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CIM EVIL ROY 45LC REV 4.75BER4150LWH84423413015355 (special order)$719.95
CIM EVIL ROY 357 REV 4.75BER415184423413016020 (special order)$719.95
CIM EVIL ROY 45LC REV 4.75BER415084423413014630 (special order)$719.95
Evil Roy 357 Mag 4.75" 6rd Steel Blue ER41038142300105994 (special order)$704.95
CIMARRON EVIL ROY .38SPL/.357ER41048442341025013 (special order)$704.95
CIMARRON PISTOLEER .45LCMP410B140184423423948176 (special order)$434.95
CIMARRON MAN W/NO NAME .45LCMP410SSI018442341286483 (special order)$649.95
CIMARRON PISTOLEER .357/.38SPMP400B140184423423949855 (special order)$434.95
CIM EVIL ROY 357 REV 4.75B LWHER4151LWH8442341301771 (special order)$714.95
CIMARRON HOLY SMOKER 45LC 4.75"CROSSMP310GCI01GB8442341286621 (special order)$654.95
CIMARRON EVIL ROY .45LCER41008142300106051 (special order)$684.95
CIMARRON 1872 OPEN TOP ARMYCA9038142300105067 (special order)$479.95
CIMARRON RCHRD CONV 45LC 8"CA90528142300111141 (special order)$554.95
CIMARRON 1885 HIGH WALL .38-55CA8858142300111072 (special order)$954.95
CIMARRON NO.3 SCHOFIELD .44-40CA8528442341057483 (special order)$989.95
CIMARRON NO.3 SCHOFIELD .38SPLCA85784423412974410 (special order)$989.95
CIMARRON 1872 OPEN TOP NAVYCA9178142300111694 (special order)$454.95
CIMARRON 1851 RICHARDS-MASONCA9268142300111837 (special order)$489.95
1872 Open Top Single Action 45 Long Colt 7.5"CA9168142300111521 (special order)$479.95
CIMARRON 1860 R-M OLD GLORYCA9052A00M198142301012976 (special order)$789.95
CIMARRON 1860 RICHARDS-MASONCA905481423001112112 (special order)$554.95
CIMARRON MOD P 45LC 7.5" 6RD CCHMP4158142300106672 (special order)$489.95
CIMARRON FRONTIER .44/40 WIN.PP4258442341283034 (special order)$459.95
CIMARRON FRONTIER .38SPL/.357PP45038442341272143 (special order)$629.95
CIMARRON EL MALO .38SPL/.357PP405MALO8442341298673 (special order)$479.95
CIM PIETTA ELIMINATOR 8 357MAG 38SPL 4.75 LOW WPP4008CC8442341293006 (special order)$649.95
CIM 357 REV SHORT STROKE 4.75BPP400CC8142301004431 (special order)$684.95
CIMARRON WYATT EARP .45LC OMPP558P8442341288399 (special order)$514.95
CIMARRON ROOSTER SHOOTER 4.75" 45LCRS4108442341089547 (special order)$779.95
CIMARRON WYATT EARP 45LC 10" CCH BLPP5588442341270614 (special order)$729.95
CIM FRONTIER PW 45LC REV 3.5SSPP45168442341271398 (special order)$754.95
CIMARRON 7TH CAVALRY .45LCPP514M0084423412832712 (special order)$514.95
CIMARRON THUNDERBALL .45LCPP3468442341270473 (special order)$459.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .45LC 5.5"MP450181423001074211 (special order)$649.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .45 LONG COLTMP5148142300108415 (special order)$484.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .44-40 WIN.MP4258142300107049 (special order)$499.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .44-40 WIN.MP4208142300106815 (special order)$499.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .44-40 WIN.MP4218142300106987 (special order)$499.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .38/40MP6878442341060046 (special order)$514.95
CIMARRON FRONTIER .357PP3298442341273374 (special order)$459.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .38/40MP68584423410598416 (special order)$514.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .45LC 7.5"MP514C008442341028602 (special order)$559.95
CIMARRON P-MODEL .44-40 WIN.MP5248142300108722 (special order)$504.95
CIMARRON NO.3 SCHOFIELD .45LCCA850N008442342397573 (special order)$1,124.95
CIMARRON 1873 SPORTING .44/40CA2428142300101792 (special order)$1,109.95
CIMARRON 1873 SPORTING .44SPCA2498442341009966 (special order)$1,129.95
CIMARRON 1866 YELLOWBOY .45LCCA2298142300101315 (special order)$1,074.95
CIMARRON 1873 US MARSHALLCA2051AS18442342391842 (special order)$1,189.95
CIMARRON 1866 PAWNEE CARBINECA228G198442341005372 (special order)$1,184.95
CIMARRON 1873 CARBINE RIFLECA280AS18442341045369 (special order)$1,129.95
CIMARRON 1873 SHORT RIFLECA2818142300102542 (special order)$1,109.95
CIMARRON 1873 DELUXE .44/40CA2758142300102231 (special order)$1,189.95
CIMARRON 1876 TEXAS RANGERCA25248442341300782 (special order)$1,624.95
1873 Short Rifle .357 MagCA2718142300112825 (special order)$1,109.95
CIM UBERTI 1873 SADDLE RIFLE 45LC 18 CASE HARDCA2011G358442341266822 (special order)$1,199.95
CIMARRON 1886 .45-70 26"AS188645-70PG84423423934424 (special order)$1,534.95
CIMARRON MC NELLY CARBINEAS30081423001001824 (special order)$1,234.95
CIMARRON 1874 SHARPS DELUXEAS16081423010105114 (special order)$1,314.95
CIMARRON 1874 BILLY DIXONAS10081423001000119 (special order)$1,274.95
CIMARRON 1874 SPORTING RIFLEAS1508142301010449 (special order)$1,159.95
CIMARRON 1875 OUTLAW .44/40CA1538442341099514 (special order)$509.95
CIMARRON 1873 SADDLE SHORTYCA2011G358442341291404 (special order)$1,164.95
CIMARRON 1875 OUTLAW .45LCCA15184423410994436 (special order)$509.95
CIMARRON 1858 NEW MODEL ARMYCA10108442341004539 (special order)$499.95
CIMARRON 1875 OUTLAW .357 MAG.CA1508442341099372 (special order)$509.95
1873 Sporting Rifle 45LCCA28281423001026113 (special order)$1,109.95
CIMARRON WYATT EARP .45LCCA55881423001135047 (special order)$774.95
CIMARRON SAA BISLEY .38/.357CA6048442341017571 (special order)$559.95
CIMARRON CAVALRY SCOUT .45LCCA514N00M0084423410172612 (special order)$649.95
CIMARRON U.S. CAVALRY .45LCCA514C00M0084423410169610 (special order)$619.95
CIMARRON US CAV 45LC 7.5" GEN CSTRCA514M008442341017026 (special order)$544.95
CIMARRON SAA BISLEY .44/40CA6248442341018252 (special order)$559.95
CIMARRON 1885 DELUXE .38-55CA80058442341046358 (special order)$1,089.95
CIMARRON SAA BISLEY .44/40CA6228442341018012 (special order)$559.95
CIMARRON SAA BISLEY .45LCCA6128142300104383 (special order)$559.95
CIMARRON SAA BISLEY .45LCCA6138142300104452 (special order)$559.95
CIMARRON MODEL-P THUNDERSTORMCA4516TSM10G278442341272691 (special order)$809.95
CIMARRON THUNDERER .38SPL/.357CA3418142300103463 (special order)$504.95
CIMARRON THUNDERER .45LC/ACPCA3488142300103773 (special order)$599.95
CIMARRON 1873 SHORT RIFLECA2938442341011913 (special order)$1,129.95
CIMARRON 1894 .38-55 WIN. 26"CA29038142301011129 (special order)$1,129.95
CIMARRON 1894 CARBINE .38-55CA2906B018142301014571 (special order)$1,089.95
CIMARRON THUNDERER .45LC PWCA45068142300110083 (special order)$674.95
CIM UBERTI THUND SS 45LC 3.5 DOC HOLSTER & KNIFECA4506DOCSET8442341288465 (special order)$1,099.95
CIMARRON SA BAD BOY 10MM AUTOCA36484423423945011 (special order)$674.95
CIMARRON SA BAD BOY .44 MAGNUMCA3628442341302768 (special order)$639.95
CIMARRON SA BAD BOY 10MM AUTOCA36384423423938213 (special order)$604.95

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