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Hundreds of guns in stock, over 10000 available for special order! Check out our catalog for near-realtime prices and availability for everything we sell, as well as our super deals page!
Starting Monday, 6/22/2020, we are open for regular drop-in shopping. We still have a by-appointment system available here if you want to guarantee our undivided attention at a pre-arranged time. We are still closed on Sundays.
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Products available in store and for special orders

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500 8.375"1635010221886350101 (special order)$1,184.95
500 S & W 4"1635040221886350411 (special order)$1,184.95
5001635000221886350035 (special order)$1,129.95
460 SW Magnum 8 3/81634600221886346006 (special order)$1,184.95
460XVR 460SW STS 5" 16346502218863465522 (special order)$1,184.95
5001635650221886356529 (special order)$1,129.95
686164224022188642247125 (special order)$739.95
S&W 629PC 44MAG 4.25" V-COMP1701370221887013712 (special order)$1,404.95
686-6 357 Mag 6"164198022188641981104 (special order)$764.95
629-61636360221886363692 (special order)$879.95
642 38Spl +P1638100221886381032 (in stock)$399.95
617 6" 22LR STS TT 10 SHOT 1605780221886057852 (special order)$744.95
S&W 617 4" 22LR STNLS 10 SHOT1605840221886058461 (special order)$744.95
317-3 3" 8rd 22LR16022102218860221072 (special order)$674.95
S&W 10 4" 38 BLUE HB1507860221881423583 (special order)$689.95
686-6 7"15085502218814515110 (special order)$779.95
69 44Mag 4"1620690221886206963 (special order)$764.95
649-5 357 Magnum 2.125"16321002218863210110 (special order)$649.95
329PD 44 MAG16341402218863414385 (special order)$1,029.95
360PD 357 MAG1630640221886306401 (special order)$914.95
63-5 22LR 3"16263402218862634663 (special order)$689.95
M637 .38SPL 5rd 1.875" Used163050U0221881204311 (in stock)$349.95
S&W 625PC 45ACP 4" SATIN 6RD WD AS1701610221887016161 (special order)$999.95
M&P 9 Shield1800210221881472162 (in stock)$365.95
M&P40 USED 3 MAGS 40S&W 4.25" 15rd 2092002 (in stock)$275.00
M&P 40 Shield LEO ONLY180020-L2 (in stock)$329.95
S&W 1911 PC PRO 9MM 3" BLK FS1780530221888690267 (special order)$1,219.95
M986+ PC Pro Series 9mm 5" 7Shot1780550221887805501 (special order)$1,114.95
M&P40 40 S&W 4 1/4" Crimson Trace Laser Grip2200710221881342922 (in stock)$679.95
Model 10-8 4" 38 SplHG4266-G7874504728461 (in stock)$339.95
M&P40 NS SURPLUSMP40-SURPLUS-NS0221881273242 (in stock)$369.95
Model 10-6 Heavy Barrel 4" .38 SplHG4151-G7874504555804 (in stock)$319.95
M&P40C USED 40S&W 3.5"3077030221881306382 (in stock)$350.00
USED S&W M&P40 .40S&W 4.25" FSGLCMP40U7 (special order)$289.95
S&W 500 PC CMPD HNTR 7.5" 500SW1702990221887029964 (special order)$1,424.95
686-6 Performance Center SS1703190221887031911 (special order)$1,289.95
S&W 460 PC CMPD HNTR 10.5" 460SW1702620221887026203 (special order)$1,464.95
S&W 629PC 44MAG CMPD HNTR 7.5" STNLS1701810221887018142 (special order)$1,184.95
M500 Hunter1702310221887023164 (special order)$1,434.95
M629-6 Performance Center1703200221887032075 (special order)$1,389.95
Performance Center 41 22LR1780310221887803141 (in stock)$1,429.99
MSW1911 Pro Series1780470221887804752 (special order)$1,419.95
M929 Performance Center 8rd1703410221887034122 (special order)$1,119.95
S&W 629PC 44MAG 8 3/8" 6SH STS AS WD1703340221887033443 (special order)$1,309.95
S&W PC 460VXR 460SW 14" STS AS W/BP1703390221887033991 (special order)$1,404.95
SW 640 CENT 2 1/8" 5RD STS WD ENGRVD1507840221881422282 (special order)$884.95
M&P 45 Shield NTS1153102218886813549 (special order)$429.95
S&W VICTORY TRGT 22LR 10RD 5.5" STS1153602218886831915 (special order)$389.95
SW22 VICTORY1084900221888640762 (special order)$374.95
S&W 1911TA E 45ACP 5" BL NS RAIL WD1084090221880840923 (special order)$1,209.95
S&W 1911SC E 45ACP 8RD 4.25" SCD BLK1084830221880848322 (special order)$1,254.95
460 XVR Performance Center 7.5" 460Mag116260221888702202 (special order)$1,559.95
686+ Performance Center 5" .357mag 7-shot117600221888714493 (special order)$919.95
S&W PC SHIELD 2.0 40SW 4" 7RD OR117970221888743412 (special order)$764.95
S&W 686 PC 4" 357MAG STS 6RD AS117590221888712655 (special order)$919.95
S&W SHIELD 2.0 40SW 3.1" 7RD TS RDLS1167202218887121021 (special order)$459.95
M360 Unfluted FDE Grip117490221888702371 (in stock)$689.95
M&P 40C101240221888659292 (in stock)$469.95
SW22 VICTORY TB1020102218886854828 (special order)$389.95
69 2.75" .44MAG100640221888680122 (special order)$764.95
M&P 40 Shield LEO ONLY10034-L1 (in stock)$329.95
M&P 10 6.5 CR Performance Center 20"100570221888641443 (special order)$1,789.95
S&W VICTORY 22LR 10RD 5.5" KRYPTEK102970221888678869 (special order)$399.95
SW 5906 9MM 4 SS TDA 10RD FS/AMSF USED108176U022188877793133 (special order)$724.95
SW 5946 9MM 4 SS DAO 10RD FS/DA/S USED108186U02218811841444 (special order)$659.95
M22A 2-TONE1074120221880741236 (in stock)$249.95
43C 22LR10304302218803043310 (special order)$614.95
S&W 351C 1.875" 22WMR BL AL NO IL1033510221880335191 (special order)$614.95
S&W PC SHIELD 2.0 40SW 4" 7RD OR PRT1179802218887439618 (special order)$789.95
25-151502560221881335781 (in stock)$914.95
S&W 27 6.5" 357 BL 6SHT1503410221881343911 (special order)$979.95
M&P380 Shield EZ .380ACP Prison Pink Silver Slide132820221888835101 (in stock)$419.95
S&W 686 USA SERIES 6" 357 STS131840221888825513 (special order)$739.95
S&W SW22 VICT 5.5SS RANGE KIT1325802218888341199 (special order)$384.95
171504770221881381461 (in stock)$869.95
48-7 Classic 22WMR 6"1507180221881422663 (special order)$909.95
29 44Mag 4" Engraved1507830221881422422 (in stock)$1,049.95
S&W 48 22WMR 4" 6RD BL WD AS1507170221881422591 (special order)$879.95
150544 M442 38Spl 1.875" No Lock1505440221881375451 (in stock)$444.95
629-6 44 Mag 6.5"1507140221881415661 (special order)$874.95
S&W VICTORY PC 22LR FLUTED VORTEX120790221888755397 (special order)$804.95
SW22 VICTORY Performance Center Carbon Fiber BBL120800221888755609 (special order)$624.95
SW22 VICTORY Performance Center120780221888755469 (special order)$624.95
M&P40 Shield .M2.0 NTS 3.125"118140221888720951 (special order)$429.95
SW SW99 9MM 4 10RD AS TDA S BPF ER USED120201U0221888778094 (special order)$569.95
S&W VICTORY PC 22LR CARBON VORTEX1208102218887555315 (special order)$804.95
M41 22LR 5.5"1305110221883051119 (special order)$1,184.95
M41 22LR 7"1305120221883051281 (in stock)$1,369.00
610 3.875" 10mm SS 6-shot124630221888777481 (in stock)$869.95
M&P 45 M2.0 4.5" NS 10RD USED123110221888768571 (in stock)$379.95
610 6.5" 10mm SS 6-shot1246202218887773199 (special order)$879.95

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