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On this page we list guns that we like ourselves and can wholeheartedly recommend. Most of them we try to keep in stock, so sometimes we do run out. For the full list of firearms and other gun-related products available in our store click here.


These guns deliver the best performance, bar none. They are at the top of their class.


These guns deliver the best price performance ratio. They are inexpensive, but shoot as well or better than models that cost far more.


Rimfire pistols galore

22 pistols are extremely accurate (Ruger MKIII and Browning Buckmark variants should be expected to shoot 1" groups at 25' - try that with your Glock!), easy and cheap to shoot, and are recommended for both the beginner and a serious firearms aficionado alike.

Hunting rifles

Surplus firearms

You should buy them while you can. 10 years ago Soviet SKS could have been had for $80 - they are selling above $500 now!


AK pistols

  • M92PV (currently unavailable)
  • Cigur Draco(currently unavailable)>
  • C39 (currently unavailable)


Just plain FUN


CZ Handguns

If you are unfamiliar with CZ line, you owe to yourself doing some research! Start here:

...and clones:

CZ rimfire rifles

These rifles are dubbed "Czech Anschutz" for their amazing accuracy.

Savage Rifles

Armscor pistols


...and a clone: Taurus PT92 $479.95 (special order)

Bersa Thunder pistols

"A better Walther than... Walther!"

Ruger firearms


...and clones...

  • CZ999 9mm, an interesting and inexpensive take on P226, (currently unavailable)
  • CZ999 40S&W, (currently unavailable)