tube SpacerMAR11381126102652014 (in stock)$4.45
TACFIRE IncA2 Style Buffer Tube Hollow Set ScrewMAR11481126102653714 (in stock)$4.15
TACFIRE IncSafety Selector Pin & Spring KitMAR1158112610282278 (in stock)$1.99
TACFIRE IncBolt Catch Plunger, Pin, and Spring KitMAR1168112610282348 (in stock)$2.99
TACFIRE IncAR10 308 Bird Cage Muzzle Brake 5/8"x24 Thread w/Crush Washer- SS SilverMZ1001-3SS8112610257764 (in stock)$25.95
TACFIRE IncAR15 223/556 1/2"x28 Thread Bird Cage A2 Muzzle Brake w/WasherMZ1001-A23 (in stock)$7.95
TACFIRE IncAR10 .308 Shark Muzzle Brake 5/8"x24 Thread with Crush Washer- Steel BlackMZ1004-3B8112610212042 (in stock)$25.95
TACFIRE IncAR10 .308 Bird Cage Muzzle Brake 5/8"x24 Thread w/Crush Washer- SSMZ1014-3SS8112610273293 (in stock)$25.95
Tacoma Screw5/64" x 5/8" Roll Pin036-104-132 (in stock)$0.12
Tiger Rock IncForward Assist Assembly w/Spring & Roll Pin ARFA1 (in stock)$8.59
Tiger Rock IncCarbine BufferB307 (in stock)$10.95
Tiger Rock IncCharging HandleCH22312 (in stock)$12.59
Tiger Rock IncCharging Handle AR-10CH30815 (in stock)$24.99
Tiger Rock IncTactical Charging Handle Assembly With Oversized Latch 05CH-LATCH0536 (in stock)$25.59
Tiger Rock IncDelta Ring Kit-Delta Ring, Snap Ring, Weld Spring,Barrel NutDBN47 (in stock)$14.99
Tiger Rock IncSnap RingDBN-C10 (in stock)$1.95
Tiger Rock IncBarrel NutDBN-N6 (in stock)$7.99
Tiger Rock IncDelta RingDBN-R7 (in stock)$6.99
Tiger Rock IncWeldon SpringDBN-S8 (in stock)$2.95
Tiger Rock IncDust Cover C Clip DC223-CLAMP275 (in stock)$0.19
Tiger Rock IncEjection Port Cover Assembly w/ Stainless Steel HardwareDC223-S3 (in stock)$7.95
Tiger Rock IncDisconnector SpringDISC-S 286 (in stock)$0.29
Tiger Rock Inc4" Pistol Length Free Float Handguard w/barrel NutFAR042 (in stock)$25.95
Tiger Rock Inc1.8 mm (Stand) Front Sight Post, Detent and SpringFSP17 (in stock)$5.95
Tiger Rock Inc0.033" Front Sight Post, Detent and SpringFSP-119 (in stock)$5.95
Tiger Rock Inc0.051" Front Sight Post, Detent and SpringFSP-217 (in stock)$5.95
Tiger Rock Inc0.071" Front Sight Post, Detent and SpringFSP-317 (in stock)$5.95
Tiger Rock Inc750 Low Profile Micro Gas BlockGB017 (in stock)$9.95
Tiger Rock IncLow Profile .970 Micro Gas Block GB035 (in stock)$12.99
Tiger Rock IncLow Profile 625 Steel Gas BlockGB62513 (in stock)$12.95
Tiger Rock IncGas Block 750 with Top Picatinny RailGB750RAIL149 (in stock)$15.99
Tiger Rock IncLow Profile 936 Steel Gas BlockGB93619 (in stock)$12.95
Tiger Rock Inc9.75" Carbine Length Gas Tube GTC46 (in stock)$9.95
Tiger Rock IncCombo Low Profile Micro Gas Block .750 with Carbine Length Gas Tube 9.75"GTCGB16 (in stock)$18.99
Tiger Rock Inc11.75" Mid Length Gas TubeGTM22 (in stock)$10.95
Tiger Rock Inc15.25" Rifle Length Gas TubeGTR40 (in stock)$10.95
Tiger Rock IncM4 Hand Guard CapHC24 (in stock)$2.39
Tiger Rock IncHammer SpringHS16 (in stock)$2.00
Tiger Rock IncAR15 Steel 1/2x28 Threaded Muzzle Brake Jam NutJN215 (in stock)$4.99
Tiger Rock IncAR10 Steel 5/8x24 Threaded Muzzle Brake Jam NutJN319 (in stock)$4.99
Tiger Rock IncTakedown and Pivot Pin Detent LK-1206 (in stock)$0.30
Tiger Rock IncTakedown and Pivot Spring Detent LK-2226 (in stock)$0.30
Tiger Rock IncSafety Selector Detent w/SpringLK-34244 (in stock)$0.50
Tiger Rock IncHammer/Trigger PinLK-5210 (in stock)$0.62
Tiger Rock IncHammer/Trigger Pin silverLK-5-S163 (in stock)$0.74
Tiger Rock Inc308 Lower Parts KitLPK308-1714 (in stock)$59.95
Tiger Rock Inc308 Muzzle Brake 5/8"x28 5 portsMBR05-30813 (in stock)$9.95
Tiger Rock Inc308 Muzzle Brake 5/8"x28 6 portsMBR06-30816 (in stock)$9.95
Tiger Rock IncMagazine Catch Spring MC-S 129 (in stock)$0.29
Tiger Rock IncDovetail to Weaver MountMT00711 (in stock)$5.95
Tiger Rock IncSteel Side Mount Plate for AK-47 - BlackSMP9 (in stock)$9.59
Tiger Rock IncSafety SelectorSSL2 (in stock)$10.99
Tiger Rock IncAR15 Dual Adjustable Safety SelectorSSL-M34 (in stock)$14.99
Tiger Rock IncMilSpec 6 Position Buffer Tube KitST007M8157570207401 (in stock)$25.95
Tiger Rock IncAR10 308 Six Position Buffer Tube Kit Comm 3.8ozST00828 (in stock)$29.95
Tiger Rock IncAR10 308 Six Position Buffer Tube Kit Milspec 3.8ozST008M15 (in stock)$29.95
Tiger Rock IncCommercial Buffer Tube T2 (in stock)$13.95
Tiger Rock IncEnhanced Aluminum Trigger Guard - BLACKTG2 (in stock)$4.59
Tiger Rock IncPistol Buffer TubeT-P1 (in stock)$14.95
Tiger Rock IncTrigger SpringTS16 (in stock)$2.00
TruGLoAR15 Tritium/Fiber Optic Front Sight PostTG131AR 7881300126281 (in stock)$89.99
UTGModel 4/AR15 Receiver WEdgeRB-A00547122745253519 (in stock)$2.49
UTGModel 15/16 Standard A-2 StockRB-T469B47122745298611 (in stock)$57.97 MAP
UTGAR15 A2 Flash HiderTL-ARFH0147173855525625 (in stock)$6.97
YHM Barrel Shim Set 1/2" Inside Diameter SHIM-3102-SET8167010176639 (in stock)$6.00
YHMAR-15 Phantom 5.56mm Compensator SuppressorYHM-28-5C28167010136341 (in stock)$30.00 MAP

BTW, now that election frenzy is finally over, receivers have finally started to show up. We expect to replenish our stock of Anderson lowers in the next couple of weeks.